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The influence of the media on our image of humanity and our own role in it

Our core

When I hear a report through the media about a terrible act that someone has committed, I immediately think back to a holiday in Zeeland. We were on a small campsite and had beautiful weather all holiday. On the day of departure it was pouring rain. Anyone who has ever broken down a tent in the rain can picture this. Still, when I got home, I was grateful for the bad weather. It had shown me who “human beings” are in essence, what kind of beings we are.

What had happened? In the pouring rain the neighbor brought raincoats, another offered that the children could play in their tent, a third prepared a pot of tea when they left and in the afternoon we were offered warm soup. I found that involvement heartwarming and it made me grateful. And I realized that most of humanity wishes everyone the best.About the influence of the media on our image of humanity and our own role in itAt our core, we are helpful, generous and loving beings. In the gnosis this is described as the God Spark.

Our view of humanity and the media

When we follow the news reports, it often casts a different picture of “people”.
It seems as if everyone is trying to kill each other and as if the majority of people cannot be trusted. In the media, these stories are magnified, repeated and seem to have some sort of priority. When you listen to the radio, pay attention to the first message. Often this is a strange but serious incident that leaves you wondering how anyone could have done this. And it is of little social relevance.

It is not desirable to allow our image of man to be continuously influenced by the behavior of a small group. When you consider how many people there are who never make the news and just live their lives or bring about a lot of beautiful things, you put these messages back in perspective.

Media influence

The influence of media coverage is often underestimated. The way we take in “news” often happens from a different state of consciousness. We switch to an unconscious state, let the news pass and casually hear radio messages.

Precisely because we do not take it in on a conscious level, the messages nestle in our subconscious. And with these messages also the emotions that go with it: the atrocity of deeds, the fear we feel for disaster, the powerlessness over the ubiquitous injustice.
Year after year, our view of our fellow human beings becomes more and more clouded by the continuous stream of nasty messages. Because this is partly an unconscious process, we usually do not realize this. When an incident occurs in our own environment, these feelings surface from our subconscious.

Effect on children

What image do our children have of their fellow man? As adults we can still somewhat put information into perspective and filter it. This is much more difficult for children. Their energy field is open. They are like sponges and absorb the fear and other feelings that come with the news much more.

It is worth considering the extent to which we expose children to news stories. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. One child is less concerned about misery than another child.

Moreover, there is a difference between the youth news and the regular news, which in my experience is certainly not suitable for exposing children.About the influence of the media on our image of humanity and our own role in itHighly sensitive children are even more sensitive to nasty news. Having a vivid imagination makes them even better able to imagine certain situations. And there is a chance that they will identify (too) much with victims.

We don’t have to imagine a fairytale world for our children. In our world, in addition to all the beauty, there is also misery. However, it is advisable to be aware of news items.

Look at people from an energetic perspective

When I connect energetically with people and make contact with their subconscious, the similarities between people turn out to be much greater than the differences.
I experience this time and again in my work. It regularly happens that clients have contact on a soul level with a person with whom they have a bad experience. Or with whom contact is difficult.

In the vast majority of cases it appears that the behavior of the other person does not stem from bad intentions. But out of impotence, inability, old pain, disappointment or feelings of inferiority. It is the defense and survival mechanisms that create behavior rather than intentionally wanting to harm the other person. This stems from the state of consciousness one is in.

When there is contact on a soul level, there is often much more mutual respect and understanding for each other. And turns out the other has a nice core.jealousy

Who are we?

In addition to a physical body, we also have an energetic body. In fact, we are energetic beings in a physical jacket. The energetic body functions from a certain frequency, which can vary. There are higher and lower frequencies. You can think of a frequency as a wavelength. When you notice that contact with a certain person is difficult, we call it popularly that we are not on the same wavelength with the other person.

Feelings such as fear, frustration, powerlessness and disappointment are feelings with a lower frequency. Gratitude, contentment, trust and insight are feelings with a higher frequency.

Your consciousness matters!

Your beliefs and feelings correspond to certain frequencies. And these frequencies largely determine what you encounter in your life. Events “match” as it were with your own frequency.

When you have a hostile view of humanity and are convinced that most people cannot be trusted, you will regularly experience that your trust is being violated. And are you confirmed in your conviction: “See, I told you that people cannot be trusted”!

When you take daily messages highlighting the dark sides of humanity, your relationship with others is more suspicious than when you dose this news.
As human beings we are part of a collective energy field. Our individual energy is connected to the collective field and influences it.affirmations

Your state of mind is therefore of much greater importance to the world as a whole than is generally thought. Immersing yourself in the suffering of the world has the possible side effect that you experience feelings of powerlessness, fear and anger. With which you lower your frequency and which can lead to stagnation of your own development.

When you look at the world with a more open and positive outlook, you are in a higher frequency.

This higher frequency benefits all of humanity. The more people function from a higher frequency, the higher the vibration of the collective field. And the more positive growth and changes can be brought about.

We make the change ourselves

Children are naturally sensitive to injustice, highly sensitive children often to a higher degree. They feel to the depths of their souls that the inequality in the world is wrong.About the influence of the media on our image of humanity and our own role in itChange arises from the friction of an existing situation and the deep desire to change it. Therein lies the challenge for humanity: we do not have to close our eyes to the situation in the world. But if we want to contribute to a better world, it is important not to let the misery knock us down.

We are interested in world events. Man is by nature a solidarity being, this is where our strength lies. For the first time in our modern history, so much information is available with the advent of the Internet. The internet is a major contributor to consciousness on Earth.
Much needed, especially because the reporting from the newspapers and news is not always truthful and objective. Moreover, watching the news or reading a newspaper led me to despondency. The much-needed courage to commit to a better world waned. Perhaps recognizable to others?

Too much (nasty) reporting carries the risk that it distracts you from your own path. Every day we have moments of choice in which we can choose “love” or “fear”. For growth or stagnation.As an HSP or ADHD person, are you often experienced as too much?

The internet is a great source of information. Although the offer is immense, it is worthwhile to gain knowledge here. When you use your intuition and common sense, you get to know the world in a different way. The discovery that so many more people worldwide are busy making a contribution to a better world, motivates me every day to do my part.

ask yourself questions

Ask yourself to what extent the news provision determines your image of man. And ask yourself whether this leads to more joy in your life or not. And to what extent you want to stay informed about what is happening in the world. And which sources of information have more or less influence on you. Information that you absorb with images and sound has a different influence on you than a text you read. Moreover, a (small) investigation into the source of the information is also highly recommended.

remembering ourselves

I have now realized that man is capable of much more than what he is aware of. As humans we have enormous potential. When we have a more realistic view of humanity, we also have more confidence in ourselves and our fellow man.

It’s time to start remembering ourselves. The beautiful energetic being that we are. When we dare to live more and more based on trust and let ourselves be led less by fear that is fed from outside, we all contribute to a better world.

We live in one energy field: if we look at humanity more positively and with more confidence, it will also benefit the victims who are there every day worldwide.


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