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The festive healing of a past life

It’s amazing how the universe is finding ways to help us heal all parts of our souls in this day and age: even digitally!

Recently I read a wonderful NDE (Near Death Experience) on an internet blog: the story of a man who fell down a mountainside while rappelling. While his broken body lay on the slope, he traveled through the universe and spoke to the heavens, the stars, the planets, his soul mates. What struck me most about his journey was how everything was animated, everything was alive and greeted him with a touching generosity.


As I took in the story of a wonderfully inspired, alive, wise and loving Universe and realized its joyful truth, a deep sense of pain arose at the same time. It was as if, as a beautiful view of joy and love unfolded before my eyes and my soul cried out, ‘Yes! Yes, this is how it is! All is joy, all is well!’ a little voice said, “NO. Not for me.’

It was like a dark little corner of pain in an otherwise joyous Universe. Instead of quickly disconnecting from the pain, as I will often have done in the past, I decided to face her this time. It felt like a part of my soul. A past life. oh man.
I wondered who he could be and a name rose up in my consciousness. Frank .

I pondered the situation. There I sat, enjoying the ecstatic joy of my soul bathed in the light of truth and dancing to the music of the spheres, and the party was spoiled by a part of my own soul! I got the impression that he believed he was abandoned, disconnected and painfully lonely. But… I felt it all!
“Nice work, Frank,” I told him. “There you are, in the middle of a Universe of smiling stars and singing planets, and you shrink from the joy and the light because it hurts – it hurts because you believe you’re not connected to it. Like everyone’s at a party and you weren’t invited.’
Its absurdity only dawned on me now. “But you ARE connected, Frank! Ifeel your pain! I feel your loneliness! You’re like Grumpy Cat , sitting there grumpy while the whole universe around you is having fun.’


Grumpy Cat by Gage Skidmore
Grumpy Cat by Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

But of course he didn’t hear me. He was stuck in his misery, his head bowed, his eyes staring into the darkness.
I had to go to my practice to do a therapy session with a client, so I had to leave it at that.

That evening I lay on the couch relaxing after dinner, and decided to try and contact him.
In my mind I walked back to the image of the Universe and the dark corner. I wondered why Frank was convinced he had been abandoned, left alone in the dark, as if no one cared.

The answer jumped up like a fish out of water.
He didn’t realize he was dead.

Frank had died in a car accident and had been trying to connect with his loved ones. But because he had left his body behind, they understandably couldn’t see him. Exhausted from trying, he had finally given up, concluding that they rejected and abandoned him. But that wasn’t true. They just couldn’t see him, because to them he was a ghost!
Tears streamed down my face as I told him. “You’re not alone, Frank. They just couldn’t see you!’previous life

I got an impression of the party he would have loved to go to. It was like a movie from the 1920s. A shiny black 1920s car, a large house with chandeliers, and elegant people dressed in their finest party attire.
A beautiful woman with a black bob haircut and a white Charleston dress turned and approached him. Then he was gone.

What a relief!

Finally he was at the party.
And I was free to enjoy the feast of the Universe!


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