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The Healing Universe

We don’t always see it, we don’t always notice it. When we lose ourselves in the drama of everyday life on earth, we often lose our overview. But sometimes, when we are in a state of higher consciousness, seeing the ‘bigger picture’ and perceiving the synchronicity of life, we can sense it: the universe is alive and always focused on our growth and healing.

Strange urge

I notice it especially in my practice for reincarnation therapy. For example, a few months ago I suddenly had the enormous urge to watch ‘ Air Crash Investigation ‘ on the National Geographic Channel. And not once, no, every day! And for weeks! I didn’t understand it. What kind of morbid tendency was this all of a sudden? I just gave in.

And the more episodes I watched, the more fascination I felt. The causes of plane disasters often consist of chains of human error that can be traced through good research and a pinch of detective work. Only rarely is the cause malicious intent.


This knowledge came in handy when I was working with a client who, after we had just solved a more serious matter and chatted about vacation, said she didn’t particularly enjoy flying. She already suspected that she had picked up something when in 1992, as a twelve-year-old, she sat in front of the TV in shock and saw the images of the EL-Al Boeing 747 that had crashed into the Bijlmer . As a therapist, I was immediately alert: she might have picked up the energy of people who had died unconsciously in the crash.

the healing universe

the crash

We immediately got to work. Were there people with her, unknowingly dead people who had ‘hooked up’ when she sat in shock in front of the TV? Time and space do not matter for deceased beings, which consist of energy.

And yes. She was found to have at least eight people with her, including the pilot. Once we made it clear to them what was going on and that they could go home safely in the Light, they were gone in no time. All except the pilot. He had experienced the crash as ‘disappointing’. We kept asking: what was so humiliating?

It turned out that at the time of the crash he had no idea what was wrong. He feared that there might be malicious intent and sabotage. He had died in total incomprehension and despair, and was still trapped in it. He didn’t understand how this could have happened and felt very responsible, somehow also afraid that he had done something wrong. Then I thought back to “Air Crash Investigation.” He didn’t know what had gone wrong… but I did!

So I explained it to him, through my client. It wasn’t sabotage, it was the device. The suspension on the bikes was worn out and he had already lost them on the way. Relief. An ‘Oh…’ from the pilot… and he was gone. To the light. Finally he understood and could let it go. There was still a sort of ‘Thank you!’ at the back. You’re welcome sir!

More healing

But my sudden fascination with Air Crash Investigation had even more consequences. During one of the episodes, I was suddenly overcome with grief. Tears ran down my face. I didn’t understand it. But because I’m always on the lookout for potential takeover of energies or entities, I immediately checked to see if I had picked up anything. And yes.

The dramatization of a DC-10 crash at the Chicago airport in 1979 had been so effective and so empathetic that I picked up the passengers who had also died suddenly and didn’t understand what had happened. I immediately spoke to them. “It’s okay, you’re safe, it was just your physical bodies that died… you can go Home to your loved ones…” and off they were. It can be that simple.

The Healing Universe

I am still happily surprised at the ingenuity of the Universe. That it even helps us heal ourselves and each other through TV programs, in this life and after!


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