The fire element: inspiration and enthusiasm

The fire element: inspiration and enthusiasm

Get inspired today! Perhaps through a flower, a child, nature, inspiration through something beautiful… Breathe deeply and open your senses. It’s like stepping outside after a long stay in a stuffy room and sniffing the fresh air for the first time. Drink it to the fullest. Smell, as if you are sniffing the most delicious scents. Listen as if it were the last time you could hear the birds. Feel the ground beneath your feet. inspiration; inspiration. Spirit coming in. Pure life energy. Essential. And moreover: for free and for nothing!

Fire element

Inspiration and enthusiasm are associated with the fire element. The summer. The heart. Whoever has made a bunker of his heart, for fear of a repetition of pain or disappointment, has automatically closed the door to that pure inspiration that gives lust for life, life meaning, and enthusiasm.

Decide today to open your heart, even if just for a few minutes.

Breathe out deeply, let go of all worry and open yourself to NOW and to all that there is to enjoy now. Wonder like a child.


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