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The energies of January


actHappy New Year! I believe it will be a wonderful year and we will finally see the results of the work we have done for decades.

Don’t expect too much change in January, because this month we’re setting the foundation for what’s to come. This is a time for intention, balance, review, alignment and integration.

We create the boundaries for our way. The action and movement come later. Even if we want to start when the wheels start to turn, to move away from what has held us back, but that would be like going on a journey without knowing where, or how to get there, and if there is enough fuel. in the car to leave even.

January’s energy will feel relatively calm after all the activity of the past three months. With the square of Uranus/Pluto, the eclipse in November and the activity in December, we now need some time to regroup and that is what we will do in January. Instead of feeling like nothing is happening,

it’s more like watching ducks glide through the water. On the surface they look like they are just floating by, but below the surface their legs kick quickly. The surface looks calm and may also feel calm now, but there is a lot going on beneath the surface, with each of us.

It’s time to seriously think about what we want to do now, and start looking at where we actually are in our lives. What are we focused on – where have we been or where are we going? Where does our energy flow, in the past or in the now?

How do we move the energy, through intention, or through wishful thinking? Intent is a conscious, focused, and powerful focus on what we want to manifest in our lives. With wishful thinking, we hope that things will turn out okay, but we feel out of control, powerless and out of balance.

We are mighty divine beings, whose human experience is a mirror of our ability to know ourselves as masters of energy. We can move energy, but we must set intentions to move it in the direction we want. And we have to keep an eye on our energy budget.

We have an energy budget that determines how much energy we have to create our reality. The amount of energy we can use, even if the supply is unlimited, depends on where we are present, or where our focus is.

Whatever that is, whether it’s the issues of the week, next week’s commitments, regrets about the past or fears about the future, that’s where we are, and that’s where our energy is going. And when our energy goes in many different directions, with no focus or intention, our energy budget will quickly run out.woman-in-evening-sun

We tend to spend a lot of energy on our problems and very little energy on solving them. We multi-task like crazy (and I do that too), rarely focusing on one thing at a time, even the things we love to do.

Intent is the answer because it creates a broader focused purpose for our energy. When we set strong intentions for what we want – things like joy, peace, abundance, love – our energy budget expands to create those things in our lives because that’s what we’re focused on, it’s true we are present.

But when our focus is on worrying, and on fear, doubt and limitation, our energy budget shrinks because we are not present in the moment, we are concerned about the past. Energy works powerfully in the now; the past has no energy.

It doesn’t matter what happened last month or last year, this is the moment we have to act on, and all changes start in the now. Use this month to set intentions, to set the beacons for where you want to direct your energy, to let go of the worries of the past (you can’t worry about anything in the now, it hasn’t happened yet. ) and free yourself from the doubt and fear that limit your energy budget.

Watch your energy budget expand to its true state of limitlessness. You have all the energy you need to solve any problem, to transform every aspect of your life, to be as powerful as you intend to, when you live your life from the now, remembering that energy always flows towards you and flows away from you .

How are you going to use the energy you receive, and what are you going to make stronger with your energy? As you move from moment to moment, pay attention to where you are present, what are you thinking about? That’s where you are.

Use your energy, not your anxious thoughts, to transform your life and evolve into the love, joy, abundance and wondrous reality you want to create for yourself.


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