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The Important Energy Light Gate of December 21, 2020

As you become aware of the light of your soul, new layers of spiritual understanding and awareness open up. There are infinite layers of light for your soul to experience, grow and develop. As a soul, as soon as you have chosen to enter the cycle of incarnation, you make a special evolution, through all those layers of light. We are now facing a pinnacle of evolution: the light gate of December 21.

In your first (short) life you come to earth as a young and vulnerable soul to experience what a body is, what a birth is, what gravity is, food, drink, heat and cold. After several incarnations (that can be between 40 and 800) you evolve through countless layers of consciousness and soul experiences to ‘enlightened soul’.

All incarnations are important to experience what you as a soul can only experience when you are ‘human being on earth’‘. All lives provide both frequency increases and decreases. From the moment you have lived through many lifetimes and start to become a very wise soul, your frequency will only increase.

Merge with the source

That frequency increase is necessary because you, your soul, eventually want to merge again with the source of light from which the entire incarnation cycle has started.

But… something has been going on on Earth for a long time now. Because of the duality that is also on earth, ‘heaviness’ is just as great as ‘the light’. That’s because everything is always in balance. But that balance also means that a kind of energy layer has arisen, in which many people get stuck. A kind of energy recycling has emerged, incarnation after incarnation. The actual frequency increase is not forthcoming… As if you are running into an invisible layer, also called a matrix.

At different times it is possible to move through the opening of the matrix. Light gates open through which more light temporarily flows through that invisible layer and reaches humanity, us, the souls in embodiment. Because everything is always in balance, the pulling force of the weight also increases at that moment. At those moments you have the choice to go with the light or go with the heaviness.

special time

At the moment there are a lot of souls on earth because, as a soul, you already knew that this time is very special: several very powerful light gates are active within a relatively short time and there is even an octave increase coming up.

For thousands of years it has not been possible to make such a big energy jump because of the density of the ‘matrix energy’. But now, this time is the time to set your soul free! For thousands of years you have been able to develop at most up to ‘old soul’, but a higher frequency was not possible.

That’s what this time is for! That’s why it’s so strange on Earth right now. Heavy energy likes to stay alive. Compare it to bad habits you have that are so hard to break free. They keep pulling you. That’s what heavy energy does! It pulls you down. Your soul would like to connect with the light because that is the way back home; you want to merge again after all those incarnations with the source from which you originally came.

Fear, judgment and thinking in deficits keep your energy low.

Compassion, gratitude and love help you increase your energy.

The light gate

During the eclipses, the special conjunctions of planets, solar flares, etc., your soul is called to go along. To tune in to the light.

We are on our way to the most special and powerful planetary position in over 2000 years: the triple conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto. On December 21, 2020 the time has come. These three planets together make it appear as if there is a large, bright star in the sky. Similar to the star of Bethlehem. This conjunction ensures that an enormous amount of light is available to connect and recharge you.

But that doesn’t happen automatically. As soon as you ‘make it happen’ you will definitely be touched by the light. Also people who have their focus on something other than ‘connecting with the light’ will get the light uploads.

energy light gate of December 21, 2020

But you have a choice.

You’ve probably heard of a scale. Do-re-mi-fa… etc. If you go further up a scale, it is called an octave increase. During the conjunction you get the chance to hitch a ride on an octave increase in light energy. Your frequency can resonate with the highest achievable light frequency since more than 2000 years. The choice is: do you go along with the octave increase or do you just go along in a ‘higher tone’?

It’s up to you!

What can you do to enjoy this unique opportunity?

Tune in to the light of your soul! Connect! Every day from now on.

Connect with your soul, recognize and acknowledge the light within yourself.

What it will bring you even more is access to the knowledge in higher wisdoms that your soul has gained in your past incarnations. You have already lived many lives and you have already acquired an enormous amount of wisdom. Until now, due to the current frequency, these wisdoms were not accessible. The energy was too low to connect. That’s going to change now. The higher soul memories that you have stored in your soul consciousness are now being released.

Connection with your heart

Until now you have experienced many lifetimes of sad soul memories as persecuted, victim and bystander. This was necessary for your soul experiences. This cycle is over as soon as you allow the higher energy.

If you want to know your inner light, you connect with your heart. You can do this by taking a conscious moment every day (preferably more often) and doing a short meditation exercise. Breath-in-breath-out. Put your hands on your heart. Feel the energy flow. Make it bigger. Trust and allow the light into your life.


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