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The love of angels

She emerges elegantly from the limousine, assisted by a man wearing a tuxedo. Hundreds of cameras clicked. A thousand flashes of brilliant light reflect off her beautiful face as she poses for the photographers.

She moves into the building in almost slow motion. How can she walk straight after that, I wondered? Doesn’t the light blind here? Her love of being in the spotlight is so great that she enjoys the bursts of light, and she doesn’t care about the impact.

Angelic messages often come in flashes – short bursts of light. Are you in it like the frequently photographed celebrities? Or do you hide your face with your hands?

It is said that many people would rather be dead than have to speak in front of a group of people. In the film, “When Harry Met Sally,” one of the characters said, “That means if you were at a funeral, you’d rather be a corpse than the person giving the eulogy.

” However, some don’t feel that way. My friend Mike, often speaks for his work in front of large groups of people. “I never met a microphone I didn’t like,” he laughs when I ask him what this feels like.

I live in a city of about ten thousand inhabitants and about a 30-minute drive from a major metropolitan city. In the city there is one radio station that has been broadcasting music for the last 50 years.

The station employs two or three DJs; older men with sonorous, easily recognizable voices and they look good, microphone in hand, and interviewing people at the various festivals and events that take place throughout the year. Imagine that one of them approaches you.

Could you talk to him? Does his friendly face and his welcoming manner reassure you? Or do you focus on your fear of the microphone and the fact that your voice will be heard in the homes where the radio is tuned to that station?

What type are you? Are you someone who likes to be in the spotlight or would you rather be dead? Do you allow the spotlight of Angel whispers to shine upon you, even for brief moments, as their loving kindness reassures you? Do you run like so many run away from the welcoming microphone of the radio DJs?

Imagine sitting in your booth at a street festival, paint and brushes ready, painting the face of an employee because there are no kids waiting at the time. You feel stupid and crazy after sitting there for hours and painting over 50 faces.

The photographer from the newspaper walks past. He wants to take a picture of you. Are you open to the attention? What is your first reaction? This happened to me and my response was, “Oh no, I’ve been sitting here for hours in the wind and the misty rain. What does my hair look like?”

How willing are you to be in the spotlight without being notified in advance? How willing are you to let the light shine on you for a moment? How willing are you to realize that you are experiencing the “15 minutes of familiarity” that everyone has prophesied,

but that there is more to you than those 15 minutes? Are you willing to be further enlightened? Are you willing to step into what can contribute to a life of recognition because you can hear the Angels?

SpotlightIn the shopping center nearby is a shop called “Lighting”. I think they sell the most wonderful scented candles I’ve ever come across.

The lighting in the store has been kept low on purpose so that it appears dark when you walk in. As your eyes adjust, you see the light of many burning candles, which are available for viewing in various places in the store.

The effect is enchanting. Are you willing to sit in the figurative dark and be enlightened by the flames of the Angelic messages that fold over your consciousness? Are you willing to allow yourself to be enchanted?

Willingness to allow the light to shine on you is important if you like hearing Angels. Is it blind? Not if you stay focused on your direction like the celebrities do. Is it scary? Not if you welcome anyone who’s tuned in and listening, like DJs do on the radio. Is it painful? Not if you don’t care who sees your photo in the newspaper, even if you’d rather have remained hidden.

The love of angels

Are you willing to stand in the total love that the Angels have for you? Do you allow it to appear in events of your day as a surprising flash of illumination? Angels sometimes surprise us. You are doing something and their voices are flashing into your consciousness.

You have an epiphany, suddenly an insight or you simply feel yourself filled with love. Are you willing to be touched by the fact that they like to be with you in your human form? Are you willing to have more than 15 minutes of fame? Are you willing to shine the light on you and let the messages in? Are you willing to let people “find out” that you really hear the Angels?

How different is your life now than before you could hear the Angels? What kind of attention – positive or negative – have you been in since you used your knowledge? How do you feel like a celebrity? What events did you wish to hide from? Which events have you fully enjoyed? Please write to me at [email protected] I am very interested in your stories.

Whatever the events that happen, wallow in the light they contain as the light is full of love. Remember that love is, love is always. And so it is.


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