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The ego, friend or foe?

The ego is a much discussed topic in the spiritual world. It has many definitions, so sharing about ego-related matters can sometimes cause confusion. Because what exactly is the ego? And why do quite a few people have negative associations with the ego?

Can the ego also be something that serves us?

What’s the ego?

In my blog ‘ How can the Universe help with your pain? ‘, which previously appeared on Nieuwetijdskind Magazine, I discussed the emergence of an individual energy from Oneness. And in that blog I also mentioned that we, as humans, carry some of that individual energy with us. The ego is the core of that individual energy that we carry in our energetic system, and the point that is in some way furthest from Source.

What is the role of the ego?

Consciousness that perceives from the ego has most to do with the three great illusions:
– The illusion of separation
– The illusion of the loss of love
– The illusion of the loss of mastery
In living these illusions there is a very great potential for grow. And that is precisely why the ego is a very valuable tool.

In addition, our ego also has a certain individuality. This individuality helps us to feel the direction we want to go. It is an aid in the search for our individual contribution to the collective of which we are part.

The ego is sometimes compared to the head. I think that’s understandable, but also a bit short-sighted. From the ego we tend more towards the need for control. That is because the further we move into that individual energy with our consciousness, the more strongly we experience the above illusions. And then we reach for things that seem to give us control. And in our current society that is often our head. This has to do with the still dominant role of the male energy, and the (unconsciously) raising of reason above intuition.

What is the shift from ego to heart-based consciousness?

From the strong desire to live through the individual energy, a powerful current arose in the ego. As a result, forms of consciousness that first encountered the ego had little room to experience anything other than the ego. This is the ego borne consciousness; experiencing the ego as the center of your being.

Through experiences at soul level there is slowly space to connect us more with our heart. We learn what it is to feel a connection with something outside of ourselves. We learn that we not only influence our own actions, but that our actions also ‘return’ to ourselves. Eventually there will be room for the realization that we are all one, creator of our reality and that we ourselves are the love we so longed for. We see the world more and more from our heart; we land in the heart carried consciousness. And through this landing in our hearts, we are releasing the ego-carried consciousness, and redefining the role of our ego.

Why is there so much negativity in the world about our ego?ego-dog

There are two main reasons why there is so much negativity in the world about our ego.
1: We all carry pain with us from our birth from Source; the cosmic birth pain. From a pleasant world of softness and love, we are now suddenly going to experience fear and the resulting processes. Because this is so heavy, it is accompanied by resistance and a feeling of homesickness. This ‘detachment’ from the Source is felt most strongly from our ego. It is therefore the most triggering energy for our cosmic birth pain. It is therefore very understandable that we experience resistance on our ego.

2: Many of us still carry memories of our own actions that have been strong from the ego. That can be in your current life, but on a soul level often powerful parts also play a role. Because we still see ‘guilt’ as something that determines whether you have acted well or badly (and therefore often whether you are good or bad), this has a pressing effect on our experience of happiness. We can hardly accept that we have had a craving for power in other lives from a strong ego-carried consciousness. And may have killed and tortured. We usually connect more easily with lives where we ended up at the stake as witches. Because the victims can generally count on more compassion than the perpetrators.

How can I start looking more lovingly at the ego?

If you can see that the ego is a tool created out of love, it could soften your bond with your ego. And look at how you talk about your ego. I regularly notice that people talk about ‘my heart’ when they talk about their own processes, but when discussing those processes it is about their ego, ‘the ego’ is said. That may indicate a desire to distance themselves from their ego. Try to work with your resistance here, by starting with beholding. What’s happening? Where am I?

People also sometimes tend to use the ego as a scapegoat. And here too it can be tempting to distance yourself from this scapegoat. ‘The ego makes…’, usually followed by something negative. In doing so, you relinquish your real power. The ego is a tool, not the captain of the ship.ego-narrower

A practical example.

A practical example may clarify the latter. We, humans, are on our way to a New Earth. An earth with more love, a sense of unity and mastery. Building the New Earth is our project. In that you could see us as construction workers. Each with its own task. And just like ‘real’ construction workers, we carry a toolbox with us. It is filled with all kinds of valuable tools, such as our intuition, our thinking, but also our ego. And we, as construction workers, decide for ourselves which tool we use for which task. Through experience we find out that the ego is not so nice to experience as the center of our being. We now feel that another tool, our heart, has a more appropriate role in this.

You can compare it to a construction worker who picks up a saw to drive a nail into a piece of wood. There is a very high chance that this construction worker will get hurt. There comes a time when he puts the saw back in his toolbox and starts looking for another tool. We are in that process with our ego. And then what we sometimes tend to do is point to the ego as the culprit. That’s like the construction worker is blaming the saw for the nail not going smoothly into the wood.

Just feel where you have the space to deal with your ego differently. Feel if you are ready to take on your job as a construction worker on the New Earth project in full consciousness. Feel the three great illusions slowly merge into a new Truth. Just look in your toolbox and see the true richness of our existence.

And embrace your ego. Embrace your individuality. Look at this valuable tool from your heart. And make the world more beautiful by entering into earthly life with love for your ego.


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