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The Magic of Feeling Good  

Feeling good is an important state of being that is often underestimated. Usually it is seen as temporary and associated with health, relaxation and being content with yourself and your circumstances. However, a substantial feeling of goodness goes further; there is a broader aspect to this. It addresses life questions such as: Who am I? It is the key to what we call Happiness…

You are so much more…

Feeling good means: resonance with the deeper part of yourself that you (usually) hardly perceive and only know as “a voice deep down”, something intuitive and unreasonable. However, this part is your largest and all-encompassing component. It is the non-physical, energetic area in which you are one with all that lives and where everything is present in potential, in short: Consciousness.

Listening to the voice or your Higher Self as it is also called feels good. And that is not for nothing. Feeling good indicates that you are on your path; that you think, do and are as you want from that spacious, essential Self. Feeling good is a compass!


When you listen to what makes you happy, to what makes the life energy flow, to what gives you satisfaction and even fulfillment, then you come into true contact with Yourself. Self-knowledge, knowing what you really want and what feels right for you, arises from relaxation, ease and above all:
Joy! You then focus on your feelings, on your deeper desires, instead of on the outside world and the circumstances. You listen and tune in to Yourself and then you receive! And so you create your own life of feeling good and “picking up” more aspects of Yourself.

you are all right

How can you apply this in your daily life? It is a matter of trusting yourself as a human being, your feelings, and knowing that you are completely okay yourself; here and now with all your baggage, your wishes and your walk of life.

And important is the realization that you as Consciousness, so your wider self, are easily accessible, contrary to what is often claimed. You don’t need a guru or medium to connect with Yourself! To gain clarity, to “awaken” and to experience enlightenment, you are exactly right as you are now. Everything is present in You; ask and receive. You are your own leader, your own way…

Feeling Free

Feeling good thus leads to feeling even more good and brings you into agreement with this. Positive things now resonate with you (even) more because you are so much lighter. You gain more and more clarity and insight into yourself. And through the Universal Law of Attraction it is empowering; you will attract more and more what gives you attention.
This allows you to consciously play, which is a wonderful area in which you will experience the enormous freedom and creativity that you essentially are. You create your own life, your own world. And so there is room for Magic. Ultimately, feeling good is an unconditional quality; you essentially don’t need anything for it and you don’t have to do anything for it. You can get it all out of Yourself! Yes, then one speaks of Happiness.

In practice

What does this mean for everyday life? Doing relaxing and joyful things stimulates feeling good: taking a nap, or taking a bath, walking in nature, listening to nice music, eating good food, in short: anything that relaxes your ‘system’. This can also mean that you are less on your roof and  do a little less. All this makes you accessible to receive signals and answers (from yourself) in the form of inspiration, insights, thoughts and emotions that invite and stimulate you….
You will find your way more and more and you will come to new choices and changes in your life. This may not all immediately be experienced as pleasant; following your heart takes courage and above all trust in Yourself, and in the goodness of the universe that you are thus essentially. It is an exciting and wonderful journey…


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