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The lesson from Moonlight: Do you choose hope or fear?

Is there hope for the earth and humanity? A question that lives with many of us. The time of tribal warfare is long gone, but is the present time much more hopeful? The connection with Mother Earth seems to be getting less and less.

Profit seems more important than preserving the earth. The tribals have long warned against it: Do not take too much of the earth and do nothing that is irreversible or that causes irreparable damage.

Are these, as some think, messages from savages who know no better? Or are they right? Should we listen to wise messages from our elsewhere ? Of these wise souls with an exceptional intuition and a special connection with the collective consciousness?

We seem to be at a tipping point, a moment of Transition!

Are we waking up en masse now? Is the fear finally big enough? Are we finally going to share what really matters? Are we moving towards a new awareness? Are we still listening to our hearts? According to our own intuition? And do we take this as a guideline, or are we guided by fear?

The book Maanlicht by Ingrid Bertrand is about these kinds of questions. She translated the moment of Transition where we find ourselves into a beautiful forest fable about a mouse that moves into the large, wild forest at a very young age.

Who does she meet along the way? What lessons can she learn? Is the wide world, the dark forest, as exciting as her parents fear? Ingrid Bertrand used her inexhaustible imagination and rich life experience when she went into the forest to sit down with pen and paper and let the story flow through her.

“It’ll be fine!”

Moon Light

She still spoke in a hoarse voice and whispered, “It wasn’t so much that I came up with the story. It was as if the story found me before, that it wanted to be written by me.” Then she gasped for a moment. “You know, it will all work out in the end.” Author Ingrid Bertrand did not mention herself at all, because shortly after her book was published in the Groene Gedachte, she left her life due to illness.

But she was so happy that she had accomplished her life’s mission by writing this adult story. And that she herself still saw her baby. It had taken her four years. As an audiovisual artist, during her professional career she mainly worked with images and spoken language, because by nature she had a strong mediagenic voice that was used for reports. Now she could go with peace of mind, for everything was neatly completed,

MaanLicht can be seen as a strong visualization that guides the necessary transition to a world of more connection and cooperation from a ‘general’ awakening.

Adult fantasy readers and seekers with a strong earth spirit will find what they are looking for in MaanLicht: an exciting imaginative story about forest inhabitants, which also provides insights and hope for that better world that we have been waiting for so long.

MaanLicht by Ingrid Bertrand† is published by De Groene Thought, costs 22 € and can be ordered in any bookstore.


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