The Influences of the Full Moon in Pisces Saturday September 14, 2019


In this article you can read about the full Moon of September 14, 2019. Themes of this full Moon are: deep self-criticism and dissatisfaction, struggle with yourself and the body that is undergoing renovation. I am again discussing the importance of pure nutrition . The birth of our light Being on Earth that gives concrete shape to our authentic manifestation.

This full moon is a spicy one. This full Moon shows a survival mechanism where inner self-criticism leads to deep dissatisfaction with getting your life organized and your functioning. The personality falls apart, as it were, in self-pity, chagrin and strife.

And wow, that fuse is short. It’s all too much to handle and sort out and you can be intensely tired . Deep transformations are taking place in the personality, energetically and in the physical body, so make sure you also build in some (or a lot of ) rest and be gentle with yourself again. (Priapus conjunct Mars and Sun in Virgo 1st house.)


Because many people experience such inner dissatisfaction within themselves and cannot tolerate this, this dissatisfaction and despair is projected outwards. So there is a lot of projection, misconceptions and chaos in connections.

It’s like you and others are on a different wavelength. Loneliness and the feeling that there is no one who really connects and sees you can also be felt deeply . (Lucky point and Black Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Moon in Pisces in the 7th house.)

Body under renovation

Our body (and energy body) is having a hard time and is being completely renovated on all levels and is getting a new order. I can’t write it often enough, but nutrition is really of great importance in this. At this point in the ascension process, for those who are ready, the Being Essence (God Spark) is integrated into the physical body.

This results in major changes taking place in the organs. The Diamond Light crystallizes in a new form in our body. (Saturn now exactly conjunct Diamond.)

The original light that lies at the basis of all form finds its way into every organ, cell and DNA strand. The body now needs all the energy to convert the changes and has no extra energy left to clean up many toxins. Many people no longer tolerate dairy products, gluten is also a problem, trans fats (processed fats) are a huge problem for the liver and bile, sugar and carbohydrates such as bread.

Sometimes even natural sugars are no longer tolerated and alcohol is not too best. (Priapus in Virgo 1st house. And Diamond conjunct Saturn, South Node and Pluto.)

On the cutting edge

It is now temporarily necessary to eat clean and relieve the body. An older body has more to clean up and therefore has more weight. It feels like we’re on the cutting edge. A small excursion with food gives many people a strong reaction in the body and old ailments can also reappear. When the transformation of the body has passed the critical point, it will come back into better balance and listen less closely.

Then the integration of the Being Essence into matter is a fact. How long this will last, I have no idea. Right now Saturn is in exact conjunction with the Diamonds at the southern Moon’s node and this is certainly the sharpest. It’s best to stay in the sacred now and listen to what our body is saying.(Priapus conjunct Mars and Sun in Virgo 1st house. And Diamond conjunct Saturn, South Node and Pluto.)

Birth of the light Being

If the flow of Source does flow, then there is magic in the connection. Then there are encounters that help the organization in the body and the personality to get into a different order. Then you become visible from your purest form of Being. Last week there were a number of meetings in my practice where this happened.

From the multi-dimensional order of the energy body, a crystalline energy flowed from the Cosmic Heart to these people, which crystallized into a very tangible crystalline Being that took his or her form in the new multi-dimensional energy body. As if the purest crystalline layer emerged from multidimensional consciousness and was born as personified form in the new energy body. The cosmic Heart gets a voice, a face, a concrete light Being,your light Being.

This light Being is the ambassador of multi-dimensional consciousness and allows the Being Essence to manifest in form. Authentic and expressing the original light of who we Are in Essence. The purest essence has been born and is now available and expressing a new form.(Priapus conjunct Mars, Sun, Mercury and Venus in Virgo in the 1st house. South Node conjunction Saturn, Diamond entering Pluto 5th house. Opposition North Node conjunction black Sun 11th house.)

authentic shape

On other levels we are now challenged to find natural and authentic forms of expression of ourselves. These new forms require letting go of interests. This can also give a lot of power and impotence to let go of these interests, before the authentic can manifest itself. (Saturn, Diamond entering Pluto 5th house.) There is then no more dependence on the world around you.

You stand energetically in your vertical cosmos-earth connection that forms the basis and even the ancient chakra systemchanges. You only manifest what lives within you, connected from the cosmic Heart you magically attract what your Heart and Being Essence desires to experience. in fact; it manifests itself before you wish it. It’s only when the magic unfolds that you know this is exactly what was needed.

Right in this moment. So surrender to this beautiful new expression of yourself and your highest form of creativity. Even if your form is not yet optimal or full of the sparkling light of your purest form, know that it is on its way to find the right form and will show itself when it is ripe. The good news is, the passage has been found by the individual and will be passed on with the hundredth monkey effect.You can read more about the process on the practical layers inthe New Moon article of August 30.


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