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The energetic language of scents

You probably know it: you smell a scent and you immediately get a certain feeling about it, and that feeling is not always pleasant. Smells linked to a bad experience you have had, never or rarely become pleasant in your experience.
This is because these smells are stored in your memory along with the emotionally unpleasant charge; kind of code red. Your limbic system plays an important role in this. When you smell this scent, the previous accompanying physical reactions also ‘turn on’ again.

However, scents that you really like, can also contain vibrations that you don’t thrive on. When the scent is delicious to you and associated with pleasant positive events, it immediately distracts your attention from the energetic aspect of these scents. For example, you may be wearing a wonderful scent or evaporating an oil and being taxed by it completely unnoticed. You probably have not suspected this smell for a moment.

Do you notice that after a while you sleep less well, have more tension in your muscles, become irritated more quickly or occasionally have a headache? Then it’s time to investigate your scents.

Fragrances as an energy carrier

Last week I received a message from a pleasantly surprised reader. She had never realized before that scent is also energy-carrying and she experienced this as a huge eye opener!

The first time I could actually see and feel what the energy of scent can bring about in the energy field, I will never forget! That happened to a fellow student. She herself was experimenting with initially one and then a second essential oil in order to feel more harmonious. She went through a rather stressful period and she also had the training during the weekends. As she told me this and held the two bottles in front of her with both hands, I suddenly saw her energy field and where in her body and aura the energy was missing, where it was blocked and where a kind of hole had formed.

It was exciting, exciting and shocking at the same time, because I immediately realized how impactful this ‘discovery’ was. This was the starting signal for me to start researching and learning to work with the energy of scents, attuned to the human energy field. As good as possible for that moment, because energy is mobile and situations are changeable. The same goes for your own field.

An experimental school of years followed, in which by smelling and feeling more than 260 fragrance ingredients, I learned to link scents to the human energy field. Until then I had worked intuitively with scents, but I mainly approached them from the perspective of smelling itself and the psychology of scent. The feeling experience brought me to another dimension: the energetic language of smells through its scent frequencies.

We are surrounded by countless scents day in and day out and when a single aroma can already have such an impact on our energy system, what happens to our energy field because of all those scented things we are constantly in between? What about your favorite perfume, for example?

Our word perfume comes from the Latin ‘per fumum’, through smoke . In ancient times, the burning of scented ingredients such as resins was used to communicate with the gods. Also as a sacrifice, to appease gods. Per fumum was intended for invoking the gods. Incense sticks are still beautiful examples of this.


Fragrance is pure Alchemy. Smell is the transformation of something solid (dust, earth) into air, into another element. Fragrance is ephemeral, free of form, mobile, and evocative, a cosmic language. In the current new age, using scents is much more about acknowledging your own divinity and you can use this cosmic language of scents to activate other facets of your own multidimensionality and support your energy system in a healing way.

By consciously using the right scent frequencies for you, you become more and more your beautiful self.

From the aromatherapy many different scents (or essential oils) have been used since time immemorial to improve general well-being and for healing. Old knowledge that is fortunately being embraced more and more and also more and more often, albeit only sparsely, scientifically researched for its effectiveness.

The focus is then mainly on behavior and behavioral change or, for example, antiviral, antiseptic effect. A fun fact about lemon, for example, is that during a study it was found that, under the influence of lemon scent, money was distributed more fairly among a group of people unknown to each other. In addition to lemon and tea tree, lavender is also a frequently researched essential oil.

Lavender is promoted as calming, relaxing and antiseptic. However, this relaxing and calming effect is not for everyone. I belong to the 40% in whom lavender has an activating effect. One drop on my pillow for a good night’s sleep is completely counterproductive for me. How do you react to lavender?

Do you know that from experience or do you think so? Are you very sensitive to smells or do you have an allergic reaction? Then my way of testing is ideally suited for you to determine the best odor frequencies in your living environment. Whether it’s your detergent, shampoo, essential oil, perfume or incense, you will always get the exact answer through feeling experience!

Most fragrances that are used have their origin in nature (biochemistry). Many natural scents are also recreated by the oils, aroma and fragrance industry: we call that nature identical. In addition, completely new fragrances are ‘invented’ and created in the form of aroma chemicals (chemistry). These are often isolated aspects of what does occur in nature, but cannot exist in it on its own.

Whatever form it is, they all have a certain effect and that effect only becomes really positive or negative when you give your own interpretation or judgment about it. Whether or not prompted by what others say or by personal experiences.

Feeling experience – felt sense

I see it as my mission to make people aware of the impact of scents on their own energy system. The effect of scents is active 24/7 and for sensitive people this can easily be over-stimulating. Just like you can also be sensitive to sound. It is all the more important to learn to experience which scent frequencies suit you for your well-being and which support you nicely on your path of light. This way you can make more conscious choices and you also understand the energetic language of smell in relation to yourself.


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