The intensity of this time

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

We fly from here to there and sometimes find it hard to catch our breath. All kinds of physical and emotional complaints are reviewed, of which we do not know what to do with them or where they come from. The ground is completely rammed out from under us, and we don’t know what to do anymore. These fierce times are shaking us, but everything is exactly as it should be.

Your new me

Funnily enough, everyone tries to reason everything with their head, but you won’t find the answers there. One moment you feel good, the next moment you are completely lost. Perhaps you recognize that you no longer know anything, can no longer think or function normally. And this is where it all begins, for this is where the new energy begins to tune in to you. Here your new self will form and you will slowly step into the new reality.

Be kind to yourself

For the time being you will still be tossed from one place to another, but it is important that you continue to listen to your body and your needs throughout this process. That you remain kind to yourself throughout the process and realize that, for example, all old emotional pieces can come up. One minute you’re crying over nothing or falling out, while the next you’re completely in the flow and everything you want is coming your way. It goes into high peaks and deep troughs, but eventually everything will slowly balance out.

Honor your body

It is important that you continue to listen to the needs of your body throughout this process. No matter how crazy those needs are. Sometimes you don’t want to do anything at all or nothing comes out, this is okay. The other time you eat everything loose and stuck, and all your good intentions are gone. This is also part of it. Then you have ailments or aches and pains that crop up everywhere, and yes… unfortunately this is also part of it. One minute you’re grounded, the next you feel lightheaded.

There may even be times when you are very forgetful, and just lost pieces. Or that you can’t come up with certain words, or just gibberish. This is also okay, there is nothing wrong with you. Your body tries to keep up with and integrate the new and higher energies. This is happening at a rapid pace. In order to integrate the energies faster and better, it is important that you do certain things. This can vary from just lying on the couch or bed to letting everything go completely. Walking in nature also helps to release the energies more easily. You don’t have to resist and you can accept that this is a tough period. Go do things that make you happy. Go to a healer, the sauna, a masseur/masseuse to integrate everything. A healer can also help to get everything flowing again.

Leave everything for what it is and enjoy again

Do things that increase your energy. Only do things that make you happy. In the moments when you have the energy for it, it is important to do everything that increases your energy, because this can help you in the whole process. Besides that nature can help you in this whole process, you can also watch laughter movies. You can do creative things, such as making a mood board, baking, painting, writing, crafts, or anything else that makes you happy.

Clean up your house so that the energy starts flowing again. Open your windows so that new energy can flow into your home. Go declutter your house and your wardrobe, get rid of all the old stuff. Because everything that is old and broken and that you no longer wear, also retains energy. Start wearing or applying more color to your home. Colors hold a certain frequency, which can increase your energy. The darker the colors, the more negative the energies can be attached to them.

Go change your house, or change your clothing style. Throw out all the old stuff from the fridge/freezer or pantry. Buy flowers for yourself, because flowers can also increase your energy frequency. Light candles or incense if you can. You can also use other scents around the house, such as aromatherapy. Because scents also carry a certain increasing frequency. Meditate, this also helps you increase the energy.

There are also videos on YouTube that increase or balance your energy, such as below. These frequencies can also attract to you what you need at that moment.

Different videos for different frequencies

There are many different ones and if you look on YouTube you can look up everything that helps you. Each video has a different frequency, so you can watch what you need at that moment. This can and will certainly help you. There are even videos that energetically clean your space when you listen to this.

So go try and feel everything for yourself, especially feel.

You will find that as you listen to this more often, your energies will balance out. You can also listen to mantras in the morning, which can help you start the day positively. Or videos that stimulate your pineal gland, this can help open your third eye. And to help you sleep better, there are also videos. So there are countless videos on YouTube, with hours of music that can help you through the entire process. If you have any questions about your process or this blog, you can always send me a message.



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