The effects of stress in the deep layers of your immune system

The effects of stress in the deep layers of your immune system

Stress undermines the immune system. That is known. Stress can be visible and palpable, such as in people with a busy job, or in relationships where there is clearly a lot of tension if you have money worries or have to care for a sick person for a long time. All situations where stress is a logical given and burnout and exhaustion are lurking.

Stress in the hidden layers of your system

But there is also such a thing as stress in the hidden layers of your system. A chronic stress response that you are not aware of. Stress started in early childhood and puts a strain on your immune system year after year. Fueled by beliefs you internalized at a young age: I’m not good enough, there’s no support for me, they don’t understand me anyway, I don’t belong.

You live your life based on that conviction. You’re going to try really hard, or worry too much, you’re constantly adapting, or you decide to do it all alone. As long as you (consciously or unconsciously) are guided by your beliefs, you are in survival mode and your stress button is on. That means your nervous system never really settles down. Even when you feel very relaxed and enjoy all the beautiful things in your life, the body still experiences stress on the most subtle layer. There will always be an inner vigilance, which reacts as soon as the apparent security is disturbed.

The effects of stress in the deep layers of your immune system

live life to the full

We all long to live life to the fullest. To bring our potential into the world to the fullest. To shine and experience happiness. We long for lightness and effortlessness and flow in the things we do. We also long for that deep relaxation that calms all our cells. And yet we remain in that limiting survival mode. We keep thinking that we have to make sure we stay upright.

What would happen if you stopped relying on your own strength? If you were to surrender completely to the natural intelligence of life itself?

Since, after a deep crisis in my disease process, I admitted to myself: I can’t anymore, I can’t bear this alone, a lot has changed. The first step was reaching out to friends and asking for help. That brought about a huge shift, but it didn’t make that inner vigilance disappear. I was still suspicious. How long is the help available? Am I not asking too much? Can they really give it? Because I saw so well that the people around me also tried to keep themselves standing in the hectic pace of their own lives.

The effects of stress in the deep layers of your immune system
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The big transformation point

The big transformation point came when I reminded myself that unconditional support, just like unconditional love, is embedded in life itself. That’s where I can put my trust. Every morning in my meditation I marvel again at how my breath moves by itself and my heart beats effortlessly, how all the cells in my body communicate with each other in incredible perfection and shape my existence. Since I relax in it, don’t want to manipulate or maintain anything anymore and let life do its work with great gratitude, miracles happen.

The effects of stress in the deep layers of your immune system

The umpteenth Lyme cure is finally catching on. I feel my body recover. There are not even severe detoxification symptoms, while that was predicted. Help from my environment flows effortlessly, I no longer have to send or check anything. I feel good, loving, cheerful, and confident. Innersteps (my company) continues to grow, even if I am only minimally involved. How could I ever have thought that I was more powerful than the source of life itself, which makes me live each day with so much love?


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