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The Magic of Spiritual Surrender

Dear Human, do you believe in your own magic? Do you believe that you are an instrument of love, guided by Source? Magic and wonders unfold the moment you dare to let go of control and surrender to the divine guidance that fuels your divine power. In this way, as a co-creator of the Universe, you will create your own world from love.

When you start following your inner guidance, you enter the flow that takes you where you are meant to be, in a form that is completely in tune with your authentic self. But how do you do that?

Crisis as a starting point

I must confess that I lost my faith in myself for a while. How did that come about? I was too distracted by the voices of the outside world and so lost my own course. Later I also realized that I was unconsciously being held back by a deep-seated fear. A fear that invalidated me and killed the magic of love. By embracing this fear, I paved the way for love and spiritual surrender.

The road to spiritual surrender began with a crisis. I had set up a series of workshops and wanted a lot of participants, but despite doing a lot of PR for it, the registrations remained minimal. The key is in the word “want”. I wanted to have as many participants, because only then was the workshop a success.

Due to the low response I started to doubt myself and saddled myself with negative beliefs and placed my sense of happiness outside of me and made that dependent on the number of participants. So I was not attuned to a higher interest, but purely to my will. This blocked me. Maybe you recognize this?

Letting go of control

In desperation I started praying for help and then got the idea to read an e-mail from someone I was following that mentioned a certain Gaby Bernstein. I missed this email. Had I overlooked it because I didn’t have to read it until later? I feel like it should be.

The email described 5 steps to spiritual surrender. As I read and practiced this one, I realized I was completely in control and it was time to let it go.

After I prayed, I went to a yoga class the same evening and afterwards I drew an insight card from a card catalog. The card read: Believe in your own magic. When I read that I knew ok it’s all good and I’m just going to do my workshop no matter how many because this is what I really want to share and it’s right. In the meantime, new registrations came in.

So I started my workshop series and have not been discouraged by the low number. The great thing about this is that there is a lot of connection in a small setting and that I realize that it doesn’t have to be big and that it doesn’t suit me either.

Had I not prayed, I would have ended up in a negative spiral and the workshop would have been canceled and I might have lost confidence. But precisely because I let it go and let myself be guided and faithful to the little voice in myself that I had to continue and the confirmation by the card, a beautiful workshop series arose and the interest grows because I am happy to be able to express myself in this way. Happiness is contagious and triggers a positive flow!

The 5 Steps of Spiritual Surrender

Below I describe the 5 steps to Spiritual Surrender. I have freely translated these steps following a video by Gaby Bernstein that you can view via this link:

These 5 steps have helped me enormously to rediscover the magic of trust . A magic that only comes when you let go of your will and reconnect with the flow of your soul grounded in love.

The 5 steps to Spiritual Surrender are:

  1. Pray that what you want is in the best interests of all. So basically for the sake of love. This disconnects the Ego. Let go of control and let the Source guide you.
  2. Focus on what flows in your life. Be thankful for all the things that are there. This is how you create a flow of positive energy. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have (thinking in deficits).
  3. See that every detour is part of your process of connecting even more with the love within you and with Source.
  4. Ask for a sign that you are on the right track, as confirmation of your desire.
  5. And when you think you’ve let go of everything, let go of even more.

The Importance of Prayer

In the 5 Steps of Spiritual Surrender, Gaby emphasizes the necessity of letting go of control and the importance of prayer. The prayer brings you in a different state of Being and in connection with the Source.

By praying you make room for the Great Will that is connected to the Source and you put the will of your little self aside. ‘Thy will be done’ is a phrase of surrender to Source. You also pray that everything is in the highest interest of everyone and so you are not concerned with your own will, but you attune yourself to the higher order of Love.

Be grateful

Step 2 is expressing gratitude for what is in your life and what flows. In this way you can focus on abundance and get out of lack thinking. Step 3 is very important: everything is connected in love and meant to bring you back to love. Every detour takes you to a deeper connection within yourself. And this detour can take the form of an illness, burnout , unemployment, loss of a relationship etc. So focus on the message hidden in the detour and don’t complain!

Believe and let go

Step 4 is about asking for a sign and for me the sign was the card with the message ‘believe in your own magic’. And last step 5: let go even more, because the power of the will is strong and can very quickly sabotage the connection with your Soul.

Being an instrument of love through prayer

Prayer is central to the process of spiritual surrender. For prayer is the only way to free yourself from your ego and open up as a channel of love. In the video, Gaby talks about 2 types of prayers, the Course in Miracles and the Assisi prayer. I also apply these prayers myself but I think it is very personal which prayer you want to use and it doesn’t matter so much as long as the prayer comes from your heart.

The prayer itself, the turning to the Source, already brings a sense of calm to you and sets your heart free. I personally find Assisi’s prayer very powerful and apply it when I notice that I am living too much from my will. In this way I switch back a corridor, go back to my core, to my feeling, to my heart and make contact with the Love. I then feel how I become a channel of love and from here I can start flowing again and perceive my inner guidance better.

We so often get in the way of Love because we want to hold onto a certain form and are convinced that it is the right thing for us. While there may be something much better for us, but by clinging to our will, we cannot see it and therefore cannot receive it. By praying, letting go of control and having faith, you create space for magic and miracles. Really! Give it a try and see what happens.

Spiritual surrender puts us in the movement of letting go of the little self and reconnecting with the greater will from our Soul. Because we want to hold on to a certain form or to a conviction, we block the magic of the miracle and thus the flow of Love. Spiritual Surrender creates space for insights and inspiration that could never have come about at the level of the Ego.

By walking the path of spiritual surrender, you feel more connected with yourself and with Source and you clear the way for something new to emerge without forcing. To do this, you must be brave enough to be willing to open up to guidance and continue to have faith that you are being supported.

The prayer from the Course in Miracles and the prayer of Francis of Assisi mentioned below help you to open to love and open the way to greater inner peace. In this way you will create from love and no longer manifest from fear and desires that are attuned to your Authentic I.

Trust takes the place of control and love takes the place of fear. The choice is yours whether you want to stay stuck in the fear and control or let go more but I can assure you that the way of love is much nicer and I hope you can discover it your way at your own pace.

Below are the 2 prayers described:

Prayer from the Course of Miracles

What do you want me to do?
Where do you want me to go
What do you want me to say?
and against whom?

make me an instrument of your peace.
Let me bring in love where there is hatred;
where there are wounds, forgiveness;
where there is division, unity;
where there is error, truth;
where there is doubt, trust;
where there is despair, hope;
where darkness is your light;
where there is sorrow, joy.

O Master,
let me not so much seek
to be comforted as to comfort;
to be understood, as well as to be understood;
to be loved, as well as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;
it is forgotten in ourselves that we find;
it is in forgiving that we are forgiven:
it is in dying that we are reborn in eternity


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