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The Deceived Primal Mother: an incarnation story from the matriarchy

In spiritual circles, an ideal image of the Matriarchal community sometimes prevails : the community in which the feminine had the leading role and the mother was seen as sacred, as an ideal world. A society in which violence and coercion were out of the question. But experience shows that also in matriarchal society the possibility existed for man to learn lessons through experiences with ego, deception, force majeure and religious indoctrination.

Religious Indoctrination

In any system in which religious dogmas arise and people assume the role of priest(ess), there is a danger of indoctrination: imposing one’s own ideas for the sake of power or gain, thereby exceeding the individual’s free will. It is a human fact that keeps cropping up in history. In addition to suffering from pain and limitation, it is also an excellent way for the soul to learn valuable lessons about free will, personal truth, and the proper use of power and intuition.


A client of mine gets the opportunity to learn from this in a very personal way in one of her very early incarnations. In a prehistoric community, more than five thousand years ago, she is designated by the ‘Gods’ as the successor of the Primeval Mother: a function in which she has to fulfill the role of the archetypal Mother, the Goddess in human form, the protector of all children of the tribe.

the adolescent

She’s sixteen, a prehistoric teenager, and she doesn’t feel like it at all! She wants to live her own life and has plans of her own. But the previous Primal Mother appointed her as successor. And to refuse the Primeval Mother means to invoke the punishment of the gods upon you. That would mean the death penalty. She has no choice, and resigns herself to her designated fate.

The Primal Mother

So she becomes the next Primal Mother, and finds out that it also has a beautiful side: she becomes a kind of Venus of Willendorf , fat and round, not in an unhealthy way, but like a Mother Earth in the flesh, healthy and powerful . She likes her role as the protector of the children.

But she has no personal life. Despite being human and female, she must not be either: she must be the personification of the Goddess, she belongs to the tribe.

But of course nature will not let itself be restrained. She falls in love with one of the tribe’s men. And in her infatuation she begins to lose herself. She’s never had a life of her own as a grown woman, and she wants to please this man who sets her on fire. She wants his approval.

So when her intuition and her dreams begin to tell her that doom is imminent, she pushes it away. The man doesn’t want to know about such things, so she ignores it.

The child

And something else happens: she gets pregnant. That was not the intention. As Goddess, the Primal Mother belongs to the tribe, and is not allowed to start a family of her own.
When the child is born, a girl, she must leave it in the forest to die. When she walks back from the forest she already knows that she cannot bring herself to bear it, that she will return: to take care of the baby, or to hide it.

But she doesn’t have time for that. Her own intuitive dreams of doom, the dreams she has ignored, come true: the tribe is ambushed, and she is killed like everyone else, unable to return to her daughter in the woods. Her guilt, towards the tribe and towards her daughter, is enormous.

Relationship with current life

It turns out that her own eldest daughter in this life with whom she has a fierce battle, which was the reason for the reincarnation session, is the same child that she had left behind as Primal Mother. She also has an enormous sense of guilt towards her current child, for ignoring her intuition in the first years of her child, which has made it less easy to start in life than it could have been. But the guilt is heavily exaggerated, burdened by the trauma of the Primal Mother.

When we go to the baby in the forest, she turns out to have long since gone to the Light, full of forgiveness, love and pleasure. Nothing wrong. She comes to her mother like a shining sun. But the Primal Mother is still weighed down by a heavy feeling of guilt.

The insight

So we go back to the beginning of her life as Primal Mother. And guess what: the previous one was not a pure personification of the Goddess at all, she was an unstable woman, who was already tired of her task and needed a successor! My client was appointed because it was convenient. And of course there was nothing to say against the will of the Mother and her priests. It was obey or die.

She hadn’t abandoned her people, her child. She had been put in an impossible position, forced into an inhumane role.

‘I understand,’ the Primal Mother points. And with that sigh she lets go of all guilt, and goes with her daughter to the Light. And my client feels an opening, the disappearance of the load towards her daughter, a kind of openness that has not been filled in by guilt or heaviness between mother and daughter. We are curious what the future will bring between them!


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