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The Essene Doctrine: The Universe is Your Mirror – Interview with Maryam Hasnaa

Maryam Hasnaa is a spiritual teacher, energetic healer and a clear light of wisdom. She organizes workshops and trips internationally to teach people to connect with their essence so that they can transform their suffering into wisdom and truth.

During our interview, Maryam shared with us the deep spiritual wisdom of the Essenes and that the Universe is our great mirror.

Who are the Essenes?

The Essenes are a very ancient brotherhood of divinely enlightened beings who believed they were here to bring enlightenment to planet Earth. They were great advocates of self-control and living from the heart.

Why do we have mirrors?

We are creating all the time, both consciously and unconsciously. The Essene mirrors constantly let us know what we are creating and mirror it back to us endlessly. When we send out negative energy, the Universe comes out to support us in our life lessons. In a friendly way, the Universe reminds us of what is happening IN us and makes us aware of what we are creating. When we do not wake up and become aware as a result, the intensity of the mirror effect increases. You can compare it to failing a school exam and having to stand up for a resit that is more challenging than the original exam.

The Universe makes no distinction whatsoever between what it reflects to us. The Universe loves unconditionally and reflects exactly what you project out – positively or negatively. Unconditional love knows no pity, it respects.

When you radiate negativity, you are not given an opportunity to make yourself comfortable. Instead, the Universe lovingly assists you and believes in you enough for you to rise again to face the challenges presented to you.

Love believes in you and respects you enough to show you unconditionally what you project outward, making you grow and thrive. In mercilessness is absolute grace.

What are the 7 mirrors?

Mirror 1: What you see outside of yourself is an exact reflection of who you are in that moment.

(Remember that mirrors reflect both your conscious and subconscious)

Mirror 2: You attract what you judge.

If you pay close attention, you will often encounter this pattern in various facets of your life. It should be noted that there is a huge difference between judging and perceiving. You can have preferences on the one hand (perception) and on the other hand have an accusatory judgment about something. In the case of an accusatory judgment, everything you resist is at the same time everything you nourish.

Mirror 3 : The third mirror will show you what you have lost, given away, or taken away.

Maryam tells us that’s where the jealousy comes from. She explains this beautifully in the interview.

Mirror 4: A forgotten love.

Maryam talks about the main situations in which this can arise in our lives, as well as the meaning behind it. This is one of my favorite mirrors!

Mirror 5: The dark side of the soul – the repressed parts of yourself that you have condemned will be reflected by people or situations that emerge in your life.

When we are dealing with a negative person or experience that makes us feel bad, we want to find out what it reflects in us and what is the root cause of it. Once we recognize the reason, there is room for deep healing.

As a side note, Maryam notes that the deepest, most denied parts of yourself are often the qualities of your partner that you are most attracted to! The purpose of this is that you see yourself as complete, you can integrate these qualities and you feel whole.

Mirror 6: Your mother or father aspect is reflected to you.

This is an exciting one! You’ll have to watch the interview to hear how beautifully Maryam puts this.

Mirror 7: The reflection of your self-image, both consciously and unconsciously.

People will appear in your life that reflect how you treat yourself. This is perhaps the most powerful mirror, because we are not always aware of how we present ourselves in the relationship with ourselves.

For example, if you keep hearing yourself talking about how other people “take advantage of you,” chances are you’re misusing your own time, resources, or energy to please others. The people who appear in your life to ‘take advantage’ of you are your teachers who reflect exactly how you treat yourself.

Keep in mind:

1. Every reflection is an opportunity to get to know yourself better. Pain or frustration comes with the intention of leading us to the fragmented part of ourselves that cries out for unification.

2. When you live on autopilot, you are not consciously creating. Whatever conditioning you picked up during your childhood, instead of living yourself, you are lived by it. The more purposeful we bring into every moment, decision, emotion and thought, the more we flow with life.

3. The more we live in the NOW, the more easily you recognize the lessons the Universe offers you.

4. The mirrors become more subtle as time goes on.

Why you should see this interview.

Maryam Hasnaa shares her incredible wisdom in this interview. You will not only get the chance to brush up on your own self-image, but also specific advice that can be helpful in changing the way you deal with your own suffering.

Just by practicing the advice offered in this interview, we can develop our ability to view “negative” events in our lives as powerful opportunities for healing; possibilities we were not aware of before.

Suffering is our teacher, get rid of what no longer serves you, so that you can live more from your own heart.


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