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The Light returns


This Wesak period is unique, with great potential to catapult you into a higher vibrational state of being. Be alert to the opportunities and you will have powerful fuel for your enlightenment. You can throw out large amounts of old dysfunctional patterns and step into your higher purpose – much easier than before.

Why is this Wesak different?

  1. There has been a significant acceleration in humanity’s awakening process since last year. Global events and shifts in consciousness show massive changes in how people view things and react to circumstances.

    There were significant moments in the awakening process in 2012, eg the solstice of December 21, but this Wesak brings even greater potential.

  2. However you view your own spiritual process over the past year, you have indeed grown in consciousness, as well as in your ability to shine your light brightly into the world. At times, you may feel the same as before, or even frustrated with long-term challenges that just keep coming. It takes great clarity to notice your own subtle inner shifts. What you see can be deceiving. Trust that you are not the same being you were a year ago.

  3. There is now more openness to the spiritual energies available during the Wesak each year. At this time of year it is often easier to access the light and spiritual blessings of enlightened beings such as the Buddha. However, if you participate this year, you can accelerate your spiritual growth by leaps and bounds. A great energetic portal is open, leading to spiritual energies and wisdom of higher dimensions. You can now tune in to that.

  4. This year’s unusual planetary cycles create enormous potential for revolutionary shifts in consciousness. The planetary positions trigger great transformation, both inner and outer, and catalyze a profound ‘questioning’ and desire for change. You don’t need to understand astrology to feel its influence.

These things affect everyone. There are two eclipses in May that will likely speed up the ride on the roller coaster. The May 9 solar eclipse with the new moon will stimulate outer world events. Two weeks later, the May 24 lunar eclipse will spark inner themes. Your ride can go easier when you connect with the Wesak blessings and energetic openings. Huge shifts are then possible for you.

  1. Your spiritual initiation process can accelerate greatly during this period. Wesak is typically a time of initiation and spiritual growth, but potential is now quantum. That is because you are increasingly evolving into a multi-dimensional state that is quantum and expanded. This is part of your destiny and this is even wired into your DNA.transparent water woman

You may never have experienced or heard of a Wesak, but your DNA contains memories of what the ancient enlightened masters taught about the path of enlightenment. That is because of what your ancestors learned and also because of memories in the collective consciousness. These things are not forgotten even in the darkest of times.

After all, your true nature is divine. It is encoded in you to remember this, and to awaken your true self. Everyone has his or her own timetable for enlightenment. Enlightened beings like the Buddha, the Christ, and Tapihritsa taught these things, in part by how they lived their lives. When you celebrate Wesak, you can tangibly connect with such beings, receive their help for your own liberation. Extensive spiritual energies are present, and the veil between the dimensions is thinner, helping you to receive abundant blessings. Your awakening can then enter a new phase.

During the celebration of Wesak and throughout it, you can put yourself in situations where you can connect with others on the path of conscious awakening. Also, personally spend time with such people. If you can, participate in group celebrations that can help amplify experiences, while lifting humanity up at the same time. The light of the enlightened masters is more accessible than ever before. Open yourself to it.

Allow the example of these ancients to spark a new commitment within yourself, giving you the spiritual fuel and opportunity you need for your own self-realization.

Take action that will shine your light in the world. Your loved ones, neighbors, and others you don’t even know will benefit from sharing your light. Indeed, your light will initiate the opening process for others. Don’t underestimate your own power to change the world.

Think of your power as a divine change maker – your ability to receive the good things of the universe and to create a light-filled world.

Tune in and then you can serve your purpose.


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