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The indigo child and how to recognize them

The indigo child exists to bring us closer to our true essence . We think we all have our own mind, because we also have our own body. These kids know better. A true indigo travels effortlessly between worlds. While we think they are just sleeping.

Our thoughts and feelings are not ours. We have forgotten who we are and that everyone’s minds are connected. An indigo has not forgotten this. They have an intuitive understanding that goes far beyond our mental capacity.

Since the 1980s we have seen more and more indigo children. Most are still trying to work through traumas and challenges they have received from past lives. But once they learn their lesson and can forgive the patterns, they join the cosmic, caring indigo beings.

“The complex workings deep in our DNA are changing. Brain waves spontaneously acquire patterns with higher vibrations, due to the electromagnetic fields in our DNA. Because of this, our brains begin to work together, as connected bodies of consciousness. That means that humanity is becoming more and more aware. We are slowly becoming conscious beings – continuously aware of everything at the same time.” – Meg Blackburn Losey

How did we ever lose our inner understanding?

How the energy of new age children affects their parents indigo childSimply put, thousands of years ago we started to “think” instead of “feel”. It’s not like we can’t get to the collective consciousness anymore. We just don’t know how to do that anymore. The ego has become our boss, and it controls us by demanding that we make choices based on what we remember. With the past as our guide, we gave our power to the ego. And that scares us. Through the intellect we have lost our connection with the collective consciousness. And ever since then we feel lonely.

Some adults have managed to regain that inner understanding at least partially. When they have children, they instinctively know how the collective consciousness works, how to use it. The indigo child is their descendant.

“The conclusion of our book is that today’s children are different – ​​more challenging, more intelligent, more confrontational, more intuitive, more spiritual, and sometimes more violent. More than all generations to date. That calls for a new and different method of parenting and education – a method that lets go of the old.” – Taking Care of Your Indigo Children , Doreen Virtue

Where does the term “indigo child” come from?

Nancy Ann Tappe†, teacher and therapist, is a graduate of the human auric field , also known as the human electromagnetic field. You see this field with every living creature. Tappe also wrote a book about it in 1982 called Understanding Your Life Through Color .

Tappe managed to paint an incredibly accurate and revealing psychological profile of someone, based on her color theory and the colors in someone’s aura. As early as 1950 she saw the first signs of the existence of indigo children. When she noticed that more than 80% of children after 1980 had a new, deep blue aura, she called this new color “indigo”.

What kind of personality does an indigo child have?

  1. They feel and know from birth that they are special and (may be) admired.
  2. An indigo knows she’s supposed to be here, just the way she is. She expects you to understand that too.
  3. These children have more self-confidence and high self-esteem.
  4. Absolute authority, where they have no choices, cannot negotiate or are not allowed to make themselves heard – that doesn’t sit well with them. This can be difficult in education.
  5. Some of the rules that we had to follow as children are ridiculous and they don’t accept them.
  6. For an indigo child, ritual traditions are old-fashioned. They feel that everything should be done creatively.
  7. They are incredibly smart and often have ideas for better methods than how we’ve been doing it for years. So they are very progressive.
  8. To an adult, an Indigo often appears antisocial unless they are with other Indigos. They often feel lost and misunderstood, causing them to turn inward.
  9. The old-fashioned controls, such as “wait for your father to come home,” don’t work with these kids.
  10. They want to fulfill their personal needs, and they let you know that.

The indigo child and how to recognize them (2)

Are you an indigo? Are those your kids?

According to the book Caring for Your Indigo Children  , these are some of the characteristics:

  • quirky
  • Stubbornly
  • Creative, artistic with music, jewelry making, poetry, etc.
  • Addiction-prone
  • An ‘old soul’, like they’re 43 at 13
  • Intuitive or paranormal, possibly with experiences with angels or deceased people
  • Isolated, through aggressive behavior or through vulnerability and introversion
  • Independent and proud, even though they may be constantly asking you for money
  • A deep desire to really help the world
  • Switches between low self-esteem and a sense of superiority
  • Gets bored quickly
  • Likely diagnosed with ADD or ADHD
  • Often suffer from insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares or difficulty/anxiety to sleep
  • Has experiences with depression or even suicidal thoughts or attempts
  • Looking for real, deep and long-lasting friendships
  • Makes easy contact with plants and animals

Do you have 14 or more of these traits? Then you are without a doubt an indigo. Do you see yourself in 11 to 13 traits? Then you are an indigo in training. An adult with these qualities can also be a “ lightworker ”.

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What does the ideal world look like for an indigo?

The indigo child and how to recognize them (2)Indigos are here on a mission, and they will fulfill it. Their job is to renew the values ​​​​of the old world, which ended in 2012. With values ​​​​of the new world era. They take that task very seriously, even if they don’t realize it themselves. They are preparing the world for the new values ​​of “love, brotherhood, unity and integrity”. Predictions about indigos tell how these special children are the forerunners of the massive change that awaits the world. The next Great Cycle, which began in 2012. Forgiveness to others is indispensable if we are to heal the Earth. The world of an indigo would look like this:

  1. Free from all harsh chemicals .
  2. Food that is grown organically, locally, fresh and unprocessed.
  3. Education for all, with a much greater voice for children about their future education and curriculum.
  4. A family is everyone you are connected to at that moment, so a much larger circle of people than now.
  5. Our political system would really make everyone better and be much more democratic.
  6. All countries and all people work together to make life better on the entire planet.
  7. Nature and its needs come first, such as clean air and clean earth.
  8. Children are treated with respect. Things that affect them are also discussed with them.
  9. All people are equal, regardless of your race, color, gender or creed.


We drug them, punish them, deny them – but they still don’t listen to “our” view of how a child should be. why? Many indigos can see their future. They know that what we are trying to teach them is useless and irrelevant.

An indigo child possesses an enormous amount of perseverance and willpower. They are sensitive to chemicals, processed food and authority. They show us what needs to change in this world. They are sensitive to so many things. An indigo child will show you that we wouldn’t use all those chemicals if we really loved our planet and each other.

“An Indigo child is a ‘natural child in an unnatural world’‘. Their immune systems (physical and emotional) cannot adapt to the toxins in our food, water, air, body care, cleaning products, artificial lighting and relationships. Research shows an important link between mental illness and environmental toxins.” – Taking care of your Indigo child , Doreen Virtue


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