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The essence of yoga

Yoga is HOT, yoga is BOOMING! The figures do not lie, it is estimated that one in ten Dutch people practices yoga and/or meditation.

Blowed over from the US, where the yoga hype has already peaked. In the Netherlands we continue in the yoga flow. One of the most sold yoga items is the yoga pants, which we all know, in all colors, with all possible prints. Other numbers don’t lie either:

25 percent of yoga practitioners sometimes end up at the physio because of injuries. Mostly caused by imitating online yoga poses: the ‘sexy’ yoga girl on Instagram . You would almost forget that Yoga is a profound philosophy and way of life, which has nothing to do with nice leggings at all. Or look ‘sexy’.

Yoga and surrender

Years ago, when I completely surrendered to the yoga path, something wonderful happened. I had the special experience that deep inside me there is a place where there is always peace: No chat, no criticism, no sadness, no pain, but an intense feeling of trust and infinite knowing. A place we can all go to. A place where there are limitless possibilities. no limits. This is also the reason I decided to become a yoga teacher. To take you to that place, that place where YOU can completely relax. The place where everything can be.
To heal, but also to enjoy. And to discover your (new) potential. To find this place I had to make quite a journey in the ‘Emotional Jungle’, as I call it.And I have looked at, experienced and felt every emotion many times from all sides. The experience is different every time, because every day sheds a different light on yourself. And so we never stop learning.

Yoga in your daily life

In my classes I put a strong emphasis on Yoga in your daily life : “But should I practice yoga for 1 hour every day?” my students often ask me. Practicing like ‘running water’, by doing a few simple exercises every day, will give you more peace of mind than inflicting unnecessary suffering on yourself and forcing yourself into this. I also always shout: “If you have to stress to come to a yoga class, you better stay at home. Then go read a book or watch a movie in a relaxed manner.”

Connection and unity

Yoga means nothing else than: connection and unity. There are so many moments in your daily life where you can apply the deeper meaning of Yoga. Then the practice will really do something for you in your life. That is different from taking a nice pose during yoga class.

I’ll name a few:

  • Be thankful for the little things in your life. Gratitude is healing and opens the gates to universal love.
  • If you’re waiting in line at the supermarket after a busy working day, you can put on some nice calm music, instead of staying in ‘stress mode’ and getting annoyed. This way you reconnect with yourself.
  • Be kind as often as possible. Even to the neighbor or the cashier in the supermarket. It gives you a lot of softness and peace in your life. (which doesn’t necessarily mean that you agree with everything or always try to be ‘nice’)
  • Take the time in the morning to wake up, get up and relax for a while. Really, it helps you! Just set the alarm a little earlier and enjoy this private time.
  • Don’t wait to enjoy yourself until you are ‘free’. Make a list of ‘daily things’ that you enjoy and just do them more often.
  • Remove the word “should” from your dictionary. Did you know that there are countries that do not even know this word?
  • BREATH! Take time to BREATH: Breathe while you work, breathe during a conversation, Yoga is Breathe! Everything in the actual yoga practice is aimed at making that which is most important for the functioning of our body go well. Our breathing!
  • Look at your pet, how it has a beautiful natural breathing and just imitate it. This is also a lot of fun to do.
  • Go out into nature more often. Nature simply gives you peace and connection. This has to do with the energy vibration of trees, plants and animals. And what do you think of the enormous amount of OXYGEN in a forest or by the sea. It’s a luxury bath for your lungs and your entire system.

Connection with your body

Connect with your body: YOUR body! What does it need? For example, what is your diet and does it suit you?
What does it ‘ask’ for? Paying attention and listening is connecting. The body is a wonderful instrument!
Yoga is also about RELAX and ENJOY. In the broad sense of the word. What makes YOU relaxed? (And of course I don’t mean excessive drink & drug use or other addictions) Do it as often as possible because it is simply good for you.

‘Sleep is the best meditation’ ~ Dalai Lama.

Get enough sleep and turn off your phone or laptop at least half an hour before you go to sleep. Prepare for the night, which cleanses, refreshes and empowers you for the next day using your own ritual . For example drinking herbal tea or a short meditation.
During a yoga practice you will also notice that the more you relax, accept your limits and don’t impose on yourself how it should look like, the practice becomes very pleasant and you can get the best out of yourself. And suddenly you notice that you are capable of so much more.

‘I’m going to teach yoga until i can’t breathe anymore, then iIll just fly away to the next planet’ ~ Tao Porchan Lynn (100 year old yogateacher )

Yoga in your daily life is for everyone. Because it can make you happier and satisfied with yourself. In the meantime, you are working on a healthier body and a healthier mind. Every day is a good time to start. Every day is a good time to connect with yourself and the world around you. That’s the essence of yoga.


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