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The Lessons of the Lion’s Gate: Handling Firepower

It’s August again, with that important lion’s gate. This time is exactly between the solstice (June) and the harvest month (September). The energy of August is that of the zodiac sign Leo: full of fire, energy and decisiveness. It makes it easier for you to be yourself and show yourself. That firepower also presents us with a challenge: how do you use this power positively? The right ‘dose’ of firepower in any situation will take you further. Too much firepower does damage and too little puts you out. It is quite a challenge to use your fire as a force, since every situation demands something different.

The first challenge you will face in this age of the lion’s gate is this:
How to keep your own fire burning, no matter what is going on around you or what others are firing at you. The challenge is to manage your fire, with care, attention and grace to keep your fire just right for you. Not too fiery, not too extinguished.

The second challenge is this:

Are you using your own fire to consume the thoughts, feelings, patterns and behaviors that no longer belong to you? The challenge is to burn those parts of yourself that hinder your progress with lion’s courage. From the ashes and your transformative power, something new can emerge. During this period of the lion’s gate you can experience a major cleaning or restart.

What is the lion’s gate?

lion gate firepowerThe lion’s gate is a constellation of planets that come into a certain position relative to each other, so that we humans experience a new energy. A cosmic upgrade, as it were. On August 8, the lion gate is fully open.

What we do with this energy is up to us. But do you notice that the firepower is already increasing in advance? It is not as simple as: you get a dot of new energy that only brings more strength, more power and happiness. The new can only come when the old is really done. Lion power is now at your disposal, in all its facets: fiery, restrained, full steam ahead, sparing your strength, astute and selective. It’s not all about standing up and going in your firepower or I power: it’s more challenging.

A Lion’s Gate within yourself: your solar plexus chakra

Be with yourself, not subordinate yourself to another, choose carefully which energy you let in and most importantly: reinvent yourself, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. All you need to do is follow the process. If it is sometimes not clear to you in which direction the process is going or which feelings to listen to, focus on the place in your body where your center is: your solar plexus.

Your solar plexus is also the third chakra (seen from the base chakra at the bottom of your spine). Your solar plexus is the place from which you can fill your aura with your energy, so that you can more easily take your place. Here is, as it were, the bellows of your inner fire: you can make it blaze or extinguish more, just as it pleases you.

Because of all the energetic growth we have already made, we can bring our solar plexus chakra to the 5D vibrational frequencies faster and easier. With this you free yourself as a highly sensitive person from all obstacles that limit you to stand fully in your light. If your solar plexus chakra is still focused on scanning your environment and whether it is safe, you will not be able to really put yourself down.

Think of: feeling too much, being shy, not feeling safe, being flooded by energy from others, being in your head, not feeling your body well, being too modest and adapting too much, etc. Stirring up the fire in your solar plexus and this chakra ‘order’ to energetically to 5Dto go means that you can do your own thing, take your place, make your voice heard, take up your space, etc., without causing any inconvenience to others. It’s just going into a world that is there for you, full of abundance and opportunity. The lion’s gate announces quite a change if you so choose!

2 exercises for your firepower

I have two short and effective exercises for you that you can do yourself to get your inner fire just right for the lion’s gate:

Exercise to stoke your fire:

Stand somewhere you feel safe and close your eyes. Connect with your Earth Star Chakra (located approximately 20-30cm below your feet) and ground yourself. Take the energy from this chakra into your body and fill every spot with it as much as you can. Then make contact with your Soul Star Chakra at 20-30 cm above your head and also absorb the energy of this chakra into your body. You are now receiving energy from two channels.
Then make contact with the element ‘fire’ through your will. Imagine a fire, or a burning candle, a torch, or a lava flow.

Ask yourself with your inner voice what aspect of fire you need: courage, energy, strength, enthusiasm, life energy, manifestation power, tenacity, transformation power, etc. Then call Archangel Metatronand ask him to give you the aspect you need via the orange beam. Do you notice whether that orange beam is coming from above your head, from under your feet or from both channels. Fill your body completely with the orange beam and Metatron’s gift to you: replenishing the specific energy you need. If you like it, you also fill your aura with this energy. You close by thanking yourself and Metratron and opening your eyes.Star children – the evolution of man (1)

Exercise to extinguish your fire a little

Stand somewhere you feel safe and close your eyes. Connect with your Earth Star Chakra (located approximately 20-30cm below your feet) and ground yourself . Take the energy from this chakra into your body and fill every spot with it as much as you can. At the same time, allow any energy you wish to disconnect into this Earth star chakra to disappear. Imagine that this chakra is pulling the energy you want to get rid of, like a magnet. Then take all the energy that is still ‘in the air’ somewhere around you back into your body. Feel again if you want to drain some of it.

When you feel this drainage is done, turn your attention to your solar plexus, the area between your belly button and your sternum. You experience how the energy in your solar plexus is in terms of color and how wide (large) your chakra is at the moment. If you feel it is too wide open, make it smaller with your thoughts. It helps to imagine a sphere of light that you shrink until it is right for you. When you have done that, in front of your solar plexus, on the outside of your body, place a large, brilliant sun. This sun guards your Solar Plexus Chakra.

You give this sun the colors that come to you first. Gold, white light and yellow are the colors that purify and ‘guard’ your solar plexus. On the golden ray also enters the feeling of intense joy. By making your solar plexus smaller in this way and putting a sun – a shield – in front of it, less energy comes in that you have to do something with, so that your firepower needs to flare up less. You close by thanking yourself and opening your eyes.

Hopefully, these exercises will help you stir up or contain your inner fire. Firepower is a powerful force that will take you further in your development, provided you have it under control as much as possible. So choose wisely when to use it and how!

Another sober note: should the entire 7-7 or 8-8 gate pass you by, fear not: the lion’s gate is already opening and will remain open. There is no such thing as ‘the best moment’ when you consciously start working with this fire energy. It is not mandatory to do so on the so-called gate days. The best moment is your moment… a lot of firepower, in the right dose!


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