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The Elder Crystal Adults Speak

This is an older American article by Sharyl Jackson. She was one of the first to describe the characteristics of Crystal Children. I would like to post this article even though it is a bit older because it contains comments from Crystal Adults.

Several years ago I wrote an article on the properties of the Crystal Children, which generated the most emails I’ve ever received regarding a particular piece.

Among the many, many emails, there were some that I’ve come to call “The Elder Crystals.” I am very honored to receive these emails because, for the most part, these individuals have been hiding without even telling those closest to them who they are, and on top of that, Crystals are very, very be calm.

Several of them have expressed their willingness to write about their experiences as one of the Ancient Crystals during these auspicious times. These articles will be published in the coming months, but in the meantime I would like to share with you, our readers, a compilation of excerpts from letters I have received in the last few days from the Elder Crystals, those Elder Crystals that who dominated the space,


From Angel:

My girlfriend just emailed me this page and I have to tell you I was stunned! I’m 41 and knew I was different before I was born but didn’t dare to talk about my “secret”. As I got older, life got harder and harder because I had never, until this week, with someone like myself and was afraid I was all alone in this world, even though I was sure I wasn’t. Thank you for giving me back my sanity!

When I asked Angel if she would like to tell her story, this was her response:

Ummm… digression and gloom… I have very few happy stories to tell… I’m not sure I want my brothers to experience that pain as I would put it into words. But I would like to tell the few happy stories I have. I must purge my soul of this poison, but at what cost to others? You have received some of their letters…

what do you think? Would it help or harm? I absolutely could not bear to cause one of them the pain I have experienced. But those just as hurt as me might feel better knowing they weren’t alone. I just don’t know. Ideas? Blessings, Angel

Emily in Canada briefly describes some of the challenges she has faced:

It’s been such a great year! The advent of the James Twyman work has helped me tremendously and I have experienced a variety of feelings towards the same. Part of me longed again for the freedom I’ve known in past lives, while “sowing” as it has been so aptly described.

Another part of me mourned the fact that many of my natural (and more “magical”) abilities had to be completely shut down in order to ensure my survival in this lifetime, while I held “Space and Light” here for the future. new children arrive. And all the while my heart wondered if these very brave new Beings could finally be safe in their lives on this beautiful, beautiful planet. As I’ve said, Sharyl, it’s been a great year already!

And as I write this short note today, please know that I am fine. Sharyl, from the bottom of my soul and the center of my heart, Thank you for the work you are doing in spreading the information. This Divine service that you perform so wonderfully is as I have always known you – always a gift and always gold.

For the reader’s information, the James Twyman mentioned above by Emily has put forward information about The Psychic Children or The Children of Oz that he met in Bulgaria. It’s a captivating story told in his book Emissary of Love or can be found on his website www.emissaryoflove.com.

Thirty-year-old Raven from Holland speaks about some of her fears:

I have lived in silence, and often alone. I have no regrets, I like it that way! This is the second time in my life that I tell someone who I really am. I felt you would understand. I’m happy with myself the way I am, but wanted to share with you that I’m scared. Dealing with the outside world is still quite a challenge.

Shopping is really a challenge for me. I can read people’s minds and see how busy their minds are! The other souls are addicted to thinking. It is rare to meet a soul who is silent in thought. I feel their daily stress, it scares me because they force themselves to do things, and therefore their behavior can be unpredictable, but I love them all.

I cannot love them in parts, I love them with their shadow behavior, I love them all! I can see when other souls are lying. They don’t lie to me, but they lie to themselves, that’s why I never get angry, but try to touch their souls, but then they often get scared of me!



And then there’s this from Toby:

Oh, I could tell you stories to confirm every feature you’ve written here! The regeneration of bone is what stands out for me the most right now. As a child of eleven or twelve, I was injured in a motorcycle accident. I was like a combination of Evil Knievel and Wonder Woman jumping over huge molehills.

The bike went sideways into the air and I landed horizontally on the ground. I was pinned to my side under the bike. After my little brother came to my rescue and helped me slide the bike off my leg, I slide up my pant leg to see the broken bone. There was a large circular notch where the exhaust system had crushed the shin. I knew I couldn’t move. The pain was paralyzing.

I immediately started spinning in my mind and body and… praying. I started generating energy because I was afraid I would get in trouble and I knew I had to heal. I started thinking words to my body because I just knew it could heal itself. I slide down my trouser leg and sat on the dirt in a sort of meditation. Within five to ten minutes it seemed as if nothing had happened.

I remember my little brother saying, “Where did he go?” And I remember thinking, “That was a miracle, thank you, God, I’ll never forget this.” Within five to ten minutes it seemed as if nothing had happened.

I remember my little brother saying, “Where did he go?” And I remember thinking, “That was a miracle, thank you, God, I’Within five to ten minutes it seemed as if nothing had happened. I remember my little brother saying, “Where did he go?” And I remember thinking, “That was a miracle, thank you, God, I’ll never forget this.”


You are right that the Crystals in general need no recognition, for Crystals know so clearly that we are all one, that “what is given is given for, and for the greater good of all.” We know that in love nothing is ever lost, and knowing this,

what difference does it make to receive recognition? While they don’t need the recognition, preferring anonymity, as a general rule, Crystals don’t ask for anything (although they secretly hope the universe takes care of them the same way they give).

Crystals are an integral part of the immune system in the body of creation. Where Crystals operate, they often vaporize pools of negativity, not just at the grocery store or at work, but often shift entire vibrating areas around their homes for great distances.

If you imagine all of creation as a human body, and that humanity is made up of the individual cells in that body, then lightworkers can be imagined as part of the immune system. Crystals stimulate the immune system, like antioxidants for the human body by increasing the number of white blood cells, if necessary, or increasing the number of platelets, if necessary.

The primary directive for the Crystals is to balance this world, and take their directives directly from the higher self, and they do it very well. If a Crystal has a desire, a wish in exchange for something it has given to strengthen another,

Thank you Toby, Angel, Emily and Raven for making yourself known, for being recognized, for joining us and for telling your stories in the coming days! It’s your time! As Raven said, after she made an email connection with Angel, “Very emotional for both of us. It’s funny to see that our lives are pretty much the same… We’re talking now! Here our silence ends, here the loneliness ends!”

These early Crystal Children have played a very important role for Planet Earth. They are finally getting a little more help as more children of these vibrations are born every day. In addition, we older ones are raising our vibrations to better assist in the Great Transition, in the Re-membrance,

and we are finally in connection with the Divine Child, the Crystal Child, who is here on Earth at this moment in every and each of us is embodied. And that’s what they’ve come here to tell us, what they’ve always been here to tell us. God bless!


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