The influences of the Full Moon Sunday October 13, 2019


This is the description of the processes that come more easily into a new flow around the full Moon. Themes of this full Moon are: Recalibrating connection with the universal Light of the universe, spirituality and unity, projection and the energetic consequences of projection and energy games.

How Neptune renews and undermines the old, the fierce clashes surrounding misunderstandings of recent times. Guilt and shame surrounding selfishness and standing up for your part, shaming and blaming and the sale of co2 debt, more integration of regular and alternative, new forms arise for a holistic approach in society and finding your personal way in it.

Oneness and duality

The Source inspires us during this period to recalibrate the Neptunian power. Neptune is connected with the universal Light, unity, wholeness, collective processes, the invisible, spirituality, energy and dealing with energy. These powers can now be experienced with greater ease and invited back into our lives.

When Neptune functions in her shadow and her power cannot flow well and cleanly, then she disintegrates into duality. The power of Neptune, with which we see and experience wholeness and unity, then becomes separateness and the dissatisfaction and pain about this is projected outwards.

Damage from projection

With projection we can harm others on the astral (energetic) level. This can even cause cracks in the energy body ( aura ), causing the energetic protection to disappear and someone can feel drained and even go into a kind of shock. We can come into symbiosis with others in the shadow of the Neptune force, trapped in an illusion. Also cheating is much easier when you are separated from the other. But it is also possible to live energetically on the energy of the other. There are many more energy games that can be played that are not visible, but have major consequences for functioning.

energy games

In this period in which the Source Energy (black Moon) is together with Neptune, we are invited to become aware of where you still play these games or are involved in the games of others. This also applies to collective games that are played in which we are misled be played, but also to discover where the strength of the collective lies.

The way of Neptune

In short, we become aware where separation still exists in your life and therefore unity is absent. And since we practically live in a world of duality, everyone will encounter a few things in it. Neptune and also the zodiac sign Pisces, has a special way of making you aware of this.

Neptune and Pisces energy undercuts, sneaks through the subconscious and makes you gradually lose control without realizing it and become more and more in chaos. And the moment you notice what time it is, there is no turning back. Then you become painfully aware of the illusion in which you have lived and with the acceptance new possibilities open up.


Misunderstandings are also the order of the day. If there is not enough connection, then each can live in his or her own world, assuming to inhabit the same reality. But this current Source influx of black Moon in Pisces in conjunction with Neptune can make visible with a bang (often a banging fight) where we project, we do not hear the other or are not heard ourselves and thus live past each other in an illusion . A feeling of deep loneliness can also overtake you.

Battle and Attack

Around the new Moon (September 28, 2019), Mars, the astrological God of war, was also involved in the survival mechanism in Virgo. During this period, these attacks, violent quarrels, projections and judgments were the most violent. People have a very short fuse and little patience. Now around the full Moon of October 13, 2019, this is already starting to subsidize, but is still the case.

Magic of Synchronicity

The healing power of Neptune and Pisces and the great gift of union with the current flow of Source, the black Moon, gives you the opportunity to heal deep old traumas and restore unity in yourself and in your life. Neptune and Pisces energy is structureless and it inspires flowing, synchronicity and magical solutions that no one can imagine. And yet this force also has a structure, a supporting force, a center in which this force can blossom.

With the black Moon in Pisces in conjunction with Neptune in the 10th house, this October 13, 2019 Full Moon is an opportunity to find a new structure in your life in which this magic of synchronicity, flow and unity can thrive. But for that you have to let go of selfish interests.(Saturn conjunct Diamond and South Node entering Pluto is the top of the kite of the great water triangle in this full Moon’s chart.)

Guilt and shame for selfishness

Because the cosmic wound Chiron is involved in Aries, there can be a deep sense of guilt and shame when you want something for yourself. Especially if you are afraid of falling short or feel that you have a greater share, or need, than the other person, then you can feel deep pain with insecurity and fear of being selfish.

Or just enormous fighting spirit to get your share. After that, deep self-examination can follow, because it just depends on what your own beliefs are, which you get to feel or get back from the environment.

Shaming and blaming

In the collective we see this reflected in the personal responsibility we bear for the whole. The collective is made up of all individuals, who each contribute their own piece to the whole. Changes in the collective start with everyone individually. Guilt and shame can also be abused in this process, such as in the CO2 lobby and climate issues.

A good example is the nitrogen reduction that the Netherlands must comply with as a result of the climate agreements and which is now being loaded onto the farmers’ plates. While Schiphol is allowed to expand and electric cars are promoted that at the end of the line pollute more than the old fossil fuels.

There are many more examples of shaming and blaming. Will it be:’if only I have it’ or will we stand behind the farmers as one man or woman to make this climate illusion visible? And other illusions can also be broken in this time, such as what is wrong aroundthe 5G network and much more. The world is still full of lobbies and individual and group interests that rule. (Black Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Chiron in Aries 10th house. Saturn conjunct Diamond and South Node commencing Pluto in Capricorn in the 7th house.)

Support for holistic approach

In this hectic pace of changes, new forms can arise, new structures in which the individual can express himself in the collective. (zw.Moon etc. conjunct Chiron in Aries 10th house.) Spirituality and holistic living together in connectedness also find a way out, simply because this force is positively supported by the current energies.

People are beginning to see more deeply where illusion, governmental deception and interests are. There’s a big water triangle in this full Moon’s chart that connects in there and keeps a flow going. (Venus conjunct Mercury in Scorpio 5th house, trine Black Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Chiron in Aries in the 10th house, trine North Node conjunct ascendant and black Sun. Saturn conjunct Diamond, South Node entering Pluto in Capricorn.)

Integration regular and alternative?

This full Moon is also a blessing for the holistic approach and it is very possible that regular and alternative methods can come together through new research. We see, for example, that the (interrupted) fasting that has been used for years by alternative therapists for the treatment of all kinds of diseases, is now finding its way to hospitals and regular doctors. In this episode of ‘Doctors of Tomorrow ‘, you can see how healing can potentially be achieved through fasting.

Choose for yourself

This great triangle also works for everyone personally. It is important in this that you can get past the pain of Chiron in Aries in the 10th house, in which you cannot and may not stand for yourself, for fear of selfishness or lack of independence.

Opening the new form of unity

The other major pillar is a conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Scorpio in the 5th house. This power requires loving communication, which does not bake sweet biscuits, but is clear and goes for openness and is willing to expose the buttocks. But it is also connected with the (cosmic) Heart and with a more feminine approach.

By that I mean more empathetic and go for insight and knowledge of the (cosmic) Heart (the plasma/crystalline sphere on the diaphragm). Also deep communication with your inner child can give you the passage out of the separateness. So old issues from early childhood can free you from the illusion of separation and open the way to a new form and approach to the world.A world in which unconditionality, unity and care reign supreme.


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