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The Energies of Augustus, by Jennifer Hoffman

August is a special month that begins and ends with full moons,

I was just beginning to wonder if I would be able to write about August, if I would still be standing, if I would still be breathing, thinking or conscious. We experienced powerful things in July, which were exhausting,

and brought us to the brink of our personal abyss to show us how far we can be pushed, and thus we can know how far we’ve come. Think about everything you’ve gone through since the late ’90s (or before).

How much better do you understand those experiences now, how much more deeply involved do you feel about them, and how much faster do you learn, heal, grow, and how much faster do you allow them to help you transform?

August is a special month that begins and ends with full moons, a “blue moon” month. These don’t take place very often, and have extra finishing energy. We have an opportunity to work through the energies of July by August 2, to start something new in August, and finish that by the end of the month.

Energetically it won’t be as challenging, frustrating or unforgiving. But that of course depends on where each of us stands in our path. For others, there will be a noticeable shift and a welcome change in the form of a slower pace, a beautiful manifestation and a chance to start enjoying life.

But it’s not a time to sit back, stop moving and wait for what happens next. July was so hard because it made us look at ourselves, our choices,

the things we do, and more importantly, the things we avoid because we are afraid, insecure, in doubt, confused, or afraid of hurting the feelings of others , to abandon them, or to where we have lived our lives according to the wants or needs of others.

From this point on (and we still have the influence of the Uranus/Pluto square, which continues into September) truth, integrity and alignment are our watchwords. Where do we place our energy, and why, what truth do we live through, what are we aligned and in integrity, what do we desire and what do we create with every thought, conviction and choice?

That doesn’t mean August is “easy,” it’s just less intense if you stick to your intent and stay focused on the results you desire without being too specific about the details. One of the things I’ve been reminded of is to start having fun, not working so hard, and letting go of the need to always be ready to tackle the next lesson.

Sometimes we are so focused on our healing work that we forget to integrate what we have learned and it doesn’t have to be all ‘work’, we are supposed to have fun. What makes your life nice, enjoyable and exciting? What fun did you postpone to later? The moment has come now, be open to receive, for you have earned it.

In September we will see very clearly the results of our efforts and I cannot say more than that. Not because I’m trying to be secretive (because I’m not like that), but I’ve been hearing for months that something big was going to happen in September, and many others have informed me that they also got this information, but we don’t know what is going to happen.

I wrote in the 2012 predictions that we could have alien visits this part of the year, so maybe that’s it. It will certainly be interesting from now until December, so relax, think about your breathing, stay focused on creating joy, love and abundance in your life so that you can create that for the world too. I wish you the abundant blessings of a wonderfully joyful and peaceful month.

And remember that Mercury is still retrograde until August 8, then completes its shadow period on August 22. Venus finally completes its retro shadow on July 30.


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