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The energy behind a powerful intention and how you work with it practically

Your intentions influence your life in a profound and often inimitable way. Because energy follows intention. That is an energetic law. But how do you work with that energy? And how quickly do you actually achieve your goals?

Intentions that work include feeling in addition to a clear vision and purpose. The power of intentions increases when you can experience them in your body, using your full imagination: seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing. You ‘load’ your intentions energetically, as it were, by programming your body with those vibrations of which you want more in your life, such as love, joy, abundance, safety.

You connect those vibrations to the goal you have in mind. (My previous article covered what an intention is and how to distinguish between the positive and negative intentions that both shape your life.)

In the work of Joe Dispenza you will read how to change your vibration in such a way that you begin to attract more effortlessly what you desire. Gratitude has the highest vibration. By being grateful for what is and for what is not yet, you work with the quantum field of abundance.

Honor your process

A side note: of course sometimes a thought will be manifested immediately or you will sometimes just get things thrown into your lap, but working with energy is an art. Fulfilling your intentions becomes easier as you have done more inner work and your mastery over your own energy (and with it the surrounding energy field) grows.

During your healing process, your mind becomes clearer and the power that your old pain (negative intentions, beliefs, emotions) has over you decreases. You become more and more co-creator, which can increase the speed at which your thoughts materialize.

However, if that outcome is delayed, then trust anyway. The process towards your goal is invaluable. The soul has its own timing and lessons it wants to learn. Go deeper inside. Surrender to the healing process that your soul has initiated.

Use your intentions as pointers: to make choices that align with your desire, build step by step towards the realization of your vision, take action when the opportunities arise, show yourself again and again in the moments that matter and most importantly: be consistent and patient. The cosmos is in no hurry. It will wait until you are ready to receive what belongs to you. And the ego can’t handle that.

So yes, I know the despair; that you have done everything and that there is still no proof, yet no reward for all your good work. But nevertheless, continue to heal your pain so that your inner wisdom and love grow. Surrender to the bigger plan, even if it turns out differently than you thought. “Not my will but your will be done,” as they say.

What looks like adversity today may turn out to be your salvation tomorrow. And what doesn’t go well today may just be time and space to rest and build up your energy for later. Couldn’t that just be in line with your intentions? In my life, in the absence of a new love, the love for myself and my inner strength and clarity have increased substantially.


Clarity and intentions

The energy behind intentions is pure knowledge for the Paqos, the Peruvian shamans I once had lessons with. They are so deeply connected to the world of energy that the result of their intent is undeniable.

They don’t need to see the materialization at all. If they have done a healing, you are healed. point. If the intention is expressed or formed in you, it is there in the energy. The physical world follows. They have no doubt, only certainty. You can exercise that immense confidence.

Barbara Brennan also talks about that intentionality. She distinguishes four dimensions of consciousness in her work: the body, the aura, the hara and the corestar. The hara is the dimension of intentions, a layer deeper than the aura. It is the vertical line between heaven and earth. there you are aligned; both firmly grounded, and connected to your higher purpose. The hara is trained in martial arts.

If you imagine a samurai, you roughly know what that dimension feels like: clear, alert and flexible. And then you may also feel that hara or intention is something other than willpower. Hara is about manifesting effortlessly, without having to put pressure on your personality.A samurai uses his energy wisely; only when necessary, out of balance.

To increase the power of your intentions and to live more intentionally, you can train your hara. It is a physical exercise, in which you stand upright, are fully present in your body, your eyes open, and you connect yourself deeply with the line that goes into the earth and the cosmos.

Here you have pure clarity about who you are and you stand for what you want. In hara there are no emotions. Of course, as mentioned, that state of being becomes more and more accessible as you have done more healing work and transformed and integrated old pain, patterns and separated parts.

Practically working with your intentions

Amantha Murphy, a shaman I went to Ireland with, said you shouldn’t have too many intentions at once. One or two is enough. You focus on that until you realize them, then you move on to the next one. You can make contact with it every morning, in the slumber phase between waking and sleeping, before the hectic pace of the day starts.

That’s when your subconscious is most receptive. Women can imagine placing intention in their wombs: our place of creation and power. And then you let the universe, there, hidden from view, do its work, until the birth arrives.

Another practical way to work with your intentions is to follow the cycle of the moon. The full moon symbolizes the completion of your process, the new moon for the beginning.

During the full moon, light is shone on your subconscious and you can clarify what you want to let go of: patterns, beliefs, reactions, pain that has already been experienced. The new moon is just a powerful moment to set new intentions, to plant seeds, in that complete darkness, for the month or period that lies ahead.

During full or new moon, hold a short ceremony to yourself. Create a sacred space, write down what you want to let go or allow into your life. Build a fire and give everything you want to the flames, or bury what you want to harvest in the earth in a while.

You can also join the full moon ceremonies of Nieuwetijdskind ( December 19 ) or our “ December Downloads” starting on December 12 , in which we use 6 online live meditations to help you go within and focus on your own self during this dark month. energy, possibilities, and potential for growth.

Align your energy system further with the planets, anchor deeper in your own power and light, and prepare your inner self for the new year!


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