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The influences of the New Moon in Gemini of Friday, May 22, 2020

This article is about the processes for the coming moon(d) to the next new Moon. Since the full Moon of May 7, a deep transformation process has started insideand maybe you, like many, are completely stuck around this full Moon. The progress of this new Moon in Gemini shows that we may be even more concerned with experiencing and claiming our original sovereign autonomous energy field that is now emerging within us.

This development is supported by an incredible, almost incomprehensible wholeness of the Earth with her nature, in communication with space and all that exists. This immense communication network is now being restored and this starts within you. Learn more about this transformation and how you can personally contribute to this unfolding miracle in this article.

Spicy transformation process

From the full Moon of May 7, 2020, there is a breakthrough in the restoration of the original energy field that we existed and lived in before we entered the duality of the Matrix. When we existed as ethereal Beings in Lemuria , this autonomous inner world was our base from which we lived. We were then one with the environment and could create in collaboration with the environment. At that time everything was still in harmony and connected in a whole with each other.

We still lived from who we were in Essence. When we entered the Matrix, we became separated from our Being Essence and lost that connection.We have, as it were, turned inside out and have closed off the connection with our instinct (subconscious) and intuition (superconscious). The split that arose divided us into parts: the subconscious, the conscious and the superconscious. As a result, the inner connection with ourselves weakened. In order to survive, everything that existed outside of us became our new focus out of dire necessity. Less and less of the experience of the inner world remained.

The biggest ego

new moon may 22
by Milena Blomqvist – The Coherence

Survival from the ego became of the utmost importance and those who had the largest ego and enriched themselves as much as possible gained more power, control and prestige. As a result, our stomach area (3rd chakra the PlexisSolaris) and thinking have become overdeveloped. Our stomach area ( 3rd chakra) energetically rules over power, impotence and control and with this makes an attempt to control the world or the world over you.

This power center works together with our head, from the mind and thoughts. Together they gained the upper hand in us, allowing us to maintain control over the outside world, in which we had to survive and lost connection with our true Self. With that, we had become prey to the one with the biggest ego. And so a system could arise in which everything was arranged according to the law of the strongest in this world of duality.

(Survival Mechanism of the black Moon conjunct Chiron in Aries in the 5 th house and corrected black Moon in the 6 th house opposition Priapus in Libra in the 11 th house and 12 th house. South Node in Sagittarius and Capricorn in the 2 nd house opposition north node in Cancer and Gemini in the 8th house .)

New Age

But from an evolutionary point of view, we need an update. The old age of Pisces gives way to the new age of Aquarius. The development of our individuality, which started with this fall (loss) of our consciousness when we came into the separation of the Matrix ( Atlantis = Leo Age), has been completed and already gone too far.

This creation of the Matrix has already started its self-destruction, as it happens when the new presents itself and the existing no longer serves the whole. And that creates chaos and quite a bit of mess, which we are in the middle of right now. (South Node in Sagittarius and Capricorn in the 2 nd house opposition North Node in Cancer and Gemini in the 8 th house.)

social control

The survival mechanism shown in this Gemini new moon chart is that in the coming month we will experience increasing levels of social control, with a sense of being locked into imposed norms of the social environment. As if you are condemned to each other. The most extreme form of this at the moment are the click lines, where concerned citizens can report when they see ‘dangerous’ situations. With so much imposed social control, you have to be brave to stand up for yourself and speak out.

The injustice will also be debilitating in the coming month and will be about social inequality and the annoyance about why one person is given the freedom in the 1.5 meter society to open up the company or situation and the other is not. (Priapus in Libra in the 11thhouse and 12th house .)

spicy discussions

Since May 6, 2020, the northern Moon’s node has been in the zodiac sign Gemini until January 2022. This means that people get a craving for lightness, cheerfulness and ordinary superficial things. They are done with the ‘ Lockdown ‘ and the 1,5 meter society . In the horoscope of this new Moon it is indicated for the coming month that there will be situations of civil disobedience or at least healthy light-heartedness about the whole situation.

Transformative conversations will also take place between people and in public. I am talking about conversations about the essence of what is really of value and matters of the heart. I expect that there will be different angles and lively discussions that will reveal the essence.(The uncorrected North Node is in Cancer. The corrected North Node is in Gemini conjunct Venus and Mercury.)


So we see on an energetic level the recovery of our original energy field and with that we can start living again who we are in Essence. This field is no longer the same as when we came with our consciousness into the duality of the Matrix. We have learned much through pain, damage and shame and have grown in self-awareness and wisdom. The original field that we now occupy within ourselves is a field that is sovereign and autonomous. A sovereign person is one who recognizes no power greater than the person himself. This is about pure self determination.

That is why with the developments in the world surrounding the coronavirus, it is now becoming increasingly tense, so that we MUST wake up, take action and become aware of the value of our freedom and autonomy. The action is getting on its own two feet, (Mars in Pisces in the 4 th house is lord of the black Moon in Aries in the 5/6 th house conjunct Chiron in the 5 th house . Mars entering Neptune in Pisces in the 4 th house. Mars rises sextile Uranus in Taurus the descending.)

sovereign person

We see very carefully a new norm and basis emerging, of self-determination and self-conscious autonomous entering people. Some go even further by declaring themselves sovereign, separate from the state of the Netherlands. But you mainly get rid of powers outside yourself by claiming your autonomous sovereign field. That’s where it all starts. By the way, the Netherlands has a special role in establishing and living the new structure of the Age of Aquarius.

You can read more about that soon in my articles about the Lunar and Solar Eclipse of June 2020. (Survival mechanism of the black Moon conjunct Chiron in Aries in the 5 th house and corrected black Moon in the 6 thhouse opposition Priapus in Libra in the 11 the house and 12 the house. South Node in Sagittarius and Capricorn in the 2 nd house opposition North Node in Cancer and Gemini in the 8 th house.)

Healing the Separation

During the last Webinars we experienced energetically that this new sovereign and autonomous energy field from the Cosmic Heart, is one with the greater primal forces: of the original Source (multi-dimensional Self) and the Being of the Earth. This cosmic Heart (God Spark) is the new center of our multi-dimensional energy body. This is a ball of plasma on the diaphragm just below the sternum.

As this center of our ‘divinity’ now opens to take its new central position, this point can be very painful. We can take in the original energy field in a new way, by first healing within ourselves the separation that arose when we came into the duality of the Matrix .This is the separation between the superconscious, the day consciousness and the subconscious. (North Node in Cancer and Gemini in the 8 th house. Black Sun in the 8 th house opposition Diamond in the 2 nd house in Capricorn. Black Moon conjunct Chiron in Aries in the 5 th house.)

new moon may 22


As humanity we are ready for this healing and the first persons are now opening these new connections within themselves. You don’t have to do anything extra for that than only to allow the unconditionality, in and to yourself, step by step. For ‘divinity’ only opens from unconditionality. To start with, for example, during meditation to be consciously present with everything that can be experienced in you at that moment.

When the new original field has been opened and connected to the primal power of Source and Earth, you can remain in that self-contained autonomous field with increasing ease. That means on your own two feet and in freedom to the environment. (North Node in Cancer and Gemini in the 8 th house. Black Sun in the 8thhouse opposition Diamond in the 2nd house in Capricorn. Black Moon conjunct Chiron in Aries in the 5th house .)

On their own

In this process you will encounter all kinds of things. It is a tough task, because everything that is not authentic or essentially your own, or has interests in the world around you, wants to be seen and released. This also applies to friendships and relationships, so that you can live in freedom with each other completely on your own two feet, separate from the environment. Since the full Moon of May 7, 2020 , many people have gone down and stuck in blockages, such as a blocked throat chakra and pressure, really a lot of pressure on the thymus (multi-dimensional High Heart), enormous pressure on a point just below the sternum and on the diaphragm or suddenly losing your ground.T

hese are all consequences of the shift that has taken place. The electromagnetic disturbances of the Sun and the Earth have also been moving very much since this full Moon of May 7, 2020 and guide us to vibrate what is still trapped in fear and subconscious layers. We are asked to find the new ground, which is connected from the Cosmic Heart. It is also grounded in autonomy and as a result you come completely on your own ground, in connection with your autonomous original inner world as a basis.

If you have not yet found this passage within yourself, it can feel like you can’t go on with the old and get stuck. (The black Moon conjunct Chiron in Aries in the 5 th house and corrected black Moon in the 6 thhouse opposition Priapus in Libra in the 11 th house and 12 th house. South Node in Sagittarius and Capricorn in the 2 nd house opposition North Node in Cancer and Gemini in the 8 th house conjunct Venus and Mercury.)

Communication of the whole

The Earth is already restoring human-to-human connections from the Heart (5D) and with all living things in the whole. dr. Zach Bush explains in an extensive interview that the Earth is a living system, repairing itself and restoring communication as a whole. The Earth does that with viruses, among other things. As I have explained before in articles: Viruses are light bringers and are the basis of all life and changes in DNA and RNA. This is explained in detail by this doctor and he makes us aware, among other things, that the Earth with her beings is infinitely more powerful and faster than we are with a single vaccine.

Innovation is happening so fast that you can’t keep up with making a vaccine, because then there will already be a new virus.(Mars in Pisces in the 4 the house is lord of the black Moon in Aries in the 5/6 th house conjunct Chiron in the 5 th house . Mars entering Neptune in Pisces in the 4 th house . Mars is sextile Uranus in Taurus on the descendant. North Node in Gemini and Cancer in the 8 th house conjunct Venus and Mercury in Gemini.)

dr. Zach Bush MD on the changes underway:

super intelligence

What we need to do is humbly reconnect with nature’s communication network. Trees in the ‘Wood Wide Web’ communicate and care for each other in a network. And the Earth is also part of a very large network of superclusters. For humanity, the connections to these networks are recovering and we see that energetically reflected in the new developments of the energy body. If we give space to this new (energetic) development within ourselves, we will remain connected to a super powerful development of a super intelligence that is unbreakable for control and power. (Black Sun in the 8th house opposition Diamond in the 2nd house

Communication between trees ‘ Wood Wide Web ‘. video from BBC:

network of love

In fact, we always see new developments first appearing energetically in our etheric body. Only later, when the base has been electromagnetically developed, do we see it again in the form. That’s how it is with diseases, with healing and also with renewal. From our original energy body a new collective field of autonomous sovereign people arises. That energetic network is now being built and we can contribute to it by doing our personal part and becoming that new person. My webinars contribute to building this field. You will be guided in this to let this new field unfold in yourself from unconditionality. This new man is autonomous and sovereign on his own two feet and equally connected we stand side by side in this new field in peace.Laniakea supercluster ‘immeasurableheaven’:

Have a good time…


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