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The (difference in) perspective of man and that of the soul

In this article I would like to tell something about the perspective of man and that of the soul and how the differences between these perspectives can create an outer paradox between man and the soul. Because the way the soul grows is through pain, and that’s actually what man so desperately wants to avoid in life. When we honorably come into contact with our soul and attune ourselves to it, we learn that pain does not always have to be suffering and that pain can be accompanied by a lot of love instead of fear.

Growth and development

Both the growth and development of the soul often go through pain. This is not the only way for the soul to grow and develop, but it is a very important one. The pain incurred in life on earth is converted into love and wisdom after death. Love stands for the development of the soul and can be seen as joy, love for life.

It is strongly related to the age of the soul, old souls often have more love for life than young souls, because they often suffer even more from duality, the moment when they first descended to earth is still fresh in their memory. The wisdom gained through pain determines the growth of the soul. This is not related to age. A young soul can therefore be a lot further in terms of growth than an old soul because it has chosen pain much more often.

So pain is very important for the soul, because it grows through it and that growth is the reason the soul is on earth. But for man, pain is what he prefers to avoid. This avoidance creates conflict because it deprives the soul of its opportunity to grow. Where the soul wants to grow as much as possible, people want stability, but within stability no growth is possible.

The illusion of control

When man suffers pain, it is the soul’s choice, because it wants to grow. Man thinks it is his own choice, because he likes to think so. Because man likes to keep control, and by thinking it is his own choice, man creates the illusion of control. This control is very important for humans, because they can continue to avoid pain. This avoidance blocks the growth of the soul. When the soul chooses pain, but the human wants to avoid it, it creates unnecessary suffering. Here a conflict arises between man and soul, in which it is important to look from a soul perspective.

The soul perspective offers you a loving view of the pain you are going through, while the human perspective makes you suffer through resistance to the pain. This suffering is something that man himself causes, but is not something that we consciously choose. So it is never our fault that we suffer. In fact, sometimes the soul chooses to suffer, because that is when it learns the most from it. The difference between pain and suffering is that pain comes with love and suffering comes with resistance. Man can learn that suffering is a choice, but that is one of the hardest lessons to learn, because it requires giving up the human perspective, because man naturally resists pain.

The illusion of death

Man resists pain for fear of death. Man associates pain with death, but death does not exist from the soul’s perspective, only from the human’s perspective. So in order to get out of suffering, we must come to realize that death does not exist. From a soul perspective, death is also painful, because that is the intention. Death is also an end for the soul, but at the same time a transition to a next life, so the soul sees it as an end and as a new beginning.

The reason we always associate pain with death is because we’ve learned it. We associate death with end and loss, because we don’t know it, because it is an illusion. Everything we love, that is really important to us, will come back to us sooner or later in the same or a different form.

The perspective of the soul

The perspective of the soul is not equally important for everyone. Some souls are here on Earth for an important reason and so it is important that we recognize that the perspective of the soul brings us to that reason. We need this perspective to solve suffering, because when we know what our pain is for, we are better able to look at it lovingly.


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