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The difference between love and unconditional love is time


From my perspective, wisdom does not necessarily mean that you know a lot, but above all that you have learned to integrate into your current life the experiences and life lessons that you have gained along the way, whether or not in many lifetimes.

And while it is wise to use your head well, universally freely available wisdom is found only through your heart, in a love triangle with free Will and free Love. Integration is largely silent in the background as you train your 3D mind with the universal consciousness of your heart until you no longer have to think about what you have learned… Kind of like learning to ride a bike or make love, but with cosmic consciousness. You unconsciously apply what you have learned after a while.

And where “learning” is written, you can also safely read “remember”. Because it’s not like you didn’t already have it in you. So you’re not very wise either. When you have integrated something, you have gained and embody its universal wisdom.

By the way, you are not very wise if you think that you do know, every toddler can tell you that.

We adults usually forget the difference between love and unconditional love soon after our youngest years and that is Time.

In its simplest form you could say that earthly experiences and life lessons (3D) need Time (4D) to transcend the worldly to arrive at the all-encompassing perspective of unconditional love (5D ff)

By the way, you are not very wise if you think in days, hours and minutes, any child can tell you that.

After our youngest years, we adults usually quickly forget the difference between earthly time and universal time and that is unconditional love.

Hence those experiences and those life lessons.

Time gives you the opportunity to change perspective.

With Time you transform love. If you choose to do so, even to unconditional.

You can do this for as long as you want.

It is also possible now.

You knew that before you could walk.


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