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The Message of the New Children

A Message from the Heart

The New Children, the Indigo and the Crystal Children, have come to the Planet to be your children. But they have come for a specific purpose, which is to help the Planet with its Evolution through the process known as Resurrection. So while you enjoy them and experience them as part of your family and community, they have a Higher Spiritual Purpose. That goal will be at the heart of this speech.

As individuals, the Indigo and Crystal Children have many great gifts and talents. They are often very intelligent, creative and psychic. They can see and communicate with guides and angels, and they are just as much at home in the Material as they are in the Spiritual world. But it is as a GROUP that their energy and their message is important. It is as a group that they work on the Planet to bring and ground a new kind of energy.

That energy is the Crystal or “Christ energy”, which represents the level of “Christ consciousness””. And the message of the New Children is a Message from the Heart. As a group they work to help humanity open the Collective Heart Chakra and welcome the new energy. It took a powerful “move” to raise the consciousness of humanity to the level required for the birth of a New Society and a New Earth.

And the New Children have made that “move”. By helping humanity open its heart chakra and by working from the heart, the New Children are enabling the process known as Resurrection. They are the engine and power of Resurrection, and their message is to awaken humanity and push it forward.

Their job is to create a new society based on Love and Empowerment. It is a society that exists beyond duality, in the realm of “Oneness”. It is a group project of children all over the Planet, and it serves to bring the human family together and unite in the concept of a New Society or a Golden Age for the planet.

The Past of Man… the Future of the Crystal Man

In the latter part of the twentieth century, people were geared up to destroy themselves and the planet. There were many prophecies, stories and ideas that placed the “end times” in the closing years of the twentieth century. If people had been left to their own devices, they would probably have created an “end” by now.

But many on the Planet were willing to grow further and were more interested in the Golden Age that had also been prophesied. And so the Realm of Spirit listened and the Indigo and Crystal children from all parts of the galaxy and of the Earth were called upon to assist with this process. Brave and beautiful souls, highly evolved souls, master souls…

who would be tasked with breaking through the old jammed systems, to then quickly raise consciousness so that humans could move to a fifth dimensional Earth and function as Multidimensional Human Masters or Angels. Right now we are in that process of rapid consciousness shift. We call it Resurrection.

In the last years of the twentieth century, the crisis on the Planet was widespread. The systems set up by man to create a balanced society had become systems of stagnation and oppression. Systems such as the economy, health care, law and education no longer served the communities and people for whom they were originally designed. They had become self-serving and self-feeding systems that were destructive and oppressive.

Humanity in general had lost the spiritual dimension of life and focused on the lower chakra areas of money, sex and power as the meaning of life. Overconsumption had become the life goal in the developed world and those ideas and concepts spread very quickly across the planet creating a society based on greed and materialism.

In the 1970s and 1980s, many of the Lightworkers already working on the Great Shift or Resurrection asked for help and their prayers were heard. The Indigo children were sent to begin the process of rapid consciousness-raising.

By 1987 there were enough of them and enough progress had been made for the “Harmonic Convergence” to take place, initiating the process of activating and aligning the New Crystalline Grids for the New Planet and New Humanity. This process was not completed until the late 1990s, when the first Crystal Children arrived to work with the New Grid System.

At that point, the “end times scenario” was canceled by the Human Collective Consciousness and construction of the New Earth began on the Crystal Foundations that had been laid. A new type of Human began to appear, the Indigo-Crystal Human, or Human Angel, a being attuned to the Higher Dimensions and the Physical Dimensions, a being who was psychic and spiritual, connected to the Angelic Realm, and yet happy to be in human form and work to create “heaven on earth” on the Planet.

The Coming of the New Children… The Indigo Crystals Timeline.

The first Indigo beings came to the planet in the 1940’s. The war known as “World War II” had removed much of the negativity from the planet allowing the first highly evolved beings to incarnate in physical form. It was at that time in the Higher Dimensions that the decision was made that Earth would continue to exist and that the new Golden Age would come.

In the 1940s, 50s and 60s, “the leaders” of the New Earth, the first “New Children” were born. They were born all over the planet and their mission was to begin the process of ‘questioning’ and ‘testing’. And right now, many of these early Indigos are the leaders and illuminators for the consciousness shift that is part of the process of Ascension and Transition.

These Early Indigos paved the way for the first “wave” of Indigos, which we might call a “mass landing”. In the 1970’s, a huge wave of Indigos incarnated on Earth and began to “boost” the energy on the planet. With the birth of each new Indigo or Crystal child, consciousness in the Collective is automatically raised.

When large numbers of them incarnate simultaneously, the Collective is increased at an accelerated rate. The rapid advances in technology over the past 30 years can be seen as a gift from the Indigos, whose highly evolved consciousness propelled the human species to accelerated development in this and many other areas of human endeavour.

The first wave of Indigos are now reaching maturity and are in their late twenties and thirties. They are ready to enter the mainstream of society to bring about major change there too.

In the 1980s, the second wave of Indigos, another wave of highly evolved consciousness, incarnated and, as mentioned earlier, with the help of this energy, the Harmonic Convergence was able to take place whereby the New Grid System for the New Earth was installed and the activations of this Grid System began.

In the 90s, Indigo children continued to incarnate, but now a new type of child began to arrive. The first Crystal Children began arriving in the late 1990s. At that time, Earth’s new Crystal Grid System was sufficiently “online” to allow for the incarnation of these highly evolved children.

What is important to know about these children is that they are grounded in the New Grid System. They are the driving force for people in their families and communities to make the shift from the Old Grid System to the New. Eventually all beings will be born into the New Grid System and the old system will fall away. Then the New Earth will be fully established!

In 2003, an event known as “Harmonic Convergence” took place in which adult humans and Lightworkers began to align in droves with the New Grids and Crystals as adults or became Christ adults or Human Angels.

This required a rapid transition from one Grid to the Other, and for some it was very traumatic and difficult as they had their “feet” in the new energies. These new energies are strong and powerful and they absolutely require the Heart Chakra to be open, for the New Crystal Grids align with the Heart Chakra and not the lower chakras that fed the Old Grid.

And so with the coming online of the New Grids, we as humans are given a choice by our children to make that shift. And in this period between November 2005 and January 2006, many will make the choice to make that shift into the New Grids. It’s an exciting time. It’s a time of the Heart!

The Indigos and Their Message for Planet Earth

The Indigo children were so named because the vibration of their “soul” was at a higher level of consciousness that resonated with the Indigo color of the Third Eye Chakra. When they incarnated on Earth, the Indigos manifested certain qualities and qualities.

They were beings mainly oriented to their right hemisphere, they were artistic, creative and intuitive, and they were spiritual in nature. They loved activities such as meditation and yoga and working with crystals. In general they were honest and open and integrity was very important to them.

Their friends were very important to them and as they got older they tended to form groups that reflected the concept of the “soul group” or tribe. For Indigo and Crystal Children are group beings and they enjoy being part of a group.

Their message and mission was to show society that it was locked in systems that no longer contributed to human growth. And they did this by showing in a very personal way how damaging these systems had become.

Their first message was a social message to their families. They refused to accept the control and power structures of the family where father was typically in charge and everyone did as he was told. In fact, they refused to accept any form of domination and control. Many families fell apart because Indigos held up a mirror that showed the ugly and destructive side of traditional family life.

Gradually, society came to understand that the only way to work with the Indigo energy is from the heart. The Indigos taught their parents about negotiation, consultation, honesty, openness and sharing. They taught their parents about respect: respect for each other and for each person in the family and for everyone’s emotional and physical needs.

What emerged from this confrontation between the Old Energy and the New Indigo energy was a New Parent paradigm. The parent and child were seen as partners or in partnership. The relationship had to be based on Love and Personal Growth for everyone. Being a parent was to be an Activity of the Heart Chakra, based on Love, and not an activity of the Solar Plexus of control and power.

The same crisis arose in Education when the Indigos went to school in large numbers. Indigos are highly intelligent and intuitive. They think very quickly and learn very quickly. They thrive in a free and open environment and do not perform well in closed and controlled environments. Inevitably, they found the schools slow, boring, frustrating, and inadequate for their needs. They were diagnosed by mainstream medical science as ADD and ADHD, and labeled as “problem cases” that had to be “fixed”, usually with drugs.

Those who could not be “restored” or controlled became rebellious and displayed self-destructive behavior patterns and used drugs, alcohol and violence. But they are spreading the message that there is something very wrong with an education system based on “knowledge of the head” that has very little real connection to life. In fact, the way the system was set up and run was a problem for these beings, whose energy and intelligence far exceeded the limitations of the system. Our society is still in the early stages of finding a way to raise these children that meets their needs and is based on both the Heart and the Head.

In the field of Health and Medicine, these children have also tested our way of thinking. The drugs used to treat ADD and ADHD often do not work and do not cure but merely suppress the symptoms. Many parents feel unhappy if they give their children antidepressants and other psychotropic drugs at a young age. The side effects are generally unknown at this stage.

In any case, these children have often prompted their parents to seek alternative and more natural and gentle ways to deal with the so-called “problems” of their high-energy child, including a more natural diet based on organic foods, and eliminating of all sugars and processed foods from the child’s diet.

This process has empowered parents and individuals to make their own choices and decisions rather than being dictated by a health care system dominated by the profit-driven pharmaceutical industry.

The Indigos have helped to accelerate a major shift in thinking, not just how parenthood is fulfilled, but how we live and what we want from our society. And this is all part of the Great Shift that these Indigos are here to set in motion. It is a shift from systems based on the cold logic of the Head to a society based on the flow and nourishment of the Heart.

Children of the Heart – The Crystal Children

Around 1998, the first true Crystal Children or “Christ Children” began to take embodiment. This was because, as stated before, the New Grid System on the Planet was able to nurture these bright and powerful beings. Each Crystal Child that is born is born into the New Grid System of Earth and has the potential to be a fully awakened and conscious Master at the level of the Christ consciousness. They are their own Spiritual Masters.

Their Auras are very bright and strong and they can carry all the Rays of the energetic activations of the New Earth – the Golden, Magenta-Pink, Aquamarine, Silver-Indigo and Orange-Pink Rays. Some early Crystals only came through the Golden or Magenta rays to help stabilize them. But the later Crystal Children were born with the ability to hold and use all the different Rays as needed, and these children are called the “Rainbow Crystal Children”.

The Crystal Beings are truly beautiful children! They generally have big, clear eyes that seem to look into your soul, and that’s exactly what they do! They are often calm and focused, but they can become hyperactive if their energy is not balanced. They are very Loving and Caring, and enjoy sharing their energies with others who may need them. They are powerful and often have no fear at all. They can be very sensitive to food and the environment, as they were born with the clear systems needed for the New Earth.

They are Psychic and clairvoyant; they see angels and spirit guides and can often feel and see the future. They are aware of past lives and can often talk about who they were in past lives.

They are also very much connected as a Group, and much of their work for the Planet is done on the levels of the Higher Self as a group. This is one reason why Crystal Children are sometimes tired, irritable and moody. They have often worked very hard on the Higher Levels to help hold the energies for the Ascension process.

The increase in the number of Autistic children on the planet is also related to this process. Autistic children have chosen to hold their energy on a Higher Dimensional Level. In that way, they help to hold the energy portals in the Higher Dimensions until enough “ordinary” people have reached that level and can do that work while still in a physical body.

Their Gift to Us: Opening our Hearts and Adjusting our Energetic Systems for the New Earth.
The Gift of the New Children to the Planet is of great importance.

The Indigo children enable us to break through limiting and oppressive thought and belief systems based on control and power. They help us replace it with a new energy based on love, acceptance and peace.

The Crystal Children are helping us to claim our power and the Space of our Hearts and to ground ourselves firmly in the New Grid. They teach us to accept our spiritual gifts as our birthright and to see the creation of miracles as a normal activity.

They teach us to revere ourselves and our Planet, to see the beauty and wonder and joy of all Creation, and to realize that we are all Co-Creators in this beautiful project called “New Earth”.

We learn to live as they do, in the present moment, unaffected by past or future. We learn to live from the Heart, to forgive and to practice tolerance and unconditional acceptance.

We learn to create through Intention and Concentration, and we learn that the true meaning of Abundance is not individual greed but collective need and sharing. We learn the importance of support and love and self-esteem.

And finally, we learn about the Higher Reality of Soul Families and Angelic Tribes… the future social units of the New Earth.

It is a blessed path and the New Children show the way!


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