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The Energies of February 2020 – Jennifer Hoffman

February has some special gifts, such as the palindrome date on 02/02/2020, which has not happened in 909 years. And the next time won’t be until 12-12-2121. There is also a very powerful Mercury retrograde this month, bringing with it some new lessons, and a 30-year cycle is coming to an end.

The theme for February is ‘renewal’, time to reapply those old lessons and start considering new options. We are now in the expansion phase of our awakening , so don’t stop or slow anything down, we can’t help but keep speeding up and adjust our course along the way. There are no mistakes, just energetic adjustments and rethinking.

February begins with some relief from the unmerciful energies we have been receiving since December 2019. So we deserve to relax and take some time to look at what has happened since we started this journey. Do you remember January 1991? We are approaching the end of a cycle that started then. What did you do then and what is different now? This is important because it is a Saturn cycle and it is a big player this year, thanks to the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. Oh and by the way, it’s not over yet, it just takes a little break of a month or two, after which the conjunction is right on the agenda again.

Mercury’s retro in February enters its shadow period on the 2 nd and comes into full swing on the 16 th . And it’s a strong one, because it’s in Pisces, the opposite sign of Virgo, Mercury’s second planetary rulership (though I myself believe Chiron should rule Virgo). In this Mercury retrograde cycle we will have to look at our Healer victim issues and think about whether we want to keep our soul contracts, responsibility, obligations and promises.

While it is a noble gesture to be a healer, we have reached the point where we can no longer sustain that level of energetic connection in the lives of others and on their paths. We have shifted our participation: from a source of inspiring light to one who dives blindly into their healing journey. This Mercury retro gives us the opportunity to change that, and to take a closer look at how our own energy trauma drives us to surrender so deeply to healing others.

Are we trying to heal them or actually ourselves?

The Energies of February 2020

Do we feel recognized when we heal them and does that make our personal suffering less intense?

Have we put so much of our energy, time and effort into healing others that we have forgotten what our own path of joy looks like?

That is part of our personal renewal theme and repurposing our energy. What can you accomplish in your own life with all that energy you pour into healing others?

With regard to February’s theme of renewal and repurposing, we must not forget the energy of Saturn/Pluto, for it will be present in the background throughout the year. It will continue to urge us to open the portals of potential that our souls hold for us, and to look at how we use our energy, at our energy limits, and at whether we are working with our greatest potential, which is fully aligned with the energy priorities of our soul.

Another aspect that is not much discussed, but also very powerful and active all year round, is the square between Pluto and Eris, the energy warrior for social justice. To understand the energy of Eris, think of Xena the Warrior Princess, from the TV series. As a warrior for truth and justice, she stands up for the underdog, the victims, the marginalized and those who have no voice in society.

It is therefore no surprise that society’s biggest victims, those of human and child trafficking, are now receiving so much attention, and of course the enormous corruption in politics and governments. Thanks to Eris, a lot of that will surface this year.

While we need to act in February, we also need to spend some time reflecting, looking at our options, being open to new energies, giving ourselves time to process our grief over unfulfilled expectations, losses and disappointments. In this way we refocus on the purpose and potential of our soul to refocus on our 3D/5D awakening path and towards joy, peace, love and abundance.

We are most effective when we are healed, when we are complete and congruent with our own energetic path. Take some time this moon to realign with your soul’s mission, as March opens up a whole new portal of potential. Then Saturn moves into Aquarius for the first time since January 1991. So get ready and keep shining. I wish you a fantastic month.


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