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The deeper meaning of loneliness

Many have now chosen a state of solitude and although this path can sometimes feel tedious, difficult or ‘unnatural’ it is not without purpose.

Loneliness is a noble state of being through which one can make a quantum leap in consciousness if properly understood. You are ultimately alone in the journey to full consciousness.

The soul enters the Earth alone and the spirit leaves the Earth alone again. Ascended masters walking the Earth have sought solitude throughout their incarnations for millennia. This is now the case for many people.

Many who are alone now believe that they need to find a partner. This is conditioning. Many are looking for a ‘soul mate ‘ or twin flame.In most cases, the advanced souls are alone because they orchestrated this themselves. It is a special and noble pursuit, it is time for divine solitude.

This does not mean that you will always be lonely, it simply means that you have chosen a time to work on yourself to achieve self-love. About one in every three or four lives is chosen to spend in solitude.

Self love is a condition

Self-love is a state of being that many, especially those who were raised Christian, have forgotten. Christianity teaches people that they naturally sin and must ask for forgiveness. You lost your sense of divinity and found it easier to give than to receive, causing the balance to disappear.

As the Earth transforms into the crystalline age, the Earth’s resonance and dimensional scope expands. The influence of duality and polarity is diminishing for those who choose to expand their consciousness beyond the third dimension.

Both relationships and solitude have their divine purpose. You learn a lot from a loving relationship. This is the natural condition of most lives on Earth. However, large groups are making the final steps towards enlightenment and are alone during this time.

Loneliness and independence

Your life and experience are your own creation based on your own beliefs. In solitude you have time for self-reflection and the chance to dive into the waters that flow deep within yourself. You can then rediscover the love in yourself.

AutonomyRelationships are a reflection of the affectivity of your beliefs and show you what works and what doesn’t. Detachment is necessary so that the individual can explore himself and become sovereign again.

A relationship of two sovereign independent people is characterized by greater balance, creativity and viability than a partnership where the participants are dependent on each other.

You achieve mastery after periods of calculated detachment. In those periods pristineness is achieved.

This forms the crystallization or uniform clarity of the soul. You let go of your dependence and everything else that no longer serves you. You are literally rebooted and reprogrammed.

The language of the higher dimensions is sacred geometry as you can see in crop circles, for example. Pristine is the geometric clarity of the soul. By aligning with this you become crystalline and reach higher and higher levels. You can only achieve this by deciding for yourself who you are, what you believe and then living it.

Embracing Sovereignty

The masses recognize or understand her soul. The souls of many are controlled by the ego or personality. The higher light is awakening on the planet more than ever before, but only 10 percent of the world’s population is awakened. That is enough to complete planetary Ascension but much remains to be done.

Only accept what resonates with you and don’t give your power to anyone else. Look within and find with your own heart. Do not blindly follow a guru , channeling or spiritual leader, but follow yourself. Mastery is achieved by embracing the sacred sovereignty of yourself. You are here to make the unknown known.

The path is not easy and it always goes on. In the self-mastery lies an energy so powerful that you have everything you need to keep going constantly. Consciousness expands endlessly.The deeper meaning of loneliness

You are never alone and you are always embraced by presence. You have chosen who you are and for a reason. The bitter and empty sense of loneliness leads you to the rich oceans of wisdom that help you rediscover your own divinity.

People who live in solitude on Earth in these turbulent times need not doubt themselves. You’re not alone because your relationship broke down, you’re not alone because you can’t find a partner, you chose loneliness because you chose to go higher, to focus on your inner soul.

Each soul enters the Earth in solitude and leaves the Earth again in solitude. But that solitude is an opening to the true nature of the multiple nature of consciousness, to the greater part of you, the part that knows no loneliness. Loneliness only exists in duality.


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