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The Gnosticism of the Nativity Scene

What manifests here on Earth has its origin in the spiritual worlds.

In the article that appeared on this website last year, I wrote about the symbolism of the Christmas tree. This writing is a sequel to it.

The nativity scene expresses the way to the Heart and the beginning of transpersonal development, which culminates in Pentecost. (Read also my article from prepersonal to transpersonality.)

The Divine Seed, Consciousness, dwells in the Heart of things. In man this Seed will come to fruition, after a long series of pilgrimages/incarnations.
Christmas comes from the word Christianen, which means conversion. From Darkness to Light.
The moment then arrives when man steps on the path of Self-realization.
This realization comes after he/she has gone through the whole range of human experiences.

When man begins to gain dominion over his sensory existence, he/she becomes humble. Humility, the word courage is in it, has nothing to do with servility or blind faith.


The Gnosticism of the Nativity SceneThe stable symbolizes the humble in man, who is stripped of all egocentric frills and dramas.

On the night of the birth of the Christ child, the shepherds (prepersonal consciousness) were sleeping in the fields.
Shepherds live close to the earth and tend the sheep. Sheep are docile animals, qualities that bind man to the rhythm of the seasons and his environment.

It is the middle of the night when they are awakened by the sound of trumpets and song of the Angels. The night sky is illuminated with heavenly lights and the shepherds are startled.
It is the image of the man/shepherd, who still lives unconsciously (night) who is awakened for the first time by the inner life. This is usually experienced as a shock that leads to awareness and insight.

In the stable, Joseph and Mary live with the Christ child.
Jozef is a simple carpenter, and stands for simplicity in life.
A carpenter makes useful objects from living wood, which are at the service of people to develop his/her talents.
Joseph (the I/ego in man) was initially shocked by Mary’s pregnancy, it was outside the laws of human morality/law.
The laws of Moses are a guide for the still unconscious man to develop his conscience; You know!.
Joseph must eventually put himself at the service of Mary, the pure soul who conceives and gives birth to the Christ child.

Every person who has experienced the reversal/Christmas is guided by the Grace and Truth. (John.1:17)
The one whose inner knowing is conscious will respect the commandments of Moses, but he/she lives in the unwritten law/dharma of God.
Love is the highest law that will be realized in man on earth.

The qualities that are/are developed in the conscious human being are symbolized
by the animals in the stable.
The instinctive in man will transform into the refined qualities of the spiritual intuitive. The Seer.

Donkey: Stubborn, faithful to the chosen way to face difficulties.
A donkey never hits the same stone twice. In other words, if one has experienced and processes the life’s task, it should no longer be repeated!

Ox/cow: steadfastness and strength, which are necessary to persevere in the face of opposition.
Sheep; docile and humble following the highest Light.The Gnosticism of the Nativity Star of Bethlehem


These stand for the conscious person. They are crowned, symbolizing the supreme status on this earth.
The human being who has grown to wisdom through all experiences. Using his/her talents, these are offered to the Christ child. For all that has been achieved on earth
will have to be given up . Ultimately, everything is transformed into the eternal Light. The highest qualities will then fall to man . Full Self-realization of his Divine innate qualities. ( Pentecost )

She sacrificed their gold, symbol of worldly power and wealth.
Myrrh, symbol of the purifications, which are purified from the egocentric. And transformed into qualities such as compassion and compassion.
Incense symbol of devotion and adoration of the Christ Child. So that this birth may come to inner realization.

The three kings/sages were different in skin color and religion.
This is usually determined by geographical and cultural circumstances.
When man has become wise and comes to Understanding, these differences fade and dissolve; racism no longer exists.


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