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The Influences of the New Moon in Aquarius of January 24, 2020- Weaving the Web of Love

This is the description of the processes surrounding the new Moon in Aquarius on Friday January 24, 2020. This first new Moon of the new decade is about the liberation of old patterns and the building of the new flow that seeks connection in life. The old that no longer functions is liberated in fits and starts, so that what really matters to you can connect and come into the most optimal form practically speaking. Your Heart weaves a new network in your life. Are you going the path of the inner way or that of the authority outside of you? Read more about this in this article…

Feeling the Essence

The Influences of the New Moon in Aquarius of January 24, 2020The full Moon eclipse in the penumbra of January 10, 2020 with the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on January 12, finally brought us an inner breakthrough. The light, the playfulness and the pureness of the light began to flow in our lowest frequencies. It is as if the preparatory work of recent years is suddenly given a passage and, pressed through a bottleneck, finally flows into the new. The authenticity of who we are in Being has taken its rightful place in us and our lives. Now that we can feel what it is about and wants to go on in our lives, everything that doesn’t belong there can be let go.

old and new

Inwardly it feels as if you are already there, but in everyday life everything is made up of a mixture of old and new. The Essence in you can be known, seen and experienced as the framework of a leaf. Everything we’ve built around it is now starting to let go. Letting go can be painful, because you have to say goodbye to old familiar patterns, people and the way you spend your day. (Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Sun conjunct Moon cusp 4/5 the house in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus 8 th house.)

Weaving network of love

The Influences of the New Moon in Aquarius of January 24, 2020From the pure new structure, the Essential interpretation will find its way into daily life. A new wholeness is being woven into your life and that requires peace and space to stay in touch with the basis of the Essential framework of who you are in Being. This creates new connections and collaborations with people, companies and groups, and magically attracts a new cohesion. In this you are guided by synchronicity.

Your Heart weaves your new network of love into your life and that is pure magic to exist in this flow. This is manifestation before you have desired it. This network of love provides a bed and a feeling of being carried by life itself. (Black Moon in Pisces 7 dehouse conjunct Chiron in Aries and corrected black Moon in Pisces conjunct Venus and Neptune in the 6 th house .)

neural link

There is also another current that is manifesting itself and that is leading us away from this inner wholeness of our BEING human. We see technology developing at a rapid pace and the latest developments are, for example, the amalgamation of human biology with new technology. This is a path where the super qualities are provided by outside technology.

Neuralink: Merging man and machine:

(Uranus in Taurus 8 th house square Sun and Moon in Aquarius in 4 th house . Survival mechanism of Priapus in Virgo 12 th house and the absence of ‘the web of love’ black Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Venus in the 6 th house . )

Human Potential

One does not acquire these technological qualities through choices made by the Heart, but through the brain without Heart Connection. These qualities (and many more) are the real basic human heritage that can be achieved through enrichment of the inner self. As a result, our consciousness is connected to the Heart. Through awareness, step by step, the greater potential that we have available is activated. An increasing part of the potential of unused DNA and the brain then comes to life. This is available from within. Worldwide, the new generation is showing itself with skills that are beyond our understanding such as x-ray vision, instant healing power, perceiving more types of light and realities side by side and so on.(Priapus in Virgo 12th house . Closed black Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Venus in 6th house .)

The Influences of the New Moon in Aquarius of January 24, 2020

New Generation

An example of this is Christina von Dreien,  a girl from Switzerland who comes out with this*. She has written a few books with her motherabout this development in hair. This is what human evolution has to offer us. We have it all in house, we don’t need technology for that. Humanity with its biological heritage is infinitely rich. So also in this area we come to the choice: which path do you choose? Are we doing the inner work of awakening and activating the magical biological Divine qualities or are we giving our lives over to technology controlled by outside authorities? These two paths are moving further and further apart and the transition from one path to the other is therefore likely to become increasingly difficult. (*Book ‘ Christina, Gemini Born Light ‘. (Uranus in Taurus 8 stehouse square Sun and Moon in Aquarius. Black Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Venus in the 6th house .)

inner flow

So the inner work we have to do has enormous potential waiting for us to discover. Inner growth, partly due to the increase in cosmic light, is a major factor in this. The big job at the moment is to breathe and have the courage to let go of old connections that hinder you and therefore do not flow with you. If it really belongs to you, it will come back to you. But the inner flow of who you are in Being wants to connect in a new organization of your life. Het Hart is a specialist in connecting and is given a special place in this. (Sun and Moon in Aquarius. Black Moon in Pisces 7th house conjunct Chiron in Aries and corrected black Moon in Pisces conjunct Venus and Neptune in 6th house .)

By-product of repetition

The re-attraction of the old patterns of the wounded ego has become very visible since Chiron is in Aries (since February 2019). The repetition of the same painful wound over and over is sometimes disheartening. But a by-product of this repetition is Mastery. In this way step by step you become more and more Master of your wounded self. And step by step it is getting better and better to make different choices and choose the new path. This is happening with increasing ease because you are increasingly able to continue to feel and follow your authentic Essential Self.

Inner authority

A job that doesn’t feed you will drain you. Other responsibilities that do not belong to you and are therefore not nourishing, become very heavy and increasingly difficult to maintain. Then you are wearing something that is not for you to wear. You probably put the authority outside of yourself. And in this day and age it is going to be very difficult if you cannot follow your inner authority and flow. If you continue to conform to something outside of you that blocks your inner flow, sometimes the path of illness is chosen, in order to still give the space in the stillness to hear and follow the inner flow. Sometimes the flu is enough, but it is also possible that drastic measures are needed to organize this standstill and space.(North Node in Cancer conjuncts the black Sun in the 10th house .)

Stillness and the new form

Current circumstances can be frustrating, as old and new, letting go and building the new flow are intertwined. Sometimes it’s all hard to keep up with. It can feel as if everything comes to a standstill in fits and starts and is breaking away from the old to allow a new form to emerge. Give space to this inner flow to create the ‘Web of Love’. So I wish you a lot of peace and insight to be able to follow your inner flow, to let the old go and to create new connections in a new network


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