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The Magical Gift Called Twin Flame

It is a beautiful sensation to be able to meet your  essential other (your twin soul) during earthly existence. This meeting is very moving. You are therefore thrown back to your core . Your own essence. Your essential other is also confronted with itself. The meeting makes you both feel at home.
At home with each other and at home with yourself. It is a recognition and acknowledgment that goes through deep layers. You see each other for the first time, but you feel like you’ve always known each other. In essence this is so, because being separate is an illusionary affair. Your essential otherand You together form a whole. Together you are one.

unconditional love

After this first meeting, a process of awareness and self-realization is steadily set in motion. You are thrown into the depths where pain pieces were buried for a long time under a thick layer of self-denial. Much is being brought up with the ultimate intention of recognizing yourself. Everything that is not serving is magnified in this process to be recognized and at the same time equalized.

For example, you can think of pain that was already initiated in childhood. Topics such as having trouble with yourself, not being seen, not being heard and not feeling worthy, missing a safe ground to be who you really are, are discussed.In addition, the unconditional love that is the basis of this unique connection is greatly mirrored from each other and to each other.

When it comes to Twin Flame, there is often talk of the feminine energy and the masculine energy. Every person has both feminine energy and masculine energy. This is not gender specific. It is important to realize that this is not a fixed fact.

Instead of calling one twin soul by definition the female and the other the male twin soul, I prefer to speak about the one half that lays the solid foundation from creative power, the primal feeling (read intuition), sensitivity, sensuality, and the other half that connects to the solid foundation by means of decisiveness and further shaping that which has already been initiated by the other half of the twin soul.

The heart in the center

One of the great things about meeting your essential other is that your awakening is rapid. You will feel more intense, perceive many more things. The feeling takes on a prominent place, you become more and more yourself, your real self without masks. This can lead to a drastic career switch.

Entrepreneurship, in whatever form, is often chosen. There may even be outward changes. Lighten the color of the eyes, hair grows differently, the position of the teeth changes. It is not strange that in twin soul land one resembles the other. The similarities are present everywhere in the earthly world. Separately, the same choices are often made.

twin flame

During the awakening process, raising one’s own consciousness and growth realized on a spiritual level go together. This is partly because, in addition to self-realization, twin souls also serve a higher purpose in the collective.

Because of their being, their being together, a lot of information transfer to more heart consciousness can take place. The catch-up is made from thinking to feeling. The Age of Aquarius, the time in which people now live, also contribute to this. Reasoning from ratio is nullified. Feeling, the primal feeling in combination with the heart, will be central and will also take the upper hand.

Unity with self

In a while, read within now and less than 10 years, the term twin flame twin soulship will no longer be surprised. The whole frenzy about this is going to disappear; people live more consciously, the higher level of consciousness and the higher heart consciousness make people take it for granted.

For those who make the choice not to engage in the inner process and thereby project everything outside themselves and are always looking for confirmation and recognition of the other twin soul, a connection at soul level can feel very heavy. They are overwhelmed with charge. While it is not or does not have to be a heavy burden.

In order to be able to realize unity with your essential other and to carry it here in the earthly, you must first have created and experienced the unity with yourself. Your happiness does not depend on the presence or absence of your essential other † You have fully accepted and recognized yourself. You make choices from your heart and your primal feeling.

You live your own truth. Propagating your life mission is central to you. You know what you have to offer and you have sincerely opened your heart to receive, give and share. With your essential other , your environment and the collective.

your very best self

The magical thing about the connection is that both you and your essential other are fully empowered to create and experience the very best version of yourself. Your journey of meeting, undergoing the process of self-realization and realizing the togetherness here on the earth plane, has everything to do with daring to take the step to be completely yourself.

You often hear that the meeting of twin souls on earth is very difficult and that it does not occur. Don’t let yourself be boxed in by this conviction. There are already many twin souls who share the earthly existence with each other and there are more and more. Anything is possible as long as you have the guts to take it on. By this I mean: the complete process of self-realization and the union with self. Gathering and being together with your essential other here on Earth is a logical consequence of this.


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