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The inner world of the Being Earth becomes visible II

The Hand of God Moves His Creation Part2

I have told all of you that a lot is shifting right now. There is much compassion, there is much compassion, both on the undercurrents, the upper currents and the highest currents. And therein, in that compassion,

both on a basic level in all of you as a human being, as well as on a heart level, on a psychological level of thinking, means that a lot is working in all of you, but also on a collective level. The movement that is currently so tangible and visible in the world, in which everything shifts and in which everything also moves, is not only active there, but also within yourself.

These movements therefore require all of you to gain a different sense of your own self. And to know that everything within you is shifting, and that you can no longer hold on to the old. The shifts in your world, the shifts in yourself, but also the shifts planetary are happening right now.

Mother Earth

Shift also in Governing the Planets, shift task Masters

In it you will notice more and more clearly the influences that will also affect your consciousness from cosmic laws.

Because all those planets where all the high Masters are currently active and they all fulfill their own task, there will also be a shift. There will be changes in what is responsible for and what will therefore also receive and create different energy emissions.

And all those different ways in which planets will be governed will therefore also represent a different function. And these energies will also affect your own atmosphere, but will also affect your own inner consciousness.

The etheric body will feel different….

gaiaYou will notice on certain days, and these days are not far off,

that you will wake up from a night where in the morning you will experience that life feels different, that the atmosphere feels different, that the etheric body feels different, that the whole ethereal composition in your world will be different in content.

This time is near, be very aware of it and also be aware of your own etheric power in it, your own shaping powers that are projecting into the world again and again that which is being created from within you.

So be watchful of your own creations therein. You contribute when you open yourself to all this renewed influence,

of all these renewed undulating movements that will sometimes flow through you completely, that will make you waver in their strength. But then know that you are being touched in consciousness and that you have to dwell on what is taking place at that moment.

Not just looking up but taking it in yourself, daring to take it in completely and realize what is taking place there from clear, vigilant consciousness. And in which you will experience what it is like to offer those new fields a place in yourself.

Make space in your life during this period

It asks to move within yourself, it asks to make space. During this period, make room in your life, in yourself so that what will beat at your heart will find an entrance. You will create an entrance when there is space.

You will all be able to stand, stand in life, precisely from these new undulating influences of energies, completely different.
You will notice, you can’t help but stand differently.

Due to the enormous carrying capacity that you will also jointly represent therein, you will become an enormous shining point for the world, the world that does not yet carry that consciousness. You will lift the world with it, but you will not only lift the world with it, you will be real cosmic co-helpers in that plan which is so near.

That change that will take place will take place within you as well as worldwide. So dare to live in this time, don’t be afraid, don’t be the old you anymore, but dare to live fully in everything you are.

And be willing to be in that surrender of that life and to embrace all that that life offers and to know where your activity lies. To help transform what is being asked of you. You all have your own place and quality in it. Be very aware of that, over and over again.

Not from the heaviness but from the luminous side in yourself, from the Christ heart which is so present in all of you and which will claim an increasingly clear place for all of you, simply because the time in evolution demands it, because it is urgent time this in apply to your system. My blessing.


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