The Energies of November- Jennifer Hoffman – Breakthroughs and Escapes


Are you ready to start the new year? We still have two months to go this year and I would like to invite you to take a look at all that has happened since the beginning of this year. Indeed, we are moving towards the historic, rare and powerful aspects of this month, and those of December and January.

What have you learned since January 2019?

What’s different in your life now? How have you changed, and are you now more aware, peaceful, happier, more confident, clearer and more congruent? As tough as this year has been for you, there is a blessing in every situation and this month we can begin to reveal those blessings, using them as the foundation for a new energy path that begins in December and lays a strong foundation for 2020.

We start November somewhat hampered by a Mercury retrograde in Scorpio that reminds us of the 2015 Saturn in Scorpio retrograde: a very long and challenging period that has shaken us to the core of our being as we battle with the harsh reality of two of our strictest teacher. So that’s what we’re going to go back to now, to get our hands on the last vestiges of what we learned during that previous cycle.

On November 11, Mercury passes in front of the Sun, a rather unusual aspect that occurs about 13 times in a century. We have experienced 4 of these transitions so far: in 1999, 2003, 2006 and in 2016. Mercury is about our life karma, so this transition gives us another chance to come face to face with our karmic past during this energetic cleanup that we’ve been doing all year. It will help us immensely in the coming months to focus on moving forward and to use the past as a stepping stone to emancipation, rather than as a reminder of what we have lost or were unable to complete. We use our past best when we focus on how those experiences gave us the strength to let go of old beliefs and energy patterns, rather than focus on how difficult that past was.

November’s energy can bring a lot of anger, an emotion that we absolutely must not ignore. It is not ‘unspiritual’ to be angry ; we only use that belief to set aside our anger. Anger has many benefits. Thus it shows us where we are limited, or afraid, and it shines a great light on the source and purpose of our karma. Be angry and then take the next step: ask yourself what you are angry about, why you are angry, and what message that anger is bringing to you. The answer can be very enlightening.

This is therefore a theme in November, to ‘make the most of it’. Yes, the past may have been difficult, but if we only focus on that, we lose the benefit of those experiences and what they have to teach us. Nor do we see how we can use them to ensure that they do not occur again.

As well as pulling/pushing Mercury retro, we find ourselves in the face of the ongoing forces of transformation, pulling us all into the Great Awakening and enlightenment cycle of 2020. This energy movement is not something we can control: it is an irresistible one . force that we can voluntarily go along with or that we are forcefully drawn into. The movement has been building up slowly all year and now it is here. What’s going to happen now?

One of our most powerful tools is our energetic sovereignty, which gives us control over the energy movements in our lives. We have no power over what happens to or for someone else, but we can decide what to do with energy in our own energy field. If we establish strong energy boundaries based on our energetic sovereignty, we can better manage the flow and movement of energy in our lives, as well as better decide how we use it. There is, however, a small shift to watch out for.

Our energetic sovereignty also takes us out of emotional reactions and puts us in an energetic flow, meaning we can’t dwell on the drama, trauma, and chaos of our emotions. We view life issues through a lens of ‘how and what’ we manifest with our energy, rather than how we feel about what someone has done or said, or what has happened. Our lives now flow with coherence, congruence, rather than the chaotic ups and downs of emotional involvement and the associated pain and drama.

We might see that as a great option, but if we’ve used our emotional energy to give our lives depth and meaning, living with energy congruence, boundaries, and sovereignty can seem a bit boring. But it’s something to think about, because a strong part of November’s creative energy sets the stage for how we handle the energy of 2020.

November’s full moon on the 12th is on Taurus 16th and sheds another bright light on the building Saturn/Pluto conjunction. This is important because this conjunction in Capricorn hasn’t happened since 1516, so it’s a hugely important milestone in our collective evolution. Furthermore, with this full moon Mercury goes retrograde and passes in front of the Sun. This has happened 4 times in the last 20 years – in 1999, 2003, 2006 and in 2016. Those were powerful and challenging years for me – for you too?

On November 26, we have a new moon in 4 Sagittarius, which can feel a bit uncomfortable because it doesn’t have any major aspects. A new moon normally represents a new beginning, but I think this one, in a fire sign, will be a final call to do a final energy cleanse in preparation for the big events of December and January.

And then last: Jupiter ends November in the last degree of its sign, Sagittarius, before transitioning into Capricorn to be part of the grand setup for the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. If you want to know what effect this has on you, think back 12 years to the last time Jupiter was in Capricorn – it has a 12-year cycle. Jupiter brings good news, but you can’t always take it for good or bad: the good can also be a clarity in consciousness and awakening, and that can sometimes be quite a challenge.

We are at a major turning point for humanity and in our enlightenment cycle. Use this month’s energy to clear your energy fields of the things that don’t serve you on the next leg of your path. ‘Let go of what is past’, deal with your past, your loss, your anger and your regret. Burn them at the stake of transformations in your journey to make room for your full 3D/5D integration and the next steps in your lighting.

I wish you a fantastic month.


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