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The future is in OUR hands

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What will the future bring? It is a question that concerns many, but the answer is not fixed. It is now of the utmost importance that our ‘earthly self’ merge with our true essence.How? By living from your heart! This is where we are now being put to the ultimate test. There is so much chaos, fear, confusion and uncertainty.We all have a duty to do what is within our power.

Everyone has their own mission. Sometimes visible, sometimes only energetically perceptible. Together we create a better world.

Letting go of old pain

To fulfill your mission it is important to be in touch with your heart, this is your compass. It sounds easier than it is, because in the course of our lives, access to our hearts has been barricaded to a greater or lesser extent. Painful experiences and sadness have put a layer around it. Letting go of old pain and old ballast is therefore more important than ever.

This pain can be felt subtly, such as an indefinable feeling in the abdomen or a lump in your throat. When we ignore these signals, we will learn lessons along the way that help us become aware of our stored pain pieces. I know from experience that the lessons are becoming more and more intense and it is therefore better to look at the pain. Of course this is exciting. But experience shows that you will feel lighter and liberated. Also a hot air balloon can only take off when it releases the heavy bags.


Global organizations have a route laid out for humanity. That is how they see the solution to this crisis. Where one person willingly relinquishes his fate, others see the risks and the bigger picture. But realize that this timeline is not fixed either. Our energy, our consciousness can shift the timeline at any moment.

It’s tempting to look for answers about our future in videos of lightworkers. Some paint a picture of doom, while others see the light glimmer on the horizon. We may be moderate in filling our time with this and waiting. It’s time to walk our own path. We are creators with unprecedented energetic abilities!

You and your loved ones

At a time when the polarization between people is so enormous, the human connection is of great importance. But how do you do that, if your current situation is very different from your loved ones? For example, if you are concerned about the experimental vaccine and want to protect friends and family from possible consequences? I often hear these concerns in my practice.

Our future

However you are in the current situation, it is important for all of us to grow from fear to confidence. And in doing so respect the free will of the other.

Janneke also struggles with this. She is not on the same page with most family members regarding the measures and everything that comes with it. She has shared a lot of information, but this is not appreciated. She finds that this takes her away from her core. She becomes entangled in fear of what may be to come. But that doesn’t help anyone, especially herself. In a session she asks her Higher Self and her guides how she can find her way in this complex situation.

The answer is: “Seek your own roots, rediscover your own natural state of Being”. When asked how, the answer was: “Stop interfering with the outside world. Keep yourself busy in your own world with things that make you feel good.” For Janneke this was: looking for nature, leaving the phone behind, meditating and connecting with like-minded people. And above all, the time has come to make her ideas about her mission concrete.

your mission

Many long for a better world. It is a given that the old must first crumble before something new can arise. That’s what’s happening now. Humanity is stuck and desperately looking up to governments and governments for answers. But the answer does not lie with those in power. The answer lies with the individual, with you. What have you got to bring here? In my next article I will discuss finding and fulfilling your mission.

Even if you don’t know exactly what your mission is yet, it’s important to open the door for it. We are energetic beings in a physical jacket and capable of unprecedented miracles. When you surround yourself with people who are skeptical and judgmental about this, it is difficult to keep your vibration and motivation for change high. You can do this by connecting with like-minded people.

The future is now!

People who, just like you, feel that it is time for a change and are willing to take their own responsibility. Together it is easier to discover the greater reality and your true potential. Numerous groups are sprouting up across the country, mostly on telegram and Instagram, where people are joining with great ideas and initiatives. The future is now .

An example of a great initiative is Christel’s project that is now taking shape. Christel works for a national organization in the field of safety. Its mission is to create inner peace among employees, so that peace can arise within and outside the organization.

Her starting point is: ‘to feel peace is to bring peace’. Her idea can be called revolutionary and extremely appropriate in this time.

We don’t have to wait for help from the old system to help keep ourselves healthy. Or waiting for a better school system. Current systems do not benefit from change, individuals do. You also see that the most special initiatives arise from ordinary people like you and me.

Have you started a great initiative yourself or are you part of it? I invite you to share it below. Let’s inspire each other!


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