The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

“If you keep repeating to yourself that you want to feel good, your higher self/intuition/soul will whisper in your ear; “Go here. Go there. Look at this book. Throw that email away. Watch this TV show, don’t watch that show. Listen to this song. Don’t listen to that song.” Your higher self/intuition/soul will guide you step by step, bit by bit and moment by moment, as you make the Universe clear;

“All that matters is that I feel good” –  Abraham Hicks – The Law of Attraction

I notice that this sometimes evokes resistance; “This is not real. That’s not real life. Do I have to bury my head in the sand for all the misery around me? This is selfish.”

It is true that it is not realistic to always feel good, that is not the intention at all. Precisely the moments of negative emotions are the moments when you launch your wishes into the Universe. But in order for those wishes to come true, it is necessary that you focus on “feeling as good as possible” so that you become a vibrational match with your wish. That is the only way to make a wish manifest.

Downward spiral

The Law of Attraction

It is certainly not the intention to bury your head in the sand. There is indeed more than enough misery in the world. But now ask yourself what you positively contribute by feeling miserable about this. Who benefits from that? Not you, not your environment, and also the people who are in misery. You then end up in a downward spiral of thoughts and emotions, which makes you attract more and more of them. And this will eventually lead to the manifestations that match it.

Inspirational ideas

And then ask yourself what you positively contribute if you focus on feeling as good as possible. You feel good about this and you end up in a positive upward spiral so your manifestations will also be more and more positive. From that position, you are of much more value, firstly for yourself but also for others. Now you have something to offer, out of compassion, love, and strength. And not out of pity, powerlessness, and a sense of despair. Now you have access to the inspiration that leads to ideas that will lead to satisfying solutions.

So is it selfish to make “feeling your best” your top priority? Or is it necessary to be able to take good care of yourself and others?


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