The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction
Satisfaction. My relationship with this word is complicated. To my ears it sounds like: I accept that it is no different and there is no other way. I think it can always be done differently. Not without consequences, but everything can be changed. Please note: this is different from accepting what is! This does not exclude the possibility that you can do even better. Whatever that “better” may be. Acceptance of the present is precisely a precondition for achieving more.

Contentment sounds so unpassionate. So resigned and sighing… as if you’ve given up and are utterly exhausted. Too tired to want more. These are of course my glasses through which I see and experience satisfaction, but that’s what it’s about. When someone says to me, and that has happened regularly: ‘you have to learn to be satisfied, everything revolts with me, almost in an adolescent way.

I then feel an enormous energy impulse coming up, but words fail me to respond quickly to the bringer of this message. They don’t understand. You don’t have to settle down for satisfaction in my opinion. You can long for more without being spoiled or dissatisfied. It is your birthright to be happy and your nature to always desire more but without dissatisfaction to be. I think now some eyebrows are shooting up.


The Law of Attraction

Here’s the punchline: being happy with what you have and longing for more. This opens the channel to “receive”. On this website, I have already written that I believe in the malleability of life. And that’s what this is about. It is also called the law of attraction. You have probably heard about this concept before through the bestseller The Secret from 2006.

However, the law is as old as the universe. Plato, Newton, Beethoven, Shakespeare and Einstein all used the Law of Attraction and even taught it secretly! In everyday life, for example, we see the law reflected in the expressions ‘who does good, who meets good’; ‘what you sow you shall reap’. And that’s exactly what the Law of Attraction is all about: what you give, you get back. There are religions where this is called karma.

The law

Everything we can perceive, but also what we cannot perceive, consists purely of energy. Science has long agreed on this. Your thoughts are also energy. Energy is nothing but vibration where the various types of energy differ in vibrational frequency. Negative thoughts, and therefore negative energy, have a low vibrational frequency. Positive thoughts and therefore positive energy has a high vibrational number. The law says: that which corresponds attracts each other. Positive energy attracts positive energy and negative energy attracts negative energy.

It’s just like the radio. If you tune in to radio 3, you can’t expect to hear radio 538. Those frequencies don’t match. In my environment, I often hear: “yes, but I know exactly what I want and what my dreams are, why doesn’t that happen?” Because you wish it out of a sense of lack, also called poverty consciousness.

The Law of Attraction

That is a negative emotion with a low vibrational frequency and so you attract more energy with a low vibrational frequency. If you are in a situation where you accept that it is the way it is and from there you wish for better and more beautiful things then you are in the right energy. And that’s quite a job I can tell you. Annemarie Postma’s book – The healing power of acceptance is exactly about this process. The law always works whether you know it or not. Similar to gravity; you don’t have to believe in it, but you can use knowledge of this law to your advantage.

Positive mindset

The trick is indeed to train yourself in being positive in your thoughts and therefore in your emotions. Try to think about what you do want in your life instead of what you don’t want. You already feel what those two different thoughts do to your emotion. The first feels hopeful and the second feels darker, heavier. Just look around you in your own environment; the people who complain the most; what is their life like? And people who seem to have everything going well, what sound do they make. What do they radiate? Satisfaction.


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