The Hamster’s Spiritual Message: How ‘Caged’ Do You Feel?

The Hamster's Spiritual Message: How 'Caged' Do You Feel?
It’s no accident that the hamster comes your way. It is a small animal with a big question for you: how ‘caged’ is your life and wouldn’t you like more freedom? This inspiring article will undoubtedly make you think…

Do we keep running our circles in the wheel, while so much is gnawing at us inside?

Wild hamsters in distress

As a sweet, cuddly, and compact animal, the hamster has been a family friend of many families for years. It is also used as a means of advertising because of the chubby cheeks, which can be ‘crammed full’. It should encourage us to buy a lot at a particular supermarket. For the hamster, these cheeks are simply very useful. He can hide a mountain of food in it to ‘unload’ and stock up elsewhere. He has his own shopping bags with him. How convenient is that?

The hamster originated in the wild. Not the species such as the gold and dwarf hamsters, which have since been domesticated, but the corn wolf will probably look familiar to you. It is a real cleaner. In addition to grains, the animal also eats snails, insects, and even mice, and amphibians. Wild hamsters are under pressure. They are in danger of extinction, thanks to humans. Special programs should prevent this.

Follow your natural rhythm

The Hamster's Spiritual Message: How 'Caged' Do You Feel?

Hamsters naturally hibernate in winter. It is important to let the animal follow this natural rhythm. That goes for you too, dear one. Follow your natural rhythm, then you feel better in your own skin. ‘Yeah, but…’ – there comes your head again. When you focus more on consciousness, you also become more aware of your body. You experience when you have your ‘peak moments’: during the day or perhaps at night. Benefit from it!

If you look at how we keep hamsters and other rodents, that’s pretty sad. We have determined that a cage is large enough, while in the wild they travel city and country in search of food and partners to mate with. Perhaps we can change our view of keeping these animals in captivity. We can leave them where they belong: in nature.

Why hoarding is a good idea…

Perhaps the best thing we can do: adopts the hamster’s behavior. This means that you look for alternatives for your groceries in your area. That you consciously choose stores that attach great importance to sustainability and health. You don’t buy everything at that one supermarket, but just like the hamster, you find out where you can find what you need. With local farmers and other small entrepreneurs. You choose the best of the best for yourself and that is currently biological or biological-dynamic. There is not always a need for a quality mark. As long as the farmer can explain how he/she handles the products, animals, and soil.

It is important to optimally feed your energetic being and you cannot do that with ‘craft food’ from the supermarket. We are stimulated to look at what is as cheap as possible, making us forget that this kind of food harms our most expensive asset, our health. The hamster draws our attention to this. Don’t go for what the cheerful fake hamsters tempt you with. Choose what the real hamsters in nature would do: only add to your pantry what really nourishes you and keeps your health in top condition.

Running around endlessly in a wheel

The Hamster's Spiritual Message: How 'Caged' Do You Feel?

Most hamsters have a wheel in their cage. They can then run around in it… It’s really sad because this kind of stuff doesn’t hang in nature. No, the hamster would do very different things there. What does that mean? That the cage offers him far too little space and that therefore, out of mental numbness, he chooses to run in a wheel? Because well, what else can you do to lose your energy? A comparison with ourselves is easy to make. Many go to the gym and run on a treadmill and have forgotten that they do have the freedom to run around in nature. And there are even more parallels.

What’s gnawing at you?

Where do these whims in society suddenly come from? Where does the increasing level of aggression and senseless violence suddenly come from? Dear one, it is not all at once. It is a result of the mental dulling of humanity. Doesn’t it show that we, just like the hamster, keep running our circles on the wheel, while so much is gnawing at us inside? Has our thinking not imposed restrictive ‘measures’ on us, so that we ourselves choose to be locked up in cages?

One a bit bigger than the other, with or without all kinds of gadgets to meet our comforts. For generations, it has been passed on from old to young that it is best to own a house. The strange thing is that – even if it entails sky-high costs – we continue to choose this. You have a contract of sale and may feel like a true gold-cage owner. But can you no longer pay the charges? Then your house will be auctioned…

Don’t be blinded by stuff

We allow ourselves to be tempted too often. This also applies to cars and other items that you can ‘get’ on a lease basis. Being happy with a great car that doesn’t belong to you is actually quite strange. This outward appearance makes you so vulnerable. It is better to cart around in an old biscuit tin that is really yours and put aside the opinions of others about it.

Life is not a rat race or rather a hamster race to amass as much as possible to give you status so that you ‘count’ and have ‘friends’. All you do is fool yourself. Real friends don’t look at how you live, where you live, or what kind of car you have. They see you as a person. As a beautiful human being, everything else is totally subordinate.

Your connection with nature

The Hamster's Spiritual Message: How 'Caged' Do You Feel?

We, like the hamster, are mammals. Animals are part of nature. Everything we feed on comes from nature. That’s a very natural thing that we’re forgetting. Many young people no longer even know that milk comes from a cow, because you just buy that in the supermarket, right?

And why do we sit with our noses in screens all day long? We have been made addicted. Our virtual I blasts all kinds of things into the ether. Nice things, nice things, but it also has a dark side. We become maddened by losing the connection with our inner nature and the focus on the outside world. More and more boundaries are disappearing because the grip on ourselves is lost.

Imagine that you are gaming all day and you are allowed to destroy everything in the game. What does this show? Where norms and values ​​fade and the line between reality and virtuality becomes thinner and thinner, strange things happen. ‘It’s okay to use violence’ becomes entrenched in the brain as programming. Your daily portion of news can also have the same effect.

A media hibernation

If this story touches you, the hamster will ask you to back off. To say goodbye to every screen. So no more news before going to sleep or the latest news on your mobile. Negative reporting in the form of images does something to you. If you manage to break free from screens, you’ll feel much better about yourself.

You can think of it as putting all screens into hibernation mode. What does your life look like then? What do you spend your time on? More outside? Being creative, which you have actually wanted for a long time, but keep putting it off. Baking cakes? Really call or visit all those people to see how they are doing, instead of giving that thumbs up? Playing with your child(ren) or the dog, which you now keep sending away, because you want/have to do this or that on a screen (does it really have to?). Think about it and try to take action, just to experience what it does to you.

Suffering from megalomania

Male hamsters are true builders. Of castles, that is, with all kinds of rooms. Some males suffer from megalomania and can ‘own’ several castles. They built them all themselves and also manage them. The hamster asks you to see if you might also have some kind of megalomania in your being. And whether that corresponds with your true being.

Is there perhaps a screaming child inside that wants attention so badly, but has never received it? Perhaps that now causes something in you to long for recognition. Perhaps it wants great fame, while at the same time you prefer to stay in the background from your deepest being and use your gifts out of service. It’s a contradiction that you might look at.

Jane Goodall as a source of inspiration

The Hamster's Spiritual Message: How 'Caged' Do You Feel?

When it is the screaming child’s turn, it leads to pulling and pushing to get things done, but again not receiving the attention (success) you desire. This child may learn that it doesn’t work that way. What does work, is deploying yourself from your service. Not by effacing yourself and not guarding your limits, but by following your calling and trusting that if you have to become ‘famous’, you will. Look at Jane Goodall. She never intended to be a global speaker and co-decision maker, but she has become one. How? By being herself and keeping her focus on her path to make the world more beautiful and better. All she has done is follow her passion with love.

Long live freedom!

Just build your ‘fortress’. That which you are passionate about and create a ‘wheel of fortune’ for yourself. The hamster came your way to show you what a caged life looks like and what effect it has on you. If we don’t pay attention, we get more and more entangled. Technology can destroy more than we would like. That is why the hamster asks you to take a good look at your life and to disconnect and ‘uncage’ you. You have a choice – he doesn’t.

Go build, dear one. That doesn’t necessarily have to be a house, but it does have to make your dependence on systems as little as possible. Dependence makes you vulnerable. You are, as it were, handing over the power over how things are going with you. Don’t forget, you are (co-) the creator of everything.

Bet that if you create there will be no cages? And there is no violence? Not against people, not against animals, not against nature. That everyone values ​​Mother Earth at her true value. As a paradise for all living things, which can provide us with what we need to live together lovingly and peacefully. The hamster wants to live on and his freedom back. You too? Then build it…



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