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The influences of the Full SuperMoon in Virgo of Monday, March 9, 2020

The full Moon of Monday, March 9, 2020, is in Virgo and is a SuperMoon. The Moon is then closer to Earth and is about 10% larger than normal and also shines brighter. The influence of Supermanes is extra large. In this article you can read about the current impulse for the restoration of wholeness and unity and the role of the Coronavirusand play 5G in this.

Fear is visible everywhere on a magnified scale. I will also take you through the process that we all go through and in which we learn to inhabit ourselves and our lives completely and to connect particles of fear with the whole of who we are. This article will also give you insight into the current collective process that is now active and connected with fear and manipulation. I cordially invite you to invest time in this awareness by reading this article.

Impulse of unity

This horoscope shows that there is an enormous impulse of unity energy active. In our reality we as a collective still live in the 3rd dimension and thus in duality. This call of unity is unrecognized by most people and translates into fear of the elusive. A virus like the Coronavirus is hugely elusive and thus a candidate on which projections of fear thrive. My apologies for again paying attention to this virus, but with my message I want to show you a new angle that gives more insight into what is unfolding now. ( Neptune in the 6 th house conjunct the Sun in the 7 th house and lucky point on the descendant.)full moon March 9, 2020

Wake up

This full SuperMoon is asking to wake up and use your discernment. We all get a front row seat to this arranged spectacle. This is a wake up call. If you didn’t believe we were being played before, now it is very clearly visible to those who want to see what is actually unacceptable, too grand and frightening to believe. It is the fear that makes us susceptible to manipulation and makes us lose our own perception.

Do you follow the fear that the ‘mainstream media’ spread or can you distance yourself from it and use your discernment. (The people are the Moon in Virgo on the ascendant opposition Neptune 6 the house conjunct Sun in 7 the house in Pisces. Diamond conjunct Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn 4the and 5 th house. And Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus 8 th house is the Lord of the survival mechanism is Priapus in Libra 1 st house. †


Nep-tunus is involved in this full SuperMaan. Fake and tune are fake frequencies and tuning. Neptune brings confusion, blur, absence, fear, deception and deceit as she functions from her shadow. Neptune also rules projection. And we see in this period that the projections are strengthening. Everyone does their own thing with the Coronavirus, for example, and sees what suits him or her. (Neptune in the 6 th house conjunct the Sun in the 7 th house and lucky point on the descendant opposition Moon in Virgo on the Ascendant.)

Survival Mechanism

The energy of unity enters our bodies deeper and deeper and makes that what cannot yet vibrate with the high-frequency energy of unity, becomes tangible. Connections in the body want to flow through and function as a whole. That which now perceptibly cannot participate in raising the vibration in yourself, becomes perceptible as fear. It may concern concrete physical complaints that now become palpable and visible and evoke deep fear. But also anxious parts of your personality (ego) report.

Often the fear in a small separate part of you takes over, but realize that most of the time, most of you are not living in fear at such a time. Realize that you are much bigger than just that particle that cannot vibrate with the love and consciousness within yourself. (Priapus in Libra 1st house. Lord Venus conjunct Uranus 8 th house in Taurus.)

Vibrate with fear

If the fear is allowed to be there and we can connect from our heart to the fear within us, without becoming the fear, then the pieces of fear can be incorporated into the whole, without infecting other facets of yourself. This works in you as well as in the collective. Will you vibrate with the fear and will you be infected with the fear and the virus or will the heart with its clear vision remain at the helm.

By not vibrating along with the fear, you can make your positive contribution to the whole. In yourself or in the world. (Black Moon in Aries conjunction Chiron in the 7th house opposition Priapus in Libra 1st house. Lord Priapus is Venus in 8th house conjunction Uranus in Taurus. Neptune in 6th house conjunction Sun in 7thhouse in Pisces.)

Inhabiting your body

What is happening now is a doorway to healing and restoring unity. ‘dark’ and ‘light’ both play a role in this. The manipulation and fear triggers encourage you to grow. You can now go ahead and upgrade the body in its frequency and wholeness and free yourself from the fear that sometimes still lives deep within you. The movement we are going through in this age is ascension WITH the body.

Our bodies are most susceptible to these low vibrations of fear when we do not fully inhabit the body and thus are not fully grounded. Do you stand for your wisdom and truth and do you trust your body and the love it is from its origin? That is why a body that is weakened is also more susceptible to flu viruses. Then parts of the body due to old traumas are not completely inhabited by your love and consciousness.(Diamond conjunction Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn 4 th and 5 th house . Priapus in Libra 1 st house. Lord Venus conjunct Uranus 8 th house in Taurus.)

Accelerated Ascension and 5G

This process is also connected with the launch of 5G. Scientists suspect that the body is especially susceptible to the harmful effects of the new mobile revolution. Here too we see that we are going to learn accelerated to strengthen awareness and love in the body, so that the body becomes resilient to these disturbances. In that sense, everything works together to accelerate us through the ascension process.

The sacred NOW

What you can do is choose to go your own way. The energy of the Source shows us ways to do your own thing in the existing social structures and thereby break through the existing oppressive social structure. From cosmic energy of wholeness everyone follows his or her own path. That cosmic path can only arise in the NOW and then gives clarity, so that you can follow this flow.

You cannot force it with your will and mind, but surrender and trust are the doorway that brings the right answer and insight into the moment. The situation still seems hopeless. In this intense period we restore the connection with ourselves, but also with others the real deep connection is deepened. (North Node conjunct black Sun in the 10thhouse in Cancer. Black Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron in the 7th house opposition Priapus in Libra 1 st house. Lord Priapus is Venus in 8 th house conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Neptune in 6th house conjunct Sun in 7th house in Pisces.)

Dare to trust

This process of trusting and releasing fear from our subconscious, body and life is the job we now face. Know that the consciousness that once began this creation beyond space and time has already decided that duality can no longer be supported. It does not fit (anymore) into the whole and that which consciousness IS in Essence. The origin is restored and the wounds licked. The wounds carry the wisdom of lessons learned and offer us living and embodied insight. The wisdom of our wounds allows the origin to be restored in us. The painful wounds have an important function. Dare to trust that this is the path to healing and restoration of wholeness and unity. Have a good time…

© Manuela van der Knaap

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