The manifesting power of words (+ meditation to feel the energy of words)


If you are interested in consciousness and self-development you will undoubtedly come across ‘affirmations’ or ‘mantras’, or maybe even books that deal with the power of prayer. But why would this be so powerful and it often doesn’t seem to work?

Unconscious use of language

Language is such a normal part of our society. We think and we talk all day long. It is our way of expressing ourselves. And yet we do this so unconsciously.

For example: If someone tells you about someone you don’t know yet, you already get a story, a picture, and a feeling about that person. So without having your own experience with that person, you already think something of him. This combined with how energy and spiritual laws function, already set up your experience with that person. So without you ever having contact, your experience with that person is already (partially) determined.

If you knew what you can achieve when you consciously direct words instead of just ‘letting them happen’, you would want to learn this right away to experience how much power you have within you. You can – through words – send the picture with the accompanying feeling yourself. When you would do this very consciously, you create your own experiences. But is it enough to shout all day how wonderful everything is? No, because as long as your feeling does not agree with this and you also have programming that says the opposite, abundance, success, love, happiness, and harmony will not come to you.

There is a way to use creative power through words. How? Please read and use the following tips in particular.

1. The right words

The manifesting power of words (+ meditation to feel the energy of words)

First of all, the choice of your words is of course important. So choose them carefully. Fortunately, there is enough written material to be found of words that have already proven to work, so-called ‘scientific prayers’. There are words that – when pronounced correctly – have the ability to awaken the energy that is palpable to all who utter these words. However, it can sometimes take some people a little longer before they can feel the energy. This is because they have so identified themselves with thinking that they can no longer perceive their feeling as well.

When you say scientific prayers, you will remember what is really true. Not what you have come to believe because of your upbringing, because of your past experiences, because of what you have gone through, because of the conclusions you have drawn. You feel again what it really is. And from feeling that truth you can manifest what you do want.

2. The right frequency

When you want to speak words of truth, make sure you are in the right frequency. That is to say: you only do it when you feel calm. A nice tool is heart coherence breathing. A simple breath that very quickly signals the body that you are safe so that you feel calm. And it’s that rest you need to carry your words.

3. The right focus

The manifesting power of words (+ meditation to feel the energy of words)

The two most powerful words in existence are the words ‘I AM’/’I AM’. Because your life energy follows everything you add to this. So it brings you more of that. What would you like to experience in your life? Do you want more harmony? Love? Money? Peace? Friends? A nice relationship? Meaning? It’s all within your reach when you start deploying what you already use all day long: words. Only now you are using your words from a focused focus. Just as you would hold a magnifying glass still on a sheet of paper so that the sunbeam could ignite the paper. In this way, you keep your focus on that which is true. And then it must happen.

Do you want to do this experiment? Then you can download a guided meditation here. In this guided meditation you speak the words that set your life energy in motion to bring you what you desire. The meditation lasts about half an hour and has already been done by many thousands of people with great effects.


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