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The Energetic Power of Clothing


There has never been a time when clothing was so important.
Fashion trends follow one another at lightning speed and even crazy designs are eagerly followed, although some designs look more like an attempt to simply make fun of us.

Do clothes make people or do they tell us who we are not?

It is touching to see how, when trying on a new piece of clothing, the person in question seems to realize with a smile that he will become a new and different person with that new piece of clothing.

Looking at the image in the mirror, we suddenly seem to realize that we are worth much more than we previously thought. We realize that we really are worth the effort and we hardly have to do anything for that… Only a new piece of textile revalues ​​us as human beings and that is much easier than any personality process or spending years on the negative sides of yourself.

A new jacket or pants immediately gives you the image that is sold through the publicity and with a small financial investment you are suddenly a better version of yourself.

Fashion and clothing is a form of instant upgrading of your personality and nowhere is it as easy as in the fitting room of a clothing store and that is very tempting…

But for those who are a bit critical of themselves, clothing can have a very important function in balancing the human aura.

The human energy field

The human energy field consists of 7 different energy layers, each connected to a chakra or energy centers and each energy layer chakra has its specific color, purpose and property.

Negative emotions disrupt that aura or energy field, so that some chakras receive less nourishment and therefore become less powerful… If you compare the different chakras with light bulbs, you could say that a less well-flowed chakra resembles a dim light bulb, while in extreme cases chakras so may be weak that their energy field (radiance or aura) becomes almost invisible…

Every person naturally strives for a healthy and balanced energy field… A long-term disturbed aura will make the physical body sick, because where the energetic flow works less well, the physical mirror (the body) will also function less well. The metabolism works less well and the removal of waste via the lymphatic system is less efficient … In the long term this will lead to too little oxygen in the cells, too high acidity and a waste crisis that will lead to physical illness …

In other words, a healthy and balanced energy field is synonymous with perfect health and the prevention of disease.

The classic view of the 7 chakras connected to the outer energetic cocoon that protects us and also contains all the colors of the different chakras. The drawing is a simplified representation. There is of course also an abundance of energy between the chakras and the outer layer.

Unconsciously looking for balance

Few of us are able to perceive the human energy field, but subconsciously we sense when something is wrong and try to restore the imbalance of that energy field. We do this, among other things, by buying and wearing clothes with a color that has a deficiency or imbalance in our aura.

We all have a favorite color and we all have clothes that we love. Our entire closet is full of all kinds of things, but in the end we reach for the same favorite piece of clothing over and over again.

Moreover, you have those days when you really feel that you ‘have to’ wear that particular dress or pants and that very often has something to do with the color of that particular item of clothing.

Sometimes the opposite also happens and there are times when you are frustrated to hang a certain shirt, pants or sweater back in the closet because it doesn’t seem to belong to you that day.

Color or light therapy has been used for much longer to heal people with depression or problems in general. The relaxing or stimulating effect of colors has been known for much longer and the connection with our chakras is obvious.

The choice of the color of our clothing is therefore strongly related to the state of our aura or energy field.

The color palette

Do you like to wear orange clothes? Then there is a good chance that your second chakra is a bit weak and that you are not getting enough physical attention. After all, the second chakra stands for liking oneself physically, sensuality and sexuality..

If your favorite color is yellow, then you have a strong need to put your I-value in the world. You have too little confidence in yourself and that is why your ego will play a lot..

Geel is de kleur van de solar plexus chakra..

Ben je iemand die steeds blauw draagt, dan is er nood aan communicatie want blauw is de kleur van de keelchakra.

Als je dus morgen een lezing gaat geven, is het interessant om je in blauw te kleden omdat je op die manier ook bij de toehoorders de communicatie chakra gaat stimuleren waardoor je een aandachtiger publiek zal hebben.

Rood duidt dan weer op mensen die gronding nodig hebben.. Rood is de root (1ste) chakra en staat voor kontakt met de aarde en materie..

Groen heeft dan weer alles te maken met de hartchakra en emotioneel gekwetste mensen dragen veel groen net om de verstoorde hartsgevoelens te verzachten..

Image of someone wearing green clothing to compensate for an accumulation of green aura energy at the heart chakra. The disturbance of the aura at that location also causes physical complaints on the shoulder (red) and an excess of yellow on the left side, which indicates problems with self-esteem. We also see blue at the bottom, which indicates insufficient communication about emotions.

Indigo and violet have to do with spiritual insight and it is no coincidence that purple is a common color in the robes of Christian leaders, although I am certainly not here to say that religion is synonymous with spiritual insight.

A strong urge to wear a certain color has a lot to do with the state of one’s aura. It is a form of personal color therapy. It is a way to fill a lack of color in your energy field.

Men, but especially women who like to wear orange, almost always lack physical attention, usually from their partner…

People who like to wear red need grounding and are therefore insufficiently physically present. Most of the time they feel unsafe and mostly live in their heads. They need contact with matter, with the energy of mother earth.

Black and white

It becomes completely different when people wear black all the time…

That has not so much to do with the chakras as with a disturbance of the energy field by negative energies.

Dit wil natuurlijk niet zeggen dat je geen mooie zwarte jurk of kostuum mag dragen tijdens een feestgelegenheid maar wanneer mensen atijd zwart dragen, zoals bijvoorbeeld gothics ligt een verstoord energieveld meestal aan de grondslag.

Persoon die steeds zwarte kleding draagt onder invloed van een energetische parasiet die links het energieveld binnenkomt.. Naast problemen met de ik-waarde (geel) zorgt hij ook voor een slechte instroom van goeie levensenergie (wit), hartsproblemen (groen) en fysieke klachten rond de nek (rood).

Someone who always wears white should in principle be someone who is nicely balanced, because a fully balanced aura is just white.. (saints are often depicted with a white glow around them) but usually wearing white is rather a desire for purity of the energy field or actually its state… So it is actually the same as with the other colors…

The lack or shortage of a certain color in the aura prompts us to wear clothes in that color.

In order to keep this text comprehensible and simple, we speak about the auras and chakras in the form as they are generally assumed and depicted. Despite all the writings and statements of healers, chakras have never been demonstrably observed as, for example, happens when photographing of auras through Kirlian photography.


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