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The Gone Years of the Adult Crystal People

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the adult Crystals can safely go out into a world that is ready for us, get out of the cocoon and transform from there.

Like adult indigo people, crystal people also suffer from years in their lives that have faded from their memory. Periods in their lives when nothing seemed to happen.

They have only a few memories from those times, and they are often confusing, disoriented and seem to stand still. Crystal children also processed energy , just like indigos, but in a different way.

Crystal children and adults transmute energy and wait for the right moment to move forward, when it is safe for them. Because crystal people have a high and clear energetic vibration, they tend to shut down if contact between them and the outside world doesn’t feel right.

Some adult Indigo people may have had “ walk-ins ” (the soul is out of the body and a new soul has taken its place, temporarily or permanently) and had an active role in energy shifts.

Crystal people often had a completely different role during this period. While they kept their energy with them, they also waited for the right energy. They did not have the warrior mentality that allowed them to take the next step when the world around them vibrated at an energy level that they could not contact.

Their tendency to remain isolated kept them from coming into contact with people who could help them on their own and kept them away from the other Crystal children/adults.
They felt very alone and isolated and they stayed in the background and often felt lonely / kept their vibration in solitude.

Some of them have gone off the spiritual path because they felt so alone and abandoned. I know of some powerful adult Crystals who taught or channeled in the 1980s and 1990s. They no longer work as teachers or channels because they have become too tired, disillusioned and felt they had to work too hard.

Now they do other things, but are no longer involved in spiritual work in any way. Will that ever change? Perhaps, when they feel the time is right and when they are ready to try again.

But thanks to the work of many Lightworkersthe energy has changed and is now safe for Crystal Humans to re-enter the world and regain their energetic connections. The energies are there and it is safe.

They no longer have to worry about being overwhelmed or going into “hibernation”. They will find soul mates/friends and they will be able to become energetic partners. They no longer have to wait for the right energies. They are good now and the Adult Crystals can safely go out into a world that is ready for us, get out of the cocoon and transform from there.

They’ve waited so long for it. Now is the right time to get out there, just like anyone else here to work with transformative energies. The world is ready to receive us and to receive the light, enlightenment, peace of mind and peace of mind.


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