The healing power of words

The healing power of words
A friend took her to a Reiki course. Jacqueline Rietveld had no idea what it was, but it would be a turning point in her life. She discovered how powerful this ancient method is. Now as a Reiki Master she helps others to develop their self-healing ability. She also likes to work with mantras. Why? Read it in this blog.

Do you know how great the power of words is? Spoken words as well as written words. Are you aware that your words not only affect your environment but also yourself? For example, if you swear or call someone names, negative energy is needed. Sometimes that energy is already present in you to such an extent that it pops out, as it were, in the form of a swear word. Just think of the moment when you hit your head really hard.

But many also use such words in their everyday speech to reinforce what they say. Although not intended that way, the subconscious mind, of yourself and others, does associate these terms with negativity. What is happening? It puts your system in defense mode. At that moment there is automatically less room to feel joyful and free.

It takes one to know one

‘What you say, you are yourself’ is therefore not just an empty slogan. Your words refer back to yourself. Fortunately, so are positive, loving words! If you declare your love to someone else, you also declare it to yourselfPlants that are lovingly spoken to grow better than plants that are given daily negative verbiage. This is shown by scientific research.

The healing power of words

Even sounds that you don’t know the meaning of effect your system. Say this mantra from kundalini yoga aloud a few times in a row:

‘Harie Nam Sat Nam Harie Nam Harie
Harie Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Harie’

Can you feel this mantra empowering you?

Written words and signs also influence you. That’s why it’s important to know their meaning before getting them tattooed on your body or hanging life-size on the wall, for example. Choose your words wisely.


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