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The Earth Soul Develops Its Ego – The History of the Lightworkers II

The origin of man on earth and the earth soul develops its ego

The phase in which the earth souls expressed themselves in the vegetable and animal kingdoms coincided with their youth or phase of innocence. At this stage, life on Earth (the vegetable and animal kingdoms) was under the care of ethereal, angelic beings, who may also be called devas . Their angelic energy ensured that life grew and flourished optimally, in the greatest possible harmony.

The etheric bodies of the living entities were receptive to the herding, maternal energy of the angelic/deva realm. Inwardly they felt no urge to break free, to want to do things differently, to go their own way. There was a great sense of unity and harmony between all living beings.

The emergence of the great ape marked an important turning point in the development of consciousness on earth. Because the ape walked upright and developed more brain capacity, the soul consciousness that dwelt in it got a better grip on its environment. The consciousness that incarnated in the great apes gained experience in controlling and directing the environment. It began to discover its own strength and power and with it free will.

Incarnating in a human body represented a break with animal consciousness. That rupture lay in the emergence of free will for the first time. The ape was aware of a much wider range of action than that of the animal.

By means of his thinking the ape could control his environment more than the animal and his experience world also became different and larger than that of the animal. In the great ape the realization grew that he could make choices. This gave him a sense of soul develops her ego

With the advent of free will and choice in the consciousness of the earth souls, the ego also came to life, the power center centered around the will. This development did not just happen, by chance. It was the answer to an inner need that had awakened in the Earth souls: a desire to experience individuality on a deeper level.

As the ego takes shape more clearly, there comes a sharper realization of ‘I’ versus ‘the other’, and therefore also: my interest versus your interest. The individual broke away from the self-evident unity, the natural order of give and take, to find out what the other possibilities were. This was the ‘end of paradise’ on Earth, but we ask you to see this not as a tragic event but as a natural process (like the changing of the seasons).

As the consciousness of the earth souls entered the ego phase and began to explore what it means to be human, the angelic deva energies gradually withdrew. The abundant presence and guardianship of the angelic and deva realms was no longer self-evident.

It is in the nature of these realms that they never impose their will and exert their influence only where there is openness to their energy. The energies of angels and devas will never impose their will on anyone or anything and will immediately give way when they are not welcome.

Thus the ego consciousness was given free rein and the earth souls became acquainted with the kicks and setbacks of the pursuit of power. All this also affected the animal and plant kingdoms. The evolving energies of fighting and competition were partially absorbed by those non-human realms and that created a chaotic, aggressive impulse within them. This one is still working.

With the rise of the human ego, the protected status of life on Earth came to an end. The earth souls were now open to all kinds of outside influences, not only those of the angels – and deva realms anymore, but also those of all kinds of galactic or extraterrestrial realms. These would exert a major influence on developing life on Earth.

Galactic influences on man and earth

By galactic or extraterrestrial realms we mean soul groups that are connected to certain star and planetary systems in your universe, but not necessarily on the material level known to you. The galactic groups or communities we now refer to generally existed on a less ‘dense’ level, in a less highly materialized world than your Earth’s.

These empires or civilizations had up to that time followed developments on earth with great interest. Unique to the earth was that life (and therefore the consciousness behind it) could develop completely freely. The diversity and richness of forms filled these galactic onlookers with wonder and interest. They sensed that something special was going on here.planets

The extraterrestrial intelligences of which we now speak were ‘adult souls’ in terms of age, a lot older than the earth souls and in the prime of their ego phase. They had a more than non-committal interest in the developing human being.

They saw this as an opportunity to increase their own power. Because the development of the earth souls in the human body was still open in many respects, they thought it possible to co-determine the formation of the human being.

The earth souls, who because of the evolving ego consciousness were open to multiple influences, fell under the influence of those extraterrestrial races. You can safely say that there was a war for man between those galactic systems. Each system wanted to see as many aspects of itself represented in humans as possible. This gave them the opportunity to continue their influence through humans in areas normally inaccessible to them.

Over time, humans threatened to become a puppet for these alien invaders. The own fledgling consciousness of the earth souls almost perished under the invasion of extraterrestrial influences. Yet this invasion was made possible by a change in the consciousness of the Earth souls themselves. They attracted this reality in the sense that like attracts like.

The ego forces in the awakening consciousness of the earth souls attracted ego forces from outside; they allowed the extraterrestrial ego forces to exert their influence. After all, these galactic systems also operated at the level of the ego in terms of consciousness, albeit that their technological capabilities were far superior.Their motives, however, were motivated by the typically egotistic need for conquest and control.

As for the technology they used to influence humans, think of forms of mind control: mental manipulation through hypnotic suggestions. Imagine if the human energy field in which the earth souls manifested themselves was not yet completely defined.

Imagine if there were irregular and scanning vibrations that could be encapsulated from the outside in certain frames or ‘bandwidths’ of experience. Thus much fear and authority sensitivity was ‘imprinted’ in human consciousness, so that the galactic rulers could exercise their power and control over the Earth souls.’

The fledgling and unformed consciousness of the earth souls was no match for the sophisticated methods of mind control employed by the galactic realms. Their consciousness became the prisoner of this ‘brainwashing’.

You can best imagine this as a mental straitjacket that has its effect down to the level of the bodily processes. This meant, among other things, that the functioning of the human brain was limited in its possibilities by these extraterrestrial interventions.

The galactic warriors imprinted their forms or energies into man, but they could not really deprive the Earth souls of their freedom. However massive the influence of extraterrestrial, external forces was, the god spark in the individual soul consciousness remained indestructible.

Soul energy cannot be destroyed, it can be veiled for a long time. Related to this is that ego forces cannot be truly creative or destructive. They can only generate dust clouds that obscure or temporarily hide the god spark altogether. Ego forces work in and with the realm of illusion and ignorance. These are their means of creation.

The attack on the earth souls did not only bring darkness. It would also herald the beginning of a shift in the consciousness of the galactic warriors. A shift to the next stage of consciousness growth: the stage of enlightenment or ‘second innocence’.snow

The Galactic Origin of the Lightworkers

We now want to go into the lightworkers ‘ part in this history. What you call “lightworkers” is a group of souls who have had many lives on planets other than Earth. The lightworkers were part of the history of struggle and war described above. They took part in it themselves.

The lightworker souls are co-creators of present-day humans on Earth. In this dark period in their past, they aimed to direct and mold human nature in such a way that the human being being created would be able to provide them with certain information. This involved information from ‘other realities’. You wanted to send people out to other parts of the universe via some kind of spaceships and use them as transmitters of knowledge and information.

Cro Magnon man

At the time of the Cro-Magnon man , you (light workers) genetically intervened in the natural man as he was developing. ‘Genetically intervened’ should be understood here as a ‘top-down’ process of manipulation: consciousness that imprints certain shapes in the human organism, which adapts itself to them at the cellular level.

As a result of this intervention, an almost robotic, mechanical element was introduced into Cro-Magnon Man, which stripped him of some of his own strength and consciousness, and made him function better as an instrument for your purposes.

An artificial implant was inserted, as it were. This implant limited the freedom of man and ensured that he was limited in his development, also physically (especially the brain).

In their intervention, the lightworkers did not respect the natural course of evolving life. They did not respect the integrity of the souls in the ape-men. In a way they deprived them of their free will. Essentially this is not possible, because free will cannot be destroyed by outside forces.

But you were much more powerful and technologically proficient, and the ape-men weren’t really aware of their free will yet, so you could manipulate them to a great extent. In your approach to the human beings you actually viewed them as a kind of mechanics. You were not yet ready in your consciousness to respect life itself, in whatever form it expresses itself.

With this we do not pass judgment on this dark episode. We are one and I myself have been part of this path of development, nothing ‘human’ is foreign to me. At a level that none of us could have imagined at the time, this whole process of human formation, to which so many galactic influences apparently contributed negatively, had a deeper meaning.

It was that as many aspects of these alien “races” as possible could imprint themselves on the human race, so that instead of fighting each other, these aspects would eventually be forced to unite. The earth is a melting pot of influences. Its ultimate purpose is: peaceful coexistence of energies that had previously been at war with each other for a long time on the intergalactic level.

In the struggle between the galactic realms – before man came on the scene – there had been a stalemate in a way. The sides continued to fight each other, with a winner on one side and a winner on the other. Over time, this process no longer saw any innovation; it became a repetition of moves.

The earth and the evolving human beings offered the prospect of something new, of a new possibility. Most of the galactic warriors who were eagerly pounced upon man and sought to manipulate him into their will wholly oblivious to this deeper purpose. They were guided by self-centered goals.

This egocentric motivation persisted for a long time, including during the experiment with evolving humanity. Yet the formation of man on Earth changed something in the galactic consciousness.

Gradually, some of the fighters increasingly took on the role of spectator. The battle scene had shifted to Earth, and though they were still actively exerting their influence long after man had been formed, they were becoming more distant from the whole.

They gradually began to experience in their beings a certain fatigue, a tiredness from the endless fighting. Gradually a certain space awakened in their consciousness, the space for something other than fighting and fighting.

The end of the ego phase of the lightworkers

Are you a lightworker?The lightworker souls among the galactic warriors had come to the end of their ego phase. They had transferred this energy (unconsciously) to the earth, to a location where that energy was energetically welcome at that moment. Humanity at that time was at the beginning of its ego phase. A period of reflection now entered for the galactic warriors.

They were at the beginning of an evolution, which we can describe as follows:

  • being unsatisfied by the activity of a mere ego-based consciousness, longing for ‘something else’: the beginning of the end
  • awareness of your attachments to the ego consciousness; recognizing and gradually letting go of the accompanying energies (emotions, thoughts): the middle of the end
  • dying to the old ego based energies, casting off your cocoon, becoming your new self: the end of the end.
  • the awakening and blossoming of a heart-based consciousness based on love and freedom; helping others with the transition

This evolution describes the transition from an ego-based consciousness to a heart-based consciousness. We could distinguish more or less phases than this, but we choose this classification because it contains four clearly recognizable steps. What is important to remember about this scheme is that both the Earth, and humanity, as well as the galactic realms, go through these stages of consciousness, just not simultaneously.

Earth is now completing phase 3. Many of you (lightworkers) are also in the transition from 3 to 4. There are also large parts of humanity who do not want to break free from an ego-based consciousness.

They have not yet reached phase 1. Please understand that there is no judgment attached to this. Nor is it something to worry about or feel sad about. Think of it as a natural process, like the growth of a plant. You also do not judge a flower because it is not as far out of the bud as another. Try to see it in this light.

Making moral judgments about the destructive forces of the ego-based consciousness in your world weakens your own power and is based on misunderstanding. It weakens your own strength because you are emotionally agitated (angry or worried).

Often that excitement and indignation is caused by individual news fragments that the media presents to you. However, these usually only show surface phenomena, not the deeper undercurrents. That emotional excitement is not constructive, because you cannot convert it into concrete positive energy; on the contrary, it lowers your own energy level.

There is no point in wanting to change or ‘help’ souls who feel comfortable in the ego-based consciousness reality. They don’t need your help, because they don’t need help. It’s that simple. There is no clue (yet) in their consciousness that makes it receptive to the energies that blossom in your heart. You like to give, but sometimes forget to use your discernment. This leads to a waste of energy that often results in self-doubt.

With regard to the theme of ‘helping’, which plays a major role in their emotional life for lightworkers, we will go into more detail below on the numerous pitfalls that the ‘helping instinct’ entails. Tragically, misunderstanding what “helping” means is one of the main reasons why many lightworkers are unable to actually complete phase 3.

We now first want to continue with our story and thus also discuss the origin of this ‘helping instinct’. As mentioned, lightworkers come from galaxies that influenced humanity at the time of its formation. When you entered the ‘spectator stage’, you became exhausted from competing for power that resulted in mere ’empty dominance’: a form of submission where you strip the other of his individuality, his individuality, and transform him into your image. .

This way of dealing with ‘the other’ did not lead to change, but turned your reality into a static, predictable reality. As you began to experience the emptiness of this, there was an opening in your consciousness to more light. A longing for ‘something different’.earth soul develops her ego

You had gone through phase 1 of the transition to a heart centered consciousness. The ego forces in your being, which had been given free reign for eons, calmed down and space opened up for something else.

Something sprouted in your hearts, a subtle energy, a delicate flower. Tired as you were, you were receptive to this energy and recognized it as ‘the longing for home’. This ‘longing for home’, this homesickness, you had carried with you from the very beginning of your creation.

Like the Earth souls, you had once known an oceanic state of unity, from which individual forms of consciousness had gradually emerged. You had slowly emerged from that, with a great urge for exploration and a vague lack, a nostalgia for that primordial state of being merged with the whole.

Once you entered the stage of becoming acquainted with the consciousness reality of the ego – a fixed stage in any consciousness development – ​​the lack still gnawed at you. You then decided to take a different tack. You sought to fill this vacuum with power and sought fulfillment in the energy of winning and conquering.

Power is essentially the energy furthest from unity. By exercising power, you separate yourself, you distinguish yourself from another. By striving for power, you got even further away from that sense of home, that unity consciousness. But this has been veiled from you for a long time, as power is strongly linked to illusion.

Power can easily hide its true nature from a naive and unried consciousness. Power creates the illusion of wealth, fulfillment, recognition, yes even love. The ego phase is an unlimited exploration of the field of power: winning, losing, conquering, fighting, being persecuted and victim.

Inwardly, in this phase, a certain rift occurs in the soul. The ego phase is a major attack on the integrity of the soul. Integrity here means: inner unity and wholeness of consciousness. With the entrance of ego consciousness, the soul becomes deeply divided or split inwardly. She loses her innocence. The soul knows inwardly that it is ‘wrong’ when it harms or destroys other living beings. She is not wrong with regard to some objective law or judge that judges her.

She senses inwardly (unconsciously) that the destructive side of the striving for power is accompanied by a great contempt for life, the life of which she herself is both the producer and the fruit. So she feels deep inside her that she is doing something contradictory, something that conflicts with its own deepest divine core. That deepest divine core is creative and life-giving. When the soul operates for a time in the pursuit of increasing personal power, a feeling of guilt arises deep within and without being aware of it.

There is no body outside the soul that subscribes guilt to it. It is the soul itself that somehow realizes that it is losing its innocence, in the game of conquering and subduing, winning and losing. There is therefore a growing sense of unworthiness that overtakes the soul as it unfolds the ego powers within itself. a feeling of guilt arises deep inside and without her being aware of it.

There is no body outside the soul that subscribes guilt to it. It is the soul itself that somehow realizes that it is losing its innocence, in the game of conquering and subduing, winning and losing. There is therefore a growing sense of unworthiness that overtakes the soul as it unfolds the ego powers within itself. a feeling of guilt arises deep inside and without her being aware of it.

There is no body outside the soul that subscribes guilt to it. It is the soul itself that somehow realizes that it is losing its innocence, in the game of conquering and subduing, winning and losing. There is therefore a growing sense of unworthiness that overtakes the soul as it unfolds the ego powers within itself.

The ego phase is a necessary step in the formation of a full I-consciousness. It actually represents the stage of living through one aspect of this consciousness, the will, in all its facets. At the end of this development, these facets are all experienced, and the focus of consciousness can slowly shift to the heart.

The aim here is not to overcome or destroy the ego or personal will, but to become the natural extension of the heart, of the desire for love and unity. The energy residing in the will then voluntarily and on the basis of an experience-supported knowledge accepts the heart as its soul develops her ego

As the lightworkers entered phase 2 of the transition from ego-based to heart-based consciousness, a genuine desire arose in part of them to make amends for what they had done wrong on Earth. They saw that they had wronged life, that they had restrained and limited the spontaneously developing consciousness on earth. They wanted to free man from these bonds of fear and lack of freedom, which had produced much darkness, and they felt that they could best accomplish this task by incarnating themselves in human bodies, on earth.

So the lightworkers incarnated in human bodies, partly created by themselves, to transform from within what they had created themselves.

The souls who came to Earth with this mission set themselves the goal of rekindling the light in their own (manipulated) creations. They did this out of a sense of responsibility, and also out of a knowledge that they had to take on this karmic burden, in order to become truly inwardly free from their past.


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