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The Indigo Gap Generations – Creating Pain and Chaos

Each generation prepares the way for the next, in some way, a flow, which is not always straight forward, positive or uplifting. Sometimes the flow stops and seems to go backwards. And so a generation seems to make things worse instead of to improve.

The next generation has two jobs to do: “reset” the energy of the predecessors and the work they came to do. There are “gap generations,” those whose goal is to create massive changes and do so by creating such powerful examples of what needs to change that everyone agrees.

We saw that with the Indigos whose energy only really came into the world through the last three generations (they were there before, but the last 3 generations are the ones that were able to activate the energy) The world of the 60s, 80, and the early years of the new millennium seemed to be broken and unfixable and yet, much has changed in the last decade, and much faster than ever before.

The Indigo energy has finally taken hold but only because the need for change was so great and it was clear to so many people that everything was better than what we had and there was little resistance to change.

The “gap generations” in this world have a powerful purpose in the energy flow of our journey to ascension and that is to create so much pain and chaos that they stimulate the world to come together in a common purpose. They become our most challenging teachers, and yet their goal is to initiate the change they seem to oppose.

The energetic vibration they create allows only an either/or reaction and everyone looks for a solution to get them out of that vibration and its to meet challenges. With such a desire for change, the path has been cleared for the coming generation and the energy they carry with them.

Until we learn to become self-energizing and enlightened transformers, we need these gap generations to make things so uncomfortable that we step out of our comfort zones, get motivated to do something, and most importantly, unite in a common goal.

We empower ourselves when we work together, yet we need a powerful event, which makes us very uncomfortable, to move towards a connected purposeful and conscious transformation.

So instead of being against the divide generation, be the change you want to see in this world . Then connect your intention with other like-minded people. Working together, we can create the world that we know is possible for everyone.


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