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The inner world of the Being Earth becomes visible

The Hand of God Moves His Creation Part1Life on your Earth right now is defined by deep, deep shifting. The hand of God moves His creation. And the power that goes with that is a power that can be felt in all of your consciousness.

That which takes place in your world has its deep, deep meaning. But this intention is not yet fully embraced by man, because it still affects many on your earth very deeply into the material. And where it is struck very deeply into matter, the consciousness cannot always connect itself with that which is called intention. And yet that is something of this time in evolution.

You are at a point in your own life where you can see very clearly that all the movement in the outer world is touching your inner world. And that the inner world of the being Earth becomes visible. Her inner world shows you your own inner world and this inner world of the earth is now finally lived in her outer world. This indication to you, collectively as a human being, means that your own inner world is invited to present itself in the outer world.

impression of love energy

To those who are affected, that which is so heavy for you in matter has been a factor of intention. They (Japan) have chosen from their own collectivity to take a place in it. They contribute to making this place in evolution visible, they are not victims in it, although in their personalities they will translate this differently, but have a very important role that they also fulfill with a lot of attention in their deepest inner silence. even though the material is very much in motion.

This is a huge difference in energy expression. And when you can and want to look at these people in this way, full of attention and full of connected love, you will know that they are showing you something and that therein lies their task.

That for them in their own material experience it will be a worldly imposition in which the earth moved and they had to leave their safe place of life and let go of many loved ones.
But that which they show, where they are, is a very important consciousness indicator for all of you.

Wanting to leave the place out of old safety is a very important part of this. For the shifts that are taking place will be much more extensive. This shift will not tolerate the old approach, but will claim a new consciousness in its energy field. Because all this has to do with the Earth as a Being, the earth as an entity again taking its place, once again liberating itself from that which is no longer subservient to its evolution.

The earth is not a rescueless creature

In it she will move, but she is still very moved towards her inhabitants. And when you understand this, this compassion, then you will also see deep in your consciousness that it is not appropriate to want to save the earth.

The Earth is not a rescueless being, but a very highly evolved being who has invited you all to be with her and learn from her attention, to learn from her consciousness. And her consciousness shifts, just as in the whole cosmos everything will shift under the hand of God.

These explosions of power, which are now so visible and palpable and experienceable on the outside, will also be experienced more deeply internally. For all the innovations and new places that are taken and must be taken by circumstances, are no longer only outwardly, but are now also being touched inwardly.

That which is life-giving, that which is life-giving, are those new force fields

Many in your world feel that their inner consciousness is shifting. There is a huge shift, and this shift is something I’ve talked to you about before. This shift also asks of you to be in silent attention with it. For this shift is essential at this point of evolution.

It asks to be fully present in that which wants to shift inwardly in you, which is not only an individual process, but will also prove to be an enormous source of power in the collective, to step towards that point of new evolution, but also towards it. to strive.

The old fields have shrunk

To strive from consciousness, to strive to break free from old fields that at this moment no longer give way to that which wants to let itself down. For the old fields have shrunk, they are no longer viable, although they are still kept alive by all those who have not yet attached their consciousness to them. Deep inside you will know that there is much that is no longer viable, but also much that needs to be revived.

And that which is life-giving, that which is life-giving, are those new force fields that have been opened in you, in which the shift of your consciousness will connect more and more deeply with those new energy threads that so empower you inwardly. These forces will link together in a collectivity and in this way new viable fields will be created, in which new cosmic energy will find a place, but which will be so close to the consciousness of man that the path to it will not be possible.

more the old way will and can be. Because this way is a much shorter way, because this way stands at the inner knowing. And the transfer of knowledge from these fields will creep so closely under the skin of man that there will be no other option but to fully embrace this path.


It is no longer appropriate to want to continue to inspire your own old patterns and paths.

When you understand all this what I mean by this, you will know that it is no longer appropriate to want to continue to inspire your own old patterns and paths, from old behavior. Because it is precisely there that you will notice again and again that you want to connect your energy on old tracks.

And that these connections will always let go. You will have the experience more and more that something is becoming more and more profound than that, so that there will be moments of despair, of worry, of fear and perhaps also of completely new impulses. And these impulses are the moments when you can reflect on what has gone loose in yourself, to which you still attached yourself, what you wanted to keep viable from all your old strength.

When you understand that this makes absolutely no sense at this moment in life, you will be able to free yourself from it. That makes that so much more becomes visible inwardly of that which flows into your consciousness. But that which flows in also asks to be seen, to be lived, to be enlivened from inspiration, but also from knowing, from daring to know again that which has been awakened in yourself.

So this flow only becomes a real flow in your life when you connect it to your own consciousness and allow, allow into what you can allow in this moment of your life and want to break free from that old way. This flow cannot be your flow unless consciousness is linked to it. Then it will flow away, and at another time you will begin to take this flow.

Old knowing that is awakened again is a knowing far more comprehensive than your own consciousness of this moment ever dared to know.

Be wise, use in this the wisdom of your deepest, deepest knowledge. Old knowing that is awakened again is a knowing far more comprehensive than your own consciousness of this moment ever dared to know. Yet this is what will now play an enormous role in your world right now, and that requires new freedoms, that requires new spaces, that requires new ways of governing in your life, but also in the world and in the country in which you live.

Now when you look at the world where very large groups of people want to break free from old ways with all their might, that is also what is mirrored to you in your own consciousness.

They show the world what it is like to want to make the highest sacrifice to want to break free from that which is called limitation, that which is called power, that which is no longer really and in which they are now prepared from another stream a new piece of responsibility to create in that field.

That will take a long time, because what has been created and the space and freedom associated with it will not be able to be filled immediately. Because many will have no idea how they can fill this space and freedom.

Not only in the essence of the earth, in her inner world, everything shifts, you shift with her.

Yet it is important to look from that point, from where you are standing, to know what is being mirrored to you. And that there is also a shift in the field again and again, shift per country, but also a shift in all consciousness and shift in this world. Not only in the Essence of the earth, in her inner world, everything shifts, you shift with her. And your inner world will increasingly show the urge to become visible in the outer world.

That requires that all the old will have to give way, all the old will have to give way to what is now wringing out. And this wringing force is an urgent evoking force, cosmically, that has to do with what I opened with; the hand of God pushing this creation into a new form,
Do not fear it, do not fear when all that offered security will disappear, for I tell you, it will disappear.

Not in the way you think, will disappear in any other way that you were committed to, from old safeties from a very old perspective. And that new perspective will become clearer and clearer in your life as you realize what it is like to disconnect that which no longer fertilizes the essence in your life every time and will stimulate it to be able to reach a wider outflow in it and become more and more connected to that which represents that new influx.

the path

This new influx is of a very different quality, of a very high frequency, also has a deep, strong and above all old connection with many other layers in your consciousness.

It will turn from the inside out within you, and in this way it will become more and more clear that you are quite capable of making this flow your own, in connection with, and grounding this flow in such a way that the collective field, will really be a field in which the new earth will be able to take shape in its new design.

That is the help that can be given in this process, awareness, awareness and reassessing the value of all that is taking place. To see your own place in it again and again and to continue to take the value of your own consciousness high, to continue to estimate it highly. For that consciousness is the field to which attention must now so clearly be drawn again and again.

Stop letting yourself flow into what you want to undermine, stop being influenced by what you would like to take away from this field, based on old fields I spoke about earlier. But it is precisely from this,

this fact that what now really wants to root itself in your consciousness and seeks support, will become of the utmost importance. In it you will see more and more clearly what is the purpose of all that which moves in your world.
And this movement is becoming a bigger, bigger movement, collectively, but also not just on this earth.

Because what takes place on this planet takes place on many planets, there is also an enormous collective connection there. When you look at your own micro world, you will always know from consciousness that everything that happens in the Macro also takes place in your inner world. So give it the place it also demands in your consciousness at this moment, without any restraint but from the power that is within you. My blessing.

Be aware of the fact that the physical form will also disappear.

I would also like to point out the following: Be aware of the fact that the physical form will also disappear.

The old physical way that you know in your own material world will be a very different way. That in which you dwell, your own material temple, will become of quite a different level. And that also means that many are experiencing a lot of physical problems in your world right now.

Because there is also an enormous change visible there. And the entire cell structure, the entire human DNA structure will also be subject to the influx of what I have just outlined to you. There will also be an enormous shift in this, and it will also become materially visible that the change can also be seen as proof in the form.

So do not be afraid of changes in your life, also in this field, because this material change and all purification that also takes place materially worldwide through all kinds of disorders in humanity, have to do with this. The field will prepare. My blessing.


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