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The Healing Power of Truth


“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

Everyone his own truth?

A long time ago, during a philosophical discussion, someone said to me, “Everyone has their own truth. The truth doesn’t exist.’
I well remember something in me saying ‘no’ to that statement. My head said, ‘Hm, that makes sense,’ but my heart, my being, my soul said, ‘No. There’s something wrong. It’s more complicated.’ But I could neither justify it nor articulate it at the time.

Now, years later, I have (at least for myself) been able to formulate an answer to the question: ‘Is there such a thing as the truth?’ Feel if it resonates with your inner knowing.


I agree that everyone sees ‘reality’ through their own lens, thus creating their own reality through the Law of Attraction . This lens is subject to change and you can also consciously adjust it (luckily!).

The lens through which we see the world consists of beliefs we have gained in this or other lifetimes, conclusions we may have drawn from our personal experiences, things taught by our parents, friends, the media , the books we read, the TV shows we watch… Therefore, your life is a reflection of what you believe to be true.

Take a closer look at your life and you will discover what your beliefs are. For example, do you have a chronic lack of money ? Then examine whether you really believe that you are worthy to receive abundance. Or maybe you believe that it is noble for spiritual people to live in poverty.
In that sense, reality is not a fixed fact, but depends on you as an observer and creator of your own reality and experience.

We all perceive ‘reality’ through subjective glasses. Even the objective signals that our senses pick up (the sun shines on my skin) we can interpret and thus experience differently (‘Pooh, it’s hot!’ Or: ‘Ha, how nice.’ Or: ‘Oh dear, I’m forgot to rub me in.’)truth


But in the core of that subjective and malleable ‘reality’, in my opinion, there is indeed a Truth. A Truth that you can fully perceive, feel, embrace, believe. Or not. We are completely free in that.

I believe there is one Core Truth that is the same for all living things, and anything that deviates from that Truth causes suffering. That Core Truth, in my view, is in complete agreement with Source.

The core of that Truth is that we are all part of the Source, of God. We are all: humans, ‘extraterrestrials’, animals, elementals, plants, minerals, divine and unique expressions of Source.
That’s the yeast.

From this core it follows that everything that lives is valuable, is an inalienable part of the Whole and can never be destroyed.

It follows, in turn, that all living things are worthy of compassion, reverence, and love, and no form of life is better or worse than another.

These are some solid truths, I believe, derived from the Core Truth.

Feeling these truths to the core of your being and being able to believe with your personality gives self-respect, respect for yourself and all that lives, and puts an end to competition, war, corruption. Because everything and everyone is valuable and equal in the core. There is nothing to fight about if everyone gives themselves and the other everything and finds it worth it.

Illusion and Lie

Therefore, anything that denies, distorts or alters this core truth and derived truths is falsehood or illusion, removes us from our true nature (which is divine) and causes suffering.
Untruths have a narrowing, disempowering, limiting, and noticeably lowering our frequency.

Take, for example, the idea that we are just a function of our body, our physical brain, and that when the body dies, we vanish into thin air.

As a child I thought this was a bizarre and unnatural idea. I can remember well, as a child of about 11 years old, I thought about what happens after death. The idea that consciousness, the soul would cease to exist, seemed utterly ridiculous to me: even the little ant I saw walking between the joints of the paving stones was, in my opinion, an inseparable part of the whole and if it were really destroyed , it would universe cease to exist, for all is one!

The idea of ​​the total destruction of consciousness after death is an example of an untruth (lie, illusion) that causes much unnecessary fear and suffering.

How do you know what’s true?

The truth, or a derivative of the Truth, always provides space, freedom, liberation, development. It is the basis for self-esteem and respect for the other.

If you want to know if something is true, ask your heart. Your heart is connected to your Higher Self, to Source. If something is true, your heart will affirm it with a sense of space, relief, or even pure joy.

Is the truth always pleasant?

No, the truth can be painful but it is always liberating.
For example, imagine a situation where you are in a monogamous relationship and your intuition tells you that your partner is cheating. If you deny the signals (which you always get, consciously or not) and pretend that nothing is wrong, you are living with an untruth, you are living an illusion.

When you live a lie, you deny your true feelings and slowly but surely become depressed or sick. You are never really happy, you are not really free.

But suppose you confront your partner and he or she opens up about it, or is the first to tell you honestly that he has cheated on you. That’s painful, but make sure all the puzzle pieces fall into place. Your perception may become clear again.

You can make conscious choices again. You can openly talk about the why, and then a truly authentic relationship based on truth and mutual respect has a chance again. Or you can consciously choose to continue without that partner. In both cases you are free and you can continue to grow on your life path.


light and dark

Here on earth we still have to deal with the Duality , with ‘good’ and ‘evil’, and all the contradictions that lead to experience and valuable life lessons on the earth plane.

Now where the angels are associated with light, love and truth as the ultimate function of the divine, I have noticed that everything that serves the ‘negative’ pole actually has the lie as its only ‘weapon’.

After all, the lie or illusion is that which distances us from our true nature, from the Source, and because we are equipped with free will and sovereignty (own authority, we cannot just intervene in our lives) the ‘workers’ of the dark pool do nothing but try to make us do violence to ourselves by making us believe in lies.


The beautiful thing is that every untruth leads to suffering, and that same suffering causes us to look for the solution, for healing. On the road to healing, the lie will always be exposed and the truth revealed so that we can heal and set ourselves free. The truth is always healing.

In this way even everything serves the untruth the Source works, helping us to learn to stand on our own feet spiritually, to come into our own power, and to keep in touch with the Source and our true, divine Being in all circumstances!


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