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The Human Angel’s Breakthrough

There is absolutely no doubt about the beautiful and miraculous transformations of the human body into a multidimensional vehicle for ‘Human Angels’ or the Beings of Light that we all are.

In the first part, with the help of Archangel Michael, we discussed how Light and Energy are transmitted from the Lightbody to the physical body. In this article we will go further on this, but then about the point when the balance is reached and the physical body and the Lightbody become one.

We have all felt the changes, but I was most delighted when I was able to perceive the changes in visible form. I contacted Sheila Moore in San Diego, California, United States, who works with aura imaging and interpretation. She sent me the images posted below with her commitment.

The image in the top right corner is the aura of the new ‘ Human Angel ”‘. The Aura is filled with white light and the chakras are 100% actively calibrated (see the colored blocks below the image). This is energetically a very powerful being. I’ve also worked with aura imaging, and I’ve never seen an aura like this before. This is an ascended being, a Human Angel! Sheila said she sees about 1 or 2 of these a month.

Archangel Michael has explained to me that this person has calibrated his Lightbody to the correct ‘spin ratio’ to be able to produce white light. Archangel Michael spoke about recalibrating the Lightbody in his January Channel for Starchild. This represents the moment when the Crystalline Adult or Human Angel is fully activated. This being is a force field – ready to create miracles.

The image just below the human Angel (bottom right) shows a person who is still in transition. The aura is white/violet/indigo which shows a high state of consciousness, but the chakras are low in energy. The other two images are also people in transition. The depletion of the chakra energy is the bill paid for depletion which is a side effect of the transition phase.

In the transition phase the Lightbody is ‘recharged’ and activated again. The Higher Self allows the activation step by step so that the person can undergo it safely. But the ‘spin ratio’ is kept low to prevent the person from experiencing the side effects of Light Body Electrical Imbalance.

Anyway, in January 2006 it was decided by Spirit that the planet was ready to recalibrate and reconnect to the Galactic Grid. And thus, the spinning of the Light Bodies of those who were ready greatly increased, causing the chakra energies to produce white light in the aura! The recalibration allowed the chakras to come into full force.

The Human Angel expresses the full power and potential of the original Human Angel form created by the Elohim to be the vehicle of the Paradise consciousness.

Staying in Balance

My personal experience with this increase in ‘spiders’ is that it is absolutely essential that you are able to stay grounded and balance the twelve chakra system. Otherwise, you will experience the ‘force waves’ and ‘force dips’ experienced by these beings who are ‘aligning’ with the full Human Angelic Force.

If you are not grounded as the power increases, you could lose the ‘connection’ to the gross reality and shift your focus to the higher dimensions. The moment this happened to me I was having a great time with the Star Beings and Lightships, even being able to take pictures of the Lightships around my house.

But my “travels” started to reach higher and higher and I realized that if I didn’t ground fast enough I would leave the planet. Thus my guides made sure that I ground my energy in the gross material level to keep the Higher Chakras in balance.

It was even difficult to ground, but in the process I had to go through what I call ‘the final purification’ of the ‘earth chakras’, the Base chakra, the Sacral chakra and the Solar Plexus chakra. A Human Angel is the Hybrid of a Human and an Angel.

There is a tendency in the Lightworkers community to emphasize the ‘angel’ or extraterrestrial aspect and ignore the human aspect. This process is not about transforming a human into an angel, but about blending the human and angelic in perfect balance in our beings.

So to support the Higher Angelic aspect the lower chakras must be absolutely clear, open and ready to ‘spin’ at 100% full power. This means that every human angel is fully grounded and at ease in their gross physical reality.

Abundance is a reality and a right. Human Angels always have what they need in material terms. That is the gift of the fully activated Base Chakra. What is needed is drawn to life, there is no shortage nor a struggle.

The Human Angel is also completely free of Emotional Dramas. A fully activated Sacral Chakra means that this being has already risen above ‘sin’ and ‘karma’ to a place of total acceptance and inner peace with All That Is.

Human Angels create peace because they know that the Earth is a friendly loving place, supported by the Love of All That Is, and that emotional dramas and hostility are “illusory games” played by spiritual “children.” When the Sacral spins to full speed, all emotional dramas are spun away from it to create total clarity and peace.

The Human Angel is also not dominated or controlled by the Solar Plexus energy of the mind. For many, this is the hardest because the ego resists being spun away when the Solar Plexus reaches a full spin ratio.

At full strength, the mind becomes what it is meant to be, a part of the whole and not the dominant energy of Being. You may feel that your mind is going into some sort of overdrive as it tries to deal with the increasing spin rate of the entire Lightbody. But it will calm down and accept the new balance when it realizes it is ‘safe’ in this new energy field of white light.

And thus, when the essential grounding has taken place, the Heart Chakra can function as the ‘center’ of Being, thus granting access to the Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.

Facing Yourself: The Human Angel’s Breakthrough Moment

When you reach this place of full calibration, there is a “pause” or moment in time and space where nothing seems to be happening. This is a void or womb-like space in which you can be completely with yourself and who you are as you integrate all new aspects of self and give birth to your new person or Human Angel energy.

This ‘pause’ can last for several months as your inner frequencies increase and the outer frequencies seem to decrease. Many of you experience this as a feeling of exhaustion not being able to handle the normal workload. In reality, you will experience a rapid increase in your spin rate and it will be necessary to slow down in the outer world to allow for the inner calibration.

In this void or lap-like space you will find yourself your ‘face of origin’ as it was, to quote the Zen koan. You will hold your Divinity or Divine Self in your arms and you will let go of the fears and insecurities of the lower self. You will discover that you are safe and protected and always have been. You will discover the Love and Peace within you. You will find your Inner Peace.

At that point you will spin into the White Light! And again a Human Angel has been born on the New Earth!

Note : Zen koans are riddles used by the Zen masters that they teach to their students.

“What is your original face?” is the riddle of learning that we all have many aspects and incarnations and that none of these are the very essence of who we really are.


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